Nazis in the quad. Can we have a little muscle at UW-Stevens Point?

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The difference between a democracy and a republic has been explained thusly: A democracy is when two wolves and a lamb vote on what to eat for dinner. A republic, by contrast, protects the rights of the minority.

If our Founders, particularly the authors of the Federalist Papers, feared anything it was rule by the mob, rather than the individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

The hungry wolves gathered for an exercise in majority rule recently at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. UW-Point apparently adheres to a curious practice: students get to decide which among them are allowed congregate for the purpose of political speech.


‘Can we have a little muscle over here?’

Students wishing to peaceably assemble under the banner of an organization called “Turning Point USA” appealed to the student government for official recognition, which would allow them access to university facilities, like a room for their meetings, for instance.

Like the Coliseum mob responding to Commodus, the student senate turned thumbs down. Release the ravenous wolves!

TV station WAOW reports the student government’s reasoning:

“The [student senators] listened to their constituents feedback that they received from students in their colleges and they took it to the floor and voted appropriately,” said communications director Tegan Griffith.

And when asked for the reasoning for denying recognition to Turning Point USA, Griffith said, “Well they listened to their constituents feedback and they listened to what other students had to say and that was their reasoning.”

James Madison, bow down your head and cry.

Earning a B.S. in Intolerance

Suffer not the grown children. “Unfortunately, the students in the Stevens Point student government are behaving just the way the adults are teaching them to behave,” observes Jim Wigderson at RightWisconsin.

When the campus administration sends out letters to students about “micro-aggressions” like “America is a melting pot,” and when members of the legislature oppose allowing free speech on college campuses [every single Democrat], should we be shocked when the students do their part to shut down speech the political left doesn’t like?

Would it surprise you that the by-any-means-necessary Socialist Workers Party is on their side? Or that the state’s major news media will observe editorial silence?

We checked out Turning Point USA. Not even Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center claims the operation is a hate group and that is saying something, since its list has ballooned to include anyone who holds a traditional view of marriage. Turning Point claims a presence on hundreds of campuses. It’s mission is “to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.”

Egad! No wonder the student leaders at UW Point turned them down!

Closer to home, Democrats are in a dither that UW-Madison the nascent Tommy Thompson Center might be skewed toward conservative speakers.

The party’s designated attack dog One Scot Ross howled: “Our worst fears that this operation was nothing more than a University of Wisconsin factory for Republican junk science and propaganda have been confirmed.”

R-i-g-h-t. Gender and Race Studies, anyone? (Tommy Thompson, that hate monger!)

The science is settled and you’re a Nazi!

Back when Tailgunner Joe McCarthy was conjuring communists under every bed, liberals defended free speech. Today’s college campuses are monocultures of neo-Marxism. Disagree, you’re a Nazi. The tenured professors are apostles of identity politics and grievance mongering. Studying the party registrations of faculty at 40 of America’s top universities, three researchers for the scholarly Econ Journal Watch found that liberal-progressive professors outnumbered moderate-conservatives by 10 to 1.

You're Hitler“Even these figures understate the matter. The overall campus figures include professional schools and science, technology, business and mathematics departments. Political imbalance causes intellectual degradation. Riots against free speech are only a symptom.” — “Higher Education’s Deeper Sickness” in the Wall Street Journal.

The sifting and winnowing concept is proving more elusive than Higgins Boson. One in five college undergrads believe it’s O.K.  to use physical force to silence a speaker who makes “offensive and hurtful statements.” (“A chilling study shows how hostile college students are toward free speech.”)

When everyone with whom you disagree is a Nazi, there’s no need for debate.

“Shouting down a neo-Nazi … should be your patriotic duty,” writes Madison liberal Emily (“Block his ass”) Mills in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Her example of someone who needed blocking was Ben Shapiro. A Jewish neo-Nazi!

The vice chairman of the College Democrats of Wisconsin, a student at UW-La Crosse, boasted last month: “My new bit is tearing down all the pro-life Christian pregnancy resource center fliers that they put up around campus to try & trick people.”

People be too stupid to decide for themselves.

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16 Responses to Nazis in the quad. Can we have a little muscle at UW-Stevens Point?

  1. dad29 says:

    …Joe McCarthy was conjuring communists under every bed

    Correctly, by the way.

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    • David Blaska says:

      I always say, just because Joe McCarthy couldn’t shoot straight doesn’t mean there weren’t any squirrels in the woods.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Read “The Haunted Wood”.


    • old baldy says:

      Just because you say it doesn’t make it true. Tail Gunner Joe was a demagogue of the worst kind, running rampant in a truly dark time in our history.. He was all about self-promotion rather than truth. Sorta reminds one of the current occupant, eh?


  2. Dave, not B says:

    Thing is, Joe McCarthy was absolutely right. There were commies beginning the indoctrination of the gullible hippies on campuses across the country. He just used the wrong tactics to flush them out. Like the liberals today. They accuse each and every conservative of being a racist/bigot/homophobe/misogynist. That hasn’t been working too well for them, so now we are all rapists and pedophiles. How long will that last? The democrat party would have no future if democrats weren’t hypocrites.


    • AnonyBob says:

      McCarthy’s witch hunts ended with his censure in 1954. That kinda predates “hippies.” But please, don’t let actual history interfere with your false analogies.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        The way I read Dave’s post, he’s saying it was leftist professors/ideologues/writers (‘commies”) of the 1950s (i.e., the McCarthy era) who were responsible for sowing the seeds of leftist doctrine that inspired the “gullible hippies” of the 60s. Think Timothy Leary, Harvard professor in the 50s, pied piper of the dropouts in the 60s. Dave makes a perfectly valid point.


      • AnonyBob says:

        GLK, that’s a stretch. Dave not B is not Clear on this. “There were commies beginning the indoctrination of the gullible hippies on campuses across the country. He (McCarthy) just used the wrong tactics to flush them out.“ Perhaps if he dropped “hippies” this time frame – McCarthy’s – would hold together.
        But careful use of language is not this Dave’s strong suit. Liberals accuse “EACH and EVERY conservative of being racist/…” and “now we are ALL rapists and pedophiles.” No, we Liberals don’t make those blanket accusations or assumptions. We recognize nuance. We accuse “many” conservatives of being all those bad things. And now “many” are rapist and pedophile apologists (or at least it’s true of “many” of those pious Christian evangelicals sticking with Their Man in Alabama – while “many” conservatives in DC are heading for the hills). See? Nuance. Meanwhile, someone here seems to feel persecuted.


      • coolkevs says:

        What about the man from Minnesota or does he not count with photographic evidence?


      • AnonyBob says:

        Explain to me how you cop a feel through a bulletproof vest.


  3. Tom Paine says:

    As I’ve noted several times before in your comment section, the problem of ideological orthodoxy and censorship extends to Wisconsin Public Radio, a part of the UW Extension. Why should socialist bigots control the public programming of the most powerful radio waves in the state?

    Why do libertarians and conservatives continue to ignore BIAS and BIGOTRY, and lack of accountability for ideological balance of WPR’s daily programming? In fact, bias at WPR is clearly a more egregious denial of freedom of speech than anything that has transpired at UWSP.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Thank goodness for President Trump and Kellyanne Conway.
    Comes the moment, comes the man (and a very intelligent woman).


  5. madisonexpat says:

    ABob, the Salem Witch Trials ended in May 1693.That pre dates McCarthy. (Hint, hint.)


  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    We’ve long ago become used to this sort of lunacy at UW-Madison, but it’s disheartening to see it at places like UW-Stevens Point and UW-LaCrosse. When an intolerant, fanatical, toxic culture is allowed–indeed encouraged–to flourish in one place, we shouldn’t be surprised to see it spread. I wish students who want to see genuine free speech welcomed on their campus, like those in Turning Point USA, would be as aggressive in promoting their cause as those who wish to turn campuses everywhere into gulags of hate and intolerance–but only for the most high-minded reasons, of course. The student komisars at UWSP won’t let you assemble on campus? Take over a room, barricade it, and present a list of demands to administrators–and don’t forget to alert the local media. When the public realizes that their tax dollars are being used for the suppression of free speech, they’ll raise a big enough stink to wake administrators from their usual stupor and force them to confront the results of their neglect.


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