Lipstick on a pig or putting a hard hat on a socialist

Blaska is in Beast Mode

With all the attention given apostate Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, Republican dissension is more about Trump’s style (count me in) than substance. If Trump could just stop the schoolyard name calling, his presidency would be much more successful.

Our Democrat(ic) acquaintances, on the other hand, face an existential crisis. What does it mean to be a Democrat? (The Policy Werkes asks: Who are these people and why are they so bothersome?) Having been routed in statehouses across the nation in elections having nothing to do with The Donald, they now hold sway in only 6 states to 25 held completely (both houses of the legislature and the governor) by Republicans, including newly beet-red Wisconsin. America has not been so Republican since Cal Coolidge.

Tuesday’s election for Virginia governor will tell us whether Democrats will go oh-for-five in off-year elections since November 2016. (They will.)

The New York Times Magazine this Sunday called Democrats “a party in search of itself.” The yarn begins with Nancy Pelosi insisting, in a conference call with demoralized Democrats the day after the Hillary wipeout, that their problem was “messaging.”

Democrats were not out of touch, she said. they just hadn’t make their case clearly enough to voters — or, as she put it, “We have to get out there and say it in a different way.”

Or maybe they keep losing because voters understand that they’re packaging the same old neo-socialist tripe. Because their party is fundamentally corrupt (just ask Donna Brazile), hypocritical (just ask party rainmakers like Harvey Weinstein), contemptuous of fly-over country “Deplorables,” and inauthentic — a polite word for PHONY!

A mustache and a hard hat

Whatever can be said about Donald Trump (and we have said it!), the man never pretended to be something he was not. In fact, he reveled in being politically incorrect.

So the party of my youth is searching for authenticity. (It’s always the last place you look.) “The party is struggling to find an identity,” says the Times Magazine. Democrats think they’ve found him in one Randy Bryce, aka “Ironstache,” a three-time failed candidate for local office who is challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First District.


A Hollywood celebrity endorsement from Chelsea Handler! Can’t miss connecting with the Deplorables! Worked for Hillary!

The Times Magazine article labels Bryce “the undisputed breakout star of the 2018 cycle so far” with a social media announcement that, it says, has attracted millions of views.

The YouTube video was limned by a Washington D.C. pro who has worked for such non-deplorables as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Sen. Kristen Gillibrand.

Bryce, mustached, is almost always pictured in a hard hat which, it must be said, he comes by honestly as an unionized iron worker. Otherwise, there is little to distinguish him from the run-of-the-mill Madison-Manhattan-Hollywood progressive-socialist Democrat.

Randy Bryce is Bernie Sanders in a hard hat.
Or, if you prefer, Hillary Clinton with a mustache.

  • Bryce is running against that reliable progressive-socialist voodoo doll, corporations.
  • Takes issue, as Hillary did, with the other scapegoat, “The Gun Lobby.”
  • Calls for Bernie Sanders-style “single payer” health insurance for all.
  • Backs Bernie’s $15 minimum wage.
  • Free college for all you race and gender study majors.
  • Wants someone else to pay for birth control.
  • Would make taxpayers pay for political campaigns.
  • Backs abortion for any reason or no reason at all. Which is why Randy has NARAL’s endorsement.

Despite wishing to represent Racine-Kenosha, our Big Labor iron worker opposes FoxConn. Takes the party line in bashing the Republican Congress’ middle class tax cuts ($1,182 on average), and fought Act 10 along with Thistle and Segway Boy. All of which gets the always reliable barometer John Nichols (always reliably wrong) to blow his socialist bullhorn in The Nation. Don’t know yet if Bryce is “hands off Cuba” yet but he is promising material.

The Times Magazine notes:

The party faces a conundrum in its pursuit of Trump voters whose anxieties aren’t just economic but cultural as well. Prevailing in some red districts may require at a minimum, tempering the party’s progressivism on social issues. “When anybody talks about a so-called litmus test for candidates, that upsets me,” Rep. Cheri Bustos told [author Robert Draper].

Despite the well deserved free fall of Hollywood hypocrites, “Ironstache” is tight with the glamorous set, people like Whoopie Goldberg and Chelsea Handler. And hard-Left actors like ActBlue, Salon, MSNBC, DailyKos, and The Guardian.

Stacking the deck one more time

As if Democrats had learned nothing from stacking the deck — as Trump maintained all along — against Bernie, the party appears all in for Bryce even though another Democrat is running, one Cathy Myers, a unionized teacher.

“For all progressives’ talk of loathing “coronations” during the 2016 primary, many seem quite content to coronate Bryce the Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional district …” a well researched article at Progressive Army reported in September, well before the Donna Brazile bombshell.

If there were no readily identifiable differences between the two candidates, perhaps this would not be such a big deal. But there are clear differences, and they are not insignificant.

Progressive Army” wonders whether “Bryce [is] setting himself up to be another Ossoff?” the latter being the Democrat annointee on whom an unprecedented $23 million was spent in that Georgia special election but who still lost to a nondescript Republican. Paul Ryan wins his races with 65% of the vote and Donald Trump beat Hillary in Wisconsin’s First District by 10 percentage points.

The NY Times notes that Bryce is not even ranked among the DCCC’s 80 targeted seats. Seems you just can’t put a hard hat on a socialist and call it macaroni.

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17 Responses to Lipstick on a pig or putting a hard hat on a socialist

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The last time Democrats tried tarting up the messenger (while leaving their divisive, elitist, crypto-socialist, identity politics message intact), we got to see Michael Dukakis piloting a tank–and looking every bit as ludicrous as it sounds. Not only will Dems have to put lipstick and a hardhat on their little piggies (candidates) in 2018, they’ll have to give them more facelifts and dye-jobs than Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein combined.

    Did everyone see Kellyanne Conway’s inspired tweet after the Georgia Congressional election: “Laughing my Ossoff!” Let’s hope she’ll have more reason to laugh after tomorrow’s elections.

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  2. Dave, not B says:

    The democrats gave us the rust belt of the ’70s, and it looks like Bryce wants to turn his iron ‘stache into a rusty ‘stache. Dems just can’t stop living in the past.

    Back to the ’70s with Bryce!


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Foxxconn is bad but many cities are bidding for the Amazon plant.
    Which of these is wrong?


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      But Amazon is so COOL! That’s why the local elites are having a collective wet dream over the prospect of Amazon locating here (despite the fact that Madison meets few of the company’s criteria). Think of all the luxury high-rises that could be built to house the pampered little twits Amazon would employ, to say nothing of the boom in upscale restaurants and boutiques Madison so sorely needs. The fact that working-class families would be priced even further out of the housing market doesn’t seem to bother these champions of the working class.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Donna Brazile got fired by CNN for helping Hillary. Debbie Blithering Schultz got fired because Obama bankrupted his party (imagine) and she had to mortgage it to Hillary and help her sabotage Bernie.
    The Republicans lift their collective snout from the trough to say tsk, tsk.
    The media, Hollywood, Democrat elite combust in a forest fire of the vanities that warms my heart.
    Then there is President Trump, of all people, to show us that the elites of both parties are the same and they don’t like us Deplorables.
    And they show their true colors when forced to give up power.
    Some of us laugh to the heavens. Some of the others scream.
    Not tired of winning.


  5. madisonexpat says:

    ABob, enjoy.
    Twelve months of exultation and belly laughs is fun and not over.
    Like many Progs (Castro, Soglin, but I repeat myself) you’re a dinosaur. You can’t see that RNC is DNC,… two wings of the Washington DC Party. Both candidates for VA. guv are of this party. Both are scared of President Trump and deserve to be.
    The times, they are a changing, ABob.
    More popcorn, please.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Toxic Trump sunk the GOP last night. I’ll take it. Trump’s 33% support guarantees electoral defeat. Good luck enacting an agenda with a party of Neither. Which, by the way, hasn’t happened in his first 12 months. If you seek entertainment over accomplishments, you’re doing great.


  6. madisonexpat says:

    Try to keep up. Anything that kicks the Republican ass of the Washington party is a win for me. Trump is looking at function over Party form. McConnell will be next to be broken or brought to heel. Sen. Flake comes to mind.
    You Progs invest your efforts in transgender potties, no Foxconn, Confederate statues and kneeling at the anthem. We’ll do tax reform, repatriating oversees profits, infrastructure and a 3-4% growth in GDP while shrinking government.
    Winning has just begun.


    • David Blaska says:

      The Bernie Sanders/Randy Bryce/Nicholas Maduro wing of the Democrat(ic) party took it in the chops Tuesday night. Tom Perriello was their Great White Hope in Virginia but he lost the Dem primary election to a middle-of-the-roader, Ralph Northam. Perriello was backed by the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Bill McKibben, and Rosa DeLauro. Perriello’s biggest funder? George Soros.

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      • AnonyBob says:

        Was the Virginia Dem primary last night? No. Last night the winner of that primary won the general election. I’m fine with moderate Dems in power. It was the GOP, Dave, who took it in the chops last night, including the GOP incumbent who wrote the state anti-transgender bathroom bill. In fact, a transgender woman actually beat a GOP anti-gay incumbant, and GOP’s House of Delegates 66-34 majority got wiped out. Let’s see, what other state has such a lopsided majority in the lower house? Do you think it got Robin Vos’s attention?


    • AnonyBob says:

      Splat, I’ll type slowly so you can follow along.
      You love the GOP in DC when they’re winning, yet when their ass gets kicked that’s suddenly fine with you. With Libertarians/supporters/opponents like you, who needs Democrats? I can’t decide if that’s gutless, feckless or opportunistic.
      Last night transgender potties worked against you and nobody cared about statues or kneeling (but they sure did about healthcare, and you guys are definitely on the wrong side of that). Tax reform? How optimistic you are that something will get done, any more than repeal and replace did. (With Trump at the helm, what could go wrong?) Repatriating overseas profits? How socialistic of you. Infrastructure? What planet are you on that you’re seeing any effort toward that? 3-4% growth? Obama says “You’re welcome.”


  7. coolkevs says:

    I’ll be interested to see how much money Northam paid per vote vs Gillespie. Starting with Hillary, the Dem party has been shoveling more and more money into the fire for decreasing results.
    Trump paid $5/vote versus Hillary $10/vote. Who says Dems are the party of the little people?
    Republicans had a chance in New Jersey?? Laughable.
    So, Northam was the win – DC areas drowning out the sea of red to the west and south. Dems are deceiving themselves with the 33% approval ratings that are based on the same polls that said Trump would never win.


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    This just in: Randy Bryce, the Dems blue collar Joe from central casting, was delinquent in his child support payments for 2 years (he paid up finally after entering the Congressional race). He also declared bankruptcy in 1999. A spokesman for his campaign said that these “problems show that he can identify with people who are struggling” (I didn’t make that up). Wonder if his car was repossessed or if he ever had to pawn his gun collection–that would really complete the picture. Dems are quick to excuse Randy’s “problems” but foam at the mouth over any indiscretion, no matter how trivial, committed by a Republican.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Oh my, bankruptcy when he had cancer, like THAT never happens to working people with our screwed up healthcare system that Republicans want to keep in place. And he fell 2 1/2 months (not years) behind in child support payments and he paid up? That’s your outrage? Tell you what, you give us a sneer at all the Republicans behind in child support (and there are a lot – do your own googling) and I’ll take you seriously.


  9. madisonexpat says:

    ABob demonstrates that screaming at the sky deprives the brain of oxygen. He wants to fight the last war in which he and the rest of Pantsuit Nation was schlonged bigly.
    Try and see past R’s and D’s. It helps.
    Repatriating profits parked overseas is Socialist? Whaddaya high? That is money, ABob. That is capital as in capitalism.
    Obama caused this growth? Really? Was it the 9 thousand billion dollars he put on our credit card? Was it his Porkulous Bill that created shovel ready jobs and fixed our infrastructure?
    The last bright decision he and Michelle made was to put their daughter under the tutelage of Harvey Weensteen (or Winestine, he can’t have it both ways).
    Once again, heckuva job Barack.


    • AnonyBob says:

      The only thing here based on reality is how Weinstein’s name should be pronounced. On that, we’re brothers.


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