Build a big and beautiful jail, Dane County!

As The Donald might say

The Squire lends the keys to the Stately Manor to my friend and former colleague, County Board Supervisor Mike Willett of Verona. Your Humble Bloggeur’s last great cause on the county board — back in 2004-6, was to enlarge the county jail. Dane County, the fastest growing county in the state, was shipping jail inmates to Oshkosh, so over-crowded was the jail. Instead, the majority bought into “The Kathleen” Falk’s scheme to “divert” inmates back into the community. How is that workin’ for you?

Camp Randall jail

Civil War jail preserved at Camp Randall

The sad and sickening irony is that the Public Safety Building was completed only 10 years before — in 1994 — and already it was over-crowded. The problem was the liberal-progressives. The county exec at the time, Rick Phelps, vetoed out of the budget the top three floors of the structure, which would have been built roughed in and fleshed out as the need arose.

Here is County Supervisor Mike Willett:

Dane County has spent years and over a million dollars on studies about our jails. We are currently spending about $4 million to make the City/County building jail a little safer BEFORE we close it!

We had to do that because we did not spend $6 million when we built the jail on the Public Safety building to add the [three] floors that we would need in the future and because it takes so many years to get anything done.

So now the Public Protection Committee has sent their recommendations on that we put four floors on the Public Safety Building for $75 million of your tax dollars. I was the only one who voted against it. The reason why is that we are again short sighted at the County. Yes, I actually think we need to spend more!

This proposal will end up with 91 fewer beds — almost 10% of our capacity. It will cost more than $500,000 per year to run, every year for ever. ALL the consultants reports showed that we should build a jail with the same number of beds that we have. The consultants report go on to explain that we should start with this project and then go on to complete the project. But our committee decided that we don’t need the space that all the consultants recommended.

The reports also stated that in this project the Huber inmates will mix regularly with the daily population and have a LARGE concern that this will allow contraband into the jail! But we will ignore that.

This project will fix many of the problems at our current jails but it does not complete the project.

With all the recent shooting and violence in Madison lately do we really want to have less jail space?

e-mail iconThe County will likely include this proposal in the coming budget so that it won’t get much air time. Contact your county supervisor and ask them why would we build a smaller jail and why does it cost more to run?

We will turn three jails into one with 91 fewer beds and it will cost a half a million dollars more to run every year!

Jails be so racist

Sheriff David Mahoney wants a jail that will treat addiction and mental health issues. A full-service county jail is an important second piece of the puzzle; the first being a strong police force (the third and fourth being aggressive prosecutors and a common-sense judiciary). County supes don’t hear from The Rest of Us. Instead, they are inundated by the likes of Freedom Inc., which wants NO JAIL, Police Out of the Schools, and other such nonsense — enforced by promiscuous playing of the race card.

Typical is this Slap Your Forehead It’s So Stupid: “Freedom, Inc. condemns MPD Chief Koval’s plan as racist and dangerous.”

“Black poor lives matter!” said M. Adams. “We are Black victims of many types of violence, and in the face of violence we say we don’t want no police!”

Not even the grammar police?

Cowed by such blatant reverse racism, Dane County is making the same mistake as the City of Madison: fixating on racial disparities with the assumption that Dane County law enforcement and judges are racist — rather than rectifying the behaviors that disproportionately victimize people of color.

The long history of deliberate racist policy by local, state and federal actors casts a long shadow over our reality and future. On the other hand, while our current legislators may not be racist, it is true that our current county board is majority white. — Dane County Board’s big bad racism in law enforcement study.


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