Hey ‘No Safe Spaces’ guys, pls come to UW-Madison!

Isn’t Memorial Day all about our fight for freedom, not blind conformity?

Enjoy the day and remember those who sacrificed

Visit their website.


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2 Responses to Hey ‘No Safe Spaces’ guys, pls come to UW-Madison!

  1. Batman says:

    On Saturday I watched a one hour repeat of the ‘Greatest Generation’ hosted by Tom Brokaw. I was struck by how different that generation was from young people of the same age group today, especially college students.
    The vast majority of those who volunteered for service during WWII were under twenty. At that age they became medics, pilots, tank drivers, officers, artillery men, grunts, paratroopers, mechanics, communication specialists, spies, code breakers, cooks, sailors on ships/subs, etc. Women stateside assumed the jobs vacated by those who went away as well as participating in the war effort overseas (nurses, code breakers, logistics, etc.) and at home.

    I wonder how the same age category of young people today would react to an existential threat like what Nazi Germany posed?


  2. Madison Expat says:

    I’m old enough to remember a Democrat President who said (on a college campus, if you can imagine) “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”


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