Madison police endorse 4 candidates, shun 17 sitting alders!

As Rod Serling would say, for your electoral consideration:

  • Consider that all 20 Madison aldermanic seats will be decided on April 4.
  • 19 of those are incumbents seeking re-election.
  • Only 5 incumbents are challenged (and one of the challengers is a write in).

It is remarkable, therefore, that the Madison police union is

  • Endorsing only 4 candidates.
  • Even more significantly, 2 of those endorsees are challengers. In other words, Madison police are supporting only 2 incumbents.
  • The police snubbed 17 incumbents (1 incumbent is not seeking re-election).
Fitz and Handy

Steve Fitzsimmons (l) and David Handowski

Did we tell you the Madison Common Council is anti-cop?  The police endorsed:

In District 1 (far southwest Madison): challenger David Handowski over incumbent Barbara McKinney.

In District 10 (Midvale Hights, Nakoma, Orchard Ridge, Summit Woods, and Allied Drive) challenger Steve Fitzsimmons over incumbent Maurice Cheeks.

The police union is also endorsing incumbents Paul Skidmore, District 9 (far northwest side), and Mike Verveer, District 4 (Downtown Madison).

The police union didn’t have to endorse Verveer or Skidmore, both unopposed, but they did. What’s more, they skipped three of the contested races.

The police union did not endorse Ledell Zellers, Amanda Hall, Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, Steve King, Zach Wood, Maurice Cheeks, Barbara McKinney, Larry Palm, Sarah Eskrich, Sheri Carter, Dave Ahrens, Denise DeMarb, Samba Baldeh, Rebecca Kemble, Matt Phair, Mark Clear, and Marsha Rummel — 17 incumbents not endorsed! Only 2 incumbents endorsed. One seat (District 11, Tim Gruber is leaving) is open; no endorsement there, either.

Amazing! Here are the Madison police union endorsements.


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2 Responses to Madison police endorse 4 candidates, shun 17 sitting alders!

  1. Dan B. says:

    Fitz will be lucky to crack 30%.

    Nice photo of Pelosi up there. She’s having a much better day than your poster boy Paul Ryan.


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Being a voter in Madison must be exactly like it was to be a voter in 1930s Russia, where the Party’s candidates faced the same level of opposition as incumbents in the municipal elections here What a shock it must have been to read the headlines in Pravda the day after an election: “Comrade Stalin Wins With 97.8% of the Vote!”


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