Madison’s War on Cops goes for the kill

THIS JUST IN: Ald. Marsha Rummel, chair of the Common Council’s Subcommittee on Police & Community Relations, has canceled Monday’s scheduled presentation by the lawyers who negotiated a $3.35 million settlement in the Tony Robinson shooting. The alderman did so on the advice of city attorney Mike May. May took action after a complaint from Ald. Paul Skidmore. For gawd’s sake, the attorneys SUED the City of Madison! 

The Madison Common Council is anti-cop. Want more proof?

The Council’s Subcommittee on Police & Community Relations meets next Monday (3/20/17). Two guest presenters had been invited: the two lawyers who got the $3.35 million settlement in the Tony Robinson case.

The lawyers — newly flush with cash from their presumed 15% to 20% cut of the insurance award — had been invited to present their “evidence” on the shooting of Tony Robinson. Evidence they did not present to a judge or jury. Evidence that will not be subject to the rules of evidence. That will not be sworn as truthful or subject to cross examination. Some deal!

The Police & Community Relations agenda even linked to the lawyers’ anti-cop PowerPoint (before it was withdrawn). The subcommittee itself was formed by Council president Mike Verveer, Progressive Dane, to harass the police. It is chaired by Marshal Rummel, a Progressive Dane ally of Madame Brenda Konkel. The same Ald. Rummel who once proposed an official City of Madison Tony Robinson Day of recognition. Honoring a convicted felon and habitual drug abuser, prone to violence, who attacked a police officer called to respond when Robinson was attacking strangers at random. Only in Madison!

Your Humble Bloggeur has made the case that the $3.35 million settlement will only fuel the Madison’s attack on police. This is more proof. The Marsha Rummel committee meets 7 p.m. Monday in Room 321 of the City-County Building, 210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Here is the agenda. In case the original agenda has been scrubbed, here is my capture of it showing the lawyer’s presentation. It’s Item 6.

Madison’s war on police

  • The  Robinson family’s lawsuit and subsequent out of court $3.35 million settlement
  • The very creation of the Subcommittee on Police & Community Relations
  • The PFC complaint against Chief Koval
  • The $400,000 ad hoc committee study
  • A request to the U.S. Attorney’s office for a federal civil rights investigation signed by local civil rights leaders
  • The almost weekly parade of protestors.

Koval says he will ask the Common Council to foot his legal bills. ($13,000, last I heard.) Unfortunately, the PFC found Koval guilty of misconduct. Read the decision! All for calling Tony T’s grandmother “a raging lunatic.” Which is a provable claim, based on how she harassed Koval the night (June 7) in question — and many other times. Koval would have been within his rights to arrest the woman for disorderly conduct.

The practical import of the PFC decision is that a cop who stops a drunken teenager driving 90 miles an hour the wrong way on a city street must not call said drunken teenage speeder an idiot lest he be brought up on charges.

The PFC said only aid there’s nothing they can do about it short of firing, demotion, or suspension and the misconduct doesn’t rise to that level. The Common Council will hang their hat on that. I’m not the only one who thinks the Council will stick it to him. So does (and hopes) Madame Brenda. The vote will be 10-10, motion fails.

Another scalp for Madison’s cop haters.


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6 Responses to Madison’s War on Cops goes for the kill

  1. Dan B. says:

    There are places in the country that allow their coppers to say what they want to whom they want when they want. Those places aren’t as nice as Madison and there’s more crime there, too. Plenty of vacancies, though. Lower property values, too.


  2. Carmine says:

    The Liberal Agenda of the Left have only their interests and beliefs in mind, always. No matter what the law is, how others feel, or the facts about anything. They, in their minds are high and mighty and know what’s best no matter who or how many it hurts. They would rather see Madison and the country end up like Baltimore or Chicago where crime is rampant and the police are afraid to do their job. Next our City Council will probably limit the size of the sugary drink you buy or where and when you go to the bathroom. They are so full of themselves it makes me sick.


  3. Dave, not B says:

    Dave, I’d get the heck out of that hole while you still can. Inflated property value and taxes, crime, freak shows, no representation in government. All ingredients for a disaster. And don’t drink the water.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    We can only thank God that Hillary lost.
    Thanks God.


  5. Rhummel the Hutt says:

    Madison is a nice place, but it’s government is a joke. It has too many administrators and make-work positions for a city its size. Konkel and Rhummel are nothing more than parasitic sinecures. What they’re getting away with is covert theft. If this covert theft isn’t checked soon, we’re going to see more and more frivolous lawsuits, increased insurance rates, and more useless city sinecures. Stop.


  6. my pug wears a pussy hat says:

    WTF, the lawyers who sued the city are back to lecture the city via an invite by progressive dane? These idiots live for controversy. The lawyers must be looking for more legal holes to exploit, and Marsha Rummel is right there there helping them. Watch this woman’s bank account, it’s probably growing.


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