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Madison schools: quit teaching racism

Sorry we got caught Have you read a less sincere “apology” than that uttered by Madison WI public schools for its discussion groups segregated by race like some Mississippi Burning bus station? “This message did not convey our intention in … Continue reading

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Capital Times gets called on its nastiness

‘Fever-swamp insanity’ The Capital Times gave up persuasion long ago in favor of reinforcing the ignorance of its readers.  Not until after he left office did “Dane County’s progressive voice” have a good word to say about Tommy Thompson, four times … Continue reading

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Madison schools dumb stupidity down

Democrats betray black & brown voters once again Donald Trump drives our liberal, progressive, and socialist acquaintances nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake. Me, too, some days. But damned if the Democrats are determined to throw him the election once again. … Continue reading

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Madison school board is put on notice

David Blaska will not be denied his right of free speech July 16, 2018 Board of Education Madison Metropolitan School District 545 West Dayton Street, Room 110 Madison, WI 53703 board@madison.k12.wi.us To the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education: … Continue reading

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Chaos at Sherman Middle School started with Obama’s race shaming; Part #4

‘You wanted this, liberals … you got it. Good and hard.’  About the fallout at troubled Sherman Middle School, the irony is that whistle blower Karen Vieth is a Madison teachers union rep. A liberal in good standing in the … Continue reading

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