Capital Times gets called on its nastiness

‘Fever-swamp insanity’

The Capital Times gave up persuasion long ago in favor of reinforcing the ignorance of its readers. 

Not until after he left office did “Dane County’s progressive voice” have a good word to say about Tommy Thompson, four times elected by the people of Wisconsin. History is recording Tommy as the most consequential governor of the last half of the 20th Century — and much the beloved. 

So it came as a surprise that the publication actually yanked a political cartoon after conservatives complained. The cartoon depicted the president of a conservative legal organization as a hangman lynching potential Wisconsin voters. RightWisconsin explains:

At issue is a state law requiring the Election Commission to remove voter registrations if they have reason to believe a voter has moved and the voter does not respond to a mailing from the Election Commission asking for information within 30 days. … An editor’s note now accompanies [a Dave Zweifel column] online: “A cartoon previously published with this column was determined to be in poor taste and has been removed.”

Cap Times cartoon

W.I.L.L president Rick Esenberg called the cartoon “offensive” and “nasty and ignorant.” He could also have added “Stupid.”

Updating voter lists is equivalent to a racial lynching?

A conservative fights back

Rick Esenberg on that Capital Times political cartoon:

Our case does not seek to deny anyone the opportunity to vote. It is possible that a relatively small number of people who have not actually moved will have to return a prepaid postcard saying so or, if they fail to do that, re-register to vote online, by mail or at the polls on Election Day. But they will all get to vote.

To say that what we are doing is somehow the moral or metaphorical equivalent of having a mob pull you from your home and hang you from a tree is fever swamp insanity. … It trivializes real evil and portrays everyday political opponents as monsters. …

Before people like [Dave] Zweifel and Konopacki engage in unctuous and performative throat clearing about social justice, they need — to paraphrase the left — to check their own hatred.

Perhaps this was Esenberg’s first exposure to The Capital Times. Cartoonist Mike Konopacki is nasty and ignorant for breakfast and hateful the rest of the time. Blood-drenched capitalist fat cats (always men) press their wingtips onto the necks of the proletariat in Konopacki world. As subtle as a May Day parade in Red Square.

In other words, no different from your average Capital Times editorial. In the same edition this headline brays over a name-calling editorial:

“Trump and his toadies fear Wisconsin voters”

Here is how that editorial seeks to persuade:

Donald Trump is a pathetic shell of a man who fears a fair fight … [a] sad story of a son of privilege who could never succeed on his own.

Does getting elected President of the United States count as succeeding? If so, that pathetic shell of a man can thank the deplorable toadies who swung Wisconsin his way over Hillary Clinton in 2016. (And who still leads, or is within a few percentage points, of the top Democratic challengers this time around, according to the Marquette Law School poll.)

No, if anyone has reason to kvetch about unfair fights, it would be Bernie Sanders. (Just ask Donna Brazile.) 

Did you notice? While Democrats on the WI Elections Commission refuse to expunge invalid voter registrations as required by law, the same board is considering spending $260,000 to assure voters that elections are on the up and up.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Political cartoons are supposed to be offensive. But kudos to conservatives for turning the tables on the perpetually grieved. A dose of their own snake oil.

What do you toadies think?

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20 Responses to Capital Times gets called on its nastiness

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Remember the world-class hissy-fit the MSM threw when Trump called the impeachment hearings a lynching? Remember their anguished pleas for “civility” in public discourse? Remember their all-too-predictable cries of racism? None of this matters, of course, when lefties decide to use the same trope against conservatives.

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  2. geo_ says:

    “Donald Trump is a pathetic shell of a man who fears a fair fight … [a] sad story of a son of privilege who could never succeed on his own.”

    Show me where this statement is false.


    • madisonexpat says:

      The Capitol Times is a pathetic shell of a newspaper that won’t print its readers (either of them) comments. A sad story that would fold were it not for its monopoly of print journalism and its outside subsidies.



    • David Blaska says:

      He got elected President, Hillary didn’t, despite most of the news media, pundits, opinion leaders, and celebrities endorsing her. If that isn’t success, what is?


      • rawgod says:

        He didn’t win the election, he bought the Electoral College. Buying votes is cheating, especially when Americans are using Russian money as bribes.


        • David Blaska says:

          What total nonsense. Trump was outspent and he won the presidency under the terms of the U.S. Constitution. Finally, Google “Mueller Report.”


        • rawgod says:

          Which one, the redacted one? As for money, how much did Hillary spend on paying off ex-lovers?
          Not to worry, he’ll be dead soon, and his pets will be leaderless again.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          ”He didn’t win the election, he bought the Electoral College.”

          Oh, were crippling stupidity to actually physically hurt…

          ”Buying votes is cheating”

          So’s rigging a nomination process and slipping debate questions to Hillarity New Jowls Clinton.

          “especially when Americans are using Russian money as bribes.”

          Oh, were crippling stupidity to actually physically hurt 2.0…

          The Gotch


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      You telling The Gotch Hillarity New Jowls Clinton succeeded on her own?

      Wait a minute.

      She got BOUNCED from one election and TROUNCED in the other.

      Never mind.

      The Gotch


  3. Tom Paine says:

    Yeah, just ANOTHER example of the elitist and errant presumptuous “beliefs” of the libtard class. Go back and look at how N.Wisc is always portrayed — > racist, knuckle-dragging rednecks. Of course, since they don’t live here, they have accurate picture of folks who live in this area. Truth or fairness have nothing to do with cultural elitists.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Madison liberals only notice the northwoods of WI when the wolf population is “threatened” by all those rednecks and their guns. Of course, they’d never dream of actually setting foot up there where the chances of finding a decent Chardonnay is next to zero.


  4. Tom Paine says:

    [ NO ] …accurate picture of the folks who live in this area. <— edit of previous post.

    OT: I'll add…. Hope Ms. Vicki is aware that her substantive air time each hour is now about 50%. WIBA has too many commercials. And, she as too little listener interaction….too few opportunities for listeners to ask questions of her guests. Nope, always the same old, same old –The omniscient world view of Vicki — and the stale repetitions of same revolving guests. OMG — the monologues to eternity. Emulating Shaun Hannity ain't a winning style?

    I am done with her program. I can learn more from podcasts / YouTubes of Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Victor Davis Hanson, Douglas Murray, Mark Levin, etc. For those who remain, enjoy the re-runs, yada, yada.


  5. George's Son says:

    THIS toadie says -Only an idiot (literal idiot -I’m NOT just name-calling) would draw anything resembling a noose. Just how far outta touch can that IDIOT be ? Then again, it IS the C(r)ap Times, isn’t it… And Geo_: Easy answer -read for comprehension B/C Trump won the highest office in the land. = S-U-C-C-E-S-S….


  6. geo_ says:

    Geez, as usual the right wing lunatics seem to have forgotten recent history, I still remember when their political crush drew cross hairs on dems.


  7. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Konopacki’s a DICK; always has been, always will be!

    The Gotch

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  8. AnonyBob says:

    Oh, the faux outrage is thick. The cartoon shows an executioner, not a lynch mob guy. Implies it’s the powers that be, the govt. Big swing and miss, or just completely over your heads. Whatta buncha RWNJ Snowflakes.


  9. George's Son says:

    AnonyBob-ster. Facts elude ya. PERPETUAL Faux outrage is a Dem attribute. Pointing out the OBVIOUS is logical thing. Yoiks !


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  11. madisonexpat says:

    Dogwar at 10:43. Wow.So Hillary spent twice as much as DJT but forgot to buy the electoral college. You should tell Slow Joe, Pocahonkey and Brehznev Bernie how to do that.


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