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Was Robert Mueller the real Manchurian candidate?

Impeachment just left town with Slim and None Was it all one big cover-up? Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and their Democrat(ic) colleagues are suffering from flash burns. They smell of cordite. Their carefully coifed hair is singed. The power ties … Continue reading

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Could you repeat the inquiry, Mr. Mueller?

Getting to the bottom of Collusion-gate was “outside his purview” ‘Deep State,’ anyone? Now we know why Robert Mueller did not want to testify. He’s lost his mojo. Don’t want to be “age-ist” here but the man seemed ready for … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump news media blames itself for not being more partisan

Hey Mark Pocan, does your offer to hire Andrew McCabe still stand? The Resistance is certain Trump Must Be Guilty of Something. But what? Conspiring with Vladimir? Hiring hookers? Firing Jim Comey? Developing real estate? The Left’s We-Know-Who-Dunnit novel appears … Continue reading

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