Anti-Trump news media blames itself for not being more partisan

Hey Mark Pocan, does your offer to hire Andrew McCabe still stand?

The Resistance is certain Trump Must Be Guilty of Something. But what? Conspiring with Vladimir? Hiring hookers? Firing Jim Comey? Developing real estate?

The Left’s We-Know-Who-Dunnit novel appears headed toward a surprise ending, a twist worthy of Agatha Christie, a shocker worse than Election Night November 8, 2016 was to the MSNBC crew. One by one, like Ms. Christie’s And Then There Were None, their pet theories disappear. Perhaps the butler did do it, after all.

Meet parents reduxFiring deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, for instance, was evidence of “Trump’s all-out attack on the rule of law,” the Nation thundered, speaking for the liberal-progressive-socialist Hive. Mark Pocan infamously offered him a job on his congressional staff. Untruthfulness no object.

Soon after, the Justice Department’s inspector general inconveniently issued a scathing report that accused McCabe of, essentially, lying under oath. 

“The inspector general uncovered real wrongdoing,” National Review’s David French (one of the Essentials) writes. “Attorney General Jeff Sessions had ample reason to fire McCabe.” The Deep State rot goes deeper than one rogue agent.

The larger FBI and Obama’s Justice Department took the same shortcuts to undermine the electoral process that the rogue John Doe II secret investigation here in Wisconsin, it now appears. Mr. French again:

The more we learn about the 2016 campaign, the worse the Obama DOJ looks. The inspector general’s report and the James Comey book tour represent a reminder of its improper pressure and improper behavior — from the pressure to call the Clinton email investigation a mere “matter,” to the tarmac meeting, to the president’s own comments dismissing the scandal, and to the pressure placed on the FBI to refrain from taking “overt steps” in the Clinton Foundation investigation. An allegedly “scandal-free” administration seems to have placed its thumb on the scales of justice.

The deep state did indeed attack late in the 2016 presidential election, and it torpedoed … Hillary Clinton. 

Trump not a target

Now Rod Rosenstein says Trump is not a target of the Mueller investigation. Did you read that in the New York Times? No, but Bloomberg News and others carried it.

So now, the NY Times is reduced to lamenting that “America Abhors Impeachment.” And a mea culpa (mea culpa, mea maxima culpa) from a guilty white Times reporter who blames herself for not electing Hillary. Biased journalism, much? 

Putin Ties to RussiaIn her Sunday New York Times piece, Amy Chozick begs forgiveness that she got played by the Russian hackers and WikiLeaks for exposing Hillary’s habitual corner-cutting for the highest bidder, exemplified by her home brew, secret and illegal e-mail server. Her influence for sale through “donations” to the family foundation and high-priced talks to Wall Street bigs.

“The Russians had pulled off the perfect hack,” Ms. Chozick cries, sounding like the rube who got fleeced at the state fair. What makes it the perfect hack, of course, is that the information it revealed, however dirty the finger prints, was all true!

Ms. Chozick wears partisan sack cloth and ashes because, like virtually every right-thinking person, the Hive expected Hillary to win, despite the packed auditoriums for Trump and the empty seats for Hillary. (Chozik turns a neat phrase, calling the campaign “Hillary’s Death March to Victory.”)

Now … we are all living through the chaos of the Trump presidency and Robert Mueller continues to dig into the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. … I’ve started to see the “they” she spoke about on election night differently.

They were Facebook algorithms and data breaches. They were Fake News drummed up by Vladimir Putin’s digital army. They were shadowy hackers who stole her campaign chairman’s emails hoping to weaken our democracy with Mr. Podesta’s risotto recipe. And they were The Times and me and all the other journalists who covered those stolen emails.

Hillary was the lousier of the two


As if they turned up their noses at the leaked Access Hollywood private audio tape. Only reluctantly — but, inevitably, given the overwhelming evidence — does Times reporter Chozick blame the Democrat(ic) candidate.

These outside forces wouldn’t have mattered or weighed so heavily on me, on the country, had Hillary Clinton … not let the election get so close in the first place. The Russians, after all, didn’t hack into her calendar and delete the Wisconsin rallies.

That admission appears on the third to the last paragraph of a story running 40 paragraphs. As for James Comey, even Jon Wiener of the hard-Left Nation scores his performance.  

If Comey had written a book about how being “prideful and over-confident” led him to violate longstanding department policy and also political wisdom, with disastrous results, that would have been great. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: the Mueller investigation will implicate the Obama/Hillary cabal, clear Donald Trump, and unleash Biblical levels of delicious, wholesome schadenfreude.

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