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Taking the cure (or curse?) at Mar-a-Lago

The (mixed] blessing! Is Mar-a-Lago the Santiago de Compostela of Republicans? Make the journey, fondle the bones, get the blessing? Returning from a pilgrimage to that principality, Tommy Thompson tells the Werkes that the former President anointed him as the … Continue reading

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Would Donald Trump accept Joe Manchin?

Would the senator rather switch AND fight? Question of the day for the Werkes advisory (and unpaid) peanut gallery: should Joe Manchin switch parties? Come over to the dark side? Join the Republican party? Wouldn’t be the first. The last U.S. … Continue reading

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Taking the Republican purity test

 RITOs are a RIOT! Wherever Republicans gather, it is striking that a goodly number of them think there are too many people in the room. They would like to see more empty chairs. They want to cull the herd before … Continue reading

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