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What to do with that state surplus!

Man on the Street interview Republicans under Gov. Scott Walker crafted a balanced budget that cut taxes and encouraged economic development. That prudence is paying off with a $2.6 Billion surplus. The Policy Werkes told our unpaid intern to hit the hot … Continue reading

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Man on the 20 mph-street question

No idea is too stupid for Madison WI Give the City of Madison credit (and a generous bar tab). The Emerald City is always experimenting. Streets in two neighborhoods will test lower traffic speed limits — 20 mph, down from … Continue reading

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Ballot box baloney in Arizona?

The never ending erection (sorry) The Werkes sent its intrepid but unpaid intern out onto Madison Covid contaminated streets for her English As a Second Language lesson. Today’s question: Will Republicans investigating ballots in Maricopa County AZ find bamboo fibers … Continue reading

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