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Normal human decency was Tony Evers’ secret weapon

Trump’s nastiness doomed Tim Michelswho rode Tim Ramthun’s dirty trick. One of America’s great legal minds, Jim Troupis (who retired as a Dane County circuit judge), would tell his clients that civil court juries have to like them first. The … Continue reading

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One supreme court justice did not doom Trump in Wisconsin

No Dominion voting machines in Dane or Milwaukee counties The Trump campaign’s failed appeal to the WI Supreme Court has never been better explained than by Andrew McCarthy in National Review. It is generally known that the state’s high court turned down … Continue reading

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WI liberal Justice calls election litigants ‘un-American’!

Justice Karofsky plays race card Funny thing about conservative jurists: they read the law and apply the constitution as it was written, not how they wish it written. Justices Gorsuch, Barrett, and Kavanaugh proved it Friday 12-11-20 in turning down … Continue reading

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Gerrymander THIS, losers!

We note that some of ankle-biters “infesting” (to use a presidential term) our beloved Stately Blaska Manor are clamoring for the Squire redirect his lethal gaze away from the liberal policies laying waste to the Madison public schools. Please change … Continue reading

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