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Not even Fox News believes Trump’s stolen election lie

But they sacrificed honest reporting to rescue ratings. The Head Groundskeeper did not fall off the tater truck yesterday. We know RITOs (Republicans in Tr•mp Only) will go to their graves believing every lie and excusing every crime in thrall … Continue reading

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We will miss Chris Wallace

Better to be streaming than to be screaming! One of our favorites here at the Stately Manor, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, announced that he is leaving the network. For too many of my political allies, that was good … Continue reading

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Are you [now or have you ever been] a gang rapist?

[ UPDATE: Sen. Flake says let the FBI find out what it can in one week and then vote. Sen. Lindsay Graham is asked if that will make America feel better about the nominee and the process. He answers (to … Continue reading

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Trust us, we’re professionally trained journalists

“Unbiased news does not exist.” The editor of Your Progressive Voice (the corporation that speaks as if it were a person) is up today with a plea to “main street Republicans”  This, alone, is progress of a sort. Usually The … Continue reading

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NY Times makes sow’s ear out of Diamond and Silk

Always hostile to conservatives, the New York Times is so besotted with Trump hate that it is resorts to reverse racism. How then, to treat the Facebook censorship of two conservative black women who support Trump? With disdain, of course. … Continue reading

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