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Defund the racial arsonists!

See them in court! Our progressive … acquaintances are in a dither over that Texas law that allows private citizens to sue abortionists for damages. It occurs to the gray lab coats here at the Policy Werkes that enough civil … Continue reading

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Jussie faces justice — why not Althea?

Chicago’s hoaxer being tried on criminal charges;Madison’s fabulator gets off scot free! Jussie Smollett goes on trial today to answer for the hoax he (O.K., “allegedly”) pulled in Chicago back in January 2019. His story (and he’s sticking to it): … Continue reading

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If Althea Bernstein led a march …

… did it really happen? Seriously? Althea Bernstein led a march against racism? (Old-timers will remember when they were called “civil rights marches.”) There she is on the front page of our favorite Madison WI morning newspaper. Leading a “unity” … Continue reading

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This hoax is for progressive folks

A sucker is born every minute The Werkes continues to marvel how my old boss at The Capital Times, editor emeritus Dave Zweifel, could have grown up on the farm (outside New Glarus WI) and gone so wrong. Dave still … Continue reading

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