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Progressives side with the terrorists. Again.

Iran’s proxy war against Israel The terrorist organization Hamas pumped 2,800 rockets into Israel in the past week and the hard Left is angry. At Israel for defending itself, of course. Pavlov’s dog is salivating. “Hard-left Democrats are apoplectic about … Continue reading

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Crazy isn’t over

If Uncle Joe makes a sound, does anyone listen? Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts is not going to pardon us Trump voters, which is O.K., given that we don’t recall asking. “Seek reconciliation with followers of one of the most flagrantly … Continue reading

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Imagine there’s a Democrat …

… who relates to Joe & Jill Sixpack and doesn’t worship A.O.C.! You may say that I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one SUDDEN INSIGHT! It occurs to this motorcyclist that the putatively pejorative “Deplorable” carries with it the … Continue reading

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Why ‘progressive’ is a dirty word

“Progressive” has become a dirty word to many Americans, more closely associated with intolerance and double standards than with free thought and due process. — A self-described liberal Trump hater in the Wall Street Journal. The abashed progressive writes:

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Mainstream news media pivots from Russian collusion to ‘Trump is a racist’

Advocates and the media deemed Mr. Trump’s non-racial denunciation of Baltimore’s leadership racist. Never mind that the victims of the city’s almost daily drive-by shootings are black. Race shields minority politicians from criticism. — Heather Mac Donald It’s the page … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is drinking progressives’ milk shake

He’s the straw that stirs the drink UPDATE: Not to be left behind, Madison Common Council considers banning plastic straws. Story here. My friends who are Trump supporters (which is to say, most of my friends) echo Abraham Lincoln. Enemies … Continue reading

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