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ChatGPT did not write this blogge

but may have coached the Badger basketball team last night! Wednesday night’s 03-08-23 one-and-done in the Big Fourteen tournament proves that the Badger men’s basketball team is only as good as Tyler Wahl. Sometimes he plays like a man carrying … Continue reading

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Hitler was kind to his dog

Proves there was no Holocaust! In tonight’s thrilling episode, Tucker Carlson will show security video from a camera on the south side of Chicago that picked up images of shoppers paying for their merchandise. It proves there is no crime … Continue reading

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Are Madison insurrectionists getting off lightly?

Compared to Trump’s January 6 rioters! When Dostoevsky wrote about crime, he made certain to include punishment. Sure could use a man like Dostoevsky in Madison WI these days. (Or even Herbert Hoover, as Edith and Archie would sing.) The … Continue reading

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Voters are the grandest of juries

Purge not, lest ye be purged! The Werkes labors to free the Republican party of crazy and stupid. Madison Cawthorn, Lorene Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs are toxic to our brand. The red queen of crazy is Marjorie … Continue reading

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Brave talk until the shooting started

Their lies do not excuse ours. As First Lord of the Admiralty in 1915, Winston Churchill had an audacious plan. He would send the world’s most powerful navy up the narrow Strait of Dardanelles to knock the Ottoman Empire out … Continue reading

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