We have met the enemy and he is us

No one fights Republicans like other Republicans!

We Wisconsin Republicans might actually defeat a Democrat one day if we quit shooting ourselves in our stumbling feet. In-fighting among Republicans may have helped elect Tony Evers to a second term as governor. 

Supporters of Rebecca Kleefisch felt that party poobahs air dropped Tim Michels on the party. “Trump-endorsed Michels” — as the news media invariably referred to him — fared poorly in Dane County, where the nominee attracted only 20% of the vote compared to the 33% that George W. Bush garnered over Al Gore. Scapegoats were needed and the leadership of the Dane County Republican party were made to walk the plank. 

The same fate befell leadership of Second Congressional District in March when Billie Johnson defeated longtime chairman Kim Babler; vice chairman John Fandrich also fell to Johnson’s running mate, Marisa Voelkel.

Saturday 05-13-23 Billie Johnson travels to Monroe to attend the monthly Green County GOP breakfast, where Fandrich remains as county chairman. Before Johnson could pay the $10 admission fee, “he was escorted out of the building by the Green County chairman, John Fandrich, and a local law enforcement officer.” That’s according to an account provided by new Dane County Republican chairman Brandon Maly in a letter co-signed by the Republican chairs of Sauk, Lafayette, and Iowa counties — the other counties in the Second Congressional District.

Mr. Fandrich told Mr. Johnson that if he did not leave, most of the Green County members would leave the building. Coerced by Mr. Fandrich and the law enforcement officer, Mr. Johnson left the meeting as he came, quietly and peacefully. 

This incident … is a despicable display of power and pettiness to rule with an iron fist. … We therefore condemn the attempt to cancel Billie Johnson. This follows a pattern of repeated behavior by Mr. Fandrich to damage Congressional District 2 in the final days of his term as vice chair. 

— the Republican chairs of Dane, Iowa, Sauk, and Lafayette counties

The letter from the four county Republican chairs concludes: “The actions taken by Mr. Fandrich destroys party unity … His consistent retaliation against members of his own party would be better directed at Democrats.” 

UPDATE: Green County responds

Green County GOP chairman John Fandrich denied that a police officer helped escort Billie Johnson out of the meeting. 

It was a members-only meeting … unless you are a member or invited guest, you are not allowed to attend the meeting. Billie Johnson showed up unannounced and was informed as such. Several members stated that if he is present at our meetings … they will no longer attend. As chairman, …my responsibility first and foremost is to my membership.”

Chairman Fandrich said the policy is designed to “avoid undue outside influence” on the local party. 

→ Publisher of Conservative Digest is suing the Tim Michels campaign.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We know John Fandrich and Billie Johnson. Both are hard-working and dedicated Republicans. John has built up the Green County party from almost nothing to winning local elective offices. We felt he deserved re-election as Second District vice chair. We also know that politics is rarely fair.

When will we ever learn?


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18 Responses to We have met the enemy and he is us

  1. richard lesiak says:

    despicable righties. they refuse to learn.


  2. One Eye says:

    Will our host support the Republican Presidential nominee?


    • David Blaska says:

      Not if it is Donald Trump. I understand the point you are making, the contradiction. Now ask Trump himself if he’ll support a nominee other than himself; he wouldn’t pledge in 2016 and he has not for 2024.


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  4. Told you so says:

    Watch the tone of this get real immature when Trump becomes the nominee.


  5. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    While never having been accused of being politically tone-deaf, why Tommie Thompson supported Michels has yet to be fully explained.

    The Gotch

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    • Mark Lemberger says:

      Partei uber alles.


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        The (IMO) quantifiably more likeable/electable Kleefisch was/is in Thompson’s Partei, yet he bypassed her a full month before the primary; a headscratcher still.

        The Gotch


  6. Bob says:

    It seems like candidates are picked in smoke filled rooms like in the past minus the smoke. Hillary was picked over Bernie even though Bernie was surging. Bernie was winning but the Democrats couldn’t beat Trump with a Socialist so Joe was brought out of retirement. All the Democrats drop out of the Democratic U.S. Senate race because The Party decided that a black man would defeat an old white man. On the other side the Republican Party decide who will run for Governor and State Supreme Court. With help of the Democrats who run dirt adds against Republicans that they think can defeat their candidate. The Republicans have done the same. Since you don’t have to register a party in this state except by one party voting in primary elections how many people do you think cross party lines to vote for the preferred candidate on the other side that will be easier to beat?


    • One Eye says:

      “With the help of Democrats…”

      In the case of Jennifer Dorow it’s shocking that Republicans couldn’t adjust. It was quite obvious Kelly was going to be obliterated.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      TRIGGER (heh!) WARNING: Proceed with caution–firearm/ammo references below;

      All the Democrats drop out of the Democratic U.S. Senate race because The Party decided that a black man would defeat an old white man.”

      Only the most recent example of despicable Lefty Wokerati calling comically inept shots because they think they’re bullet-proof.

      The Gotch


      • One Eye says:

        He could’ve won if not for:

        – being a good ol’ farm boy at heart. The man oozed white supremacy.

        – the inability to make a proper peanut butter and jelly sandwich. #1 prereq for Senator, or anyone who actually brown bags it.


  7. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Is it likely that anyone could head the Dane County Republican Party (that phrase is close to being an oxymoron) and produce more than 20% of the vote? It’s telling that one has to go all the way back to the 2000 election to find 33% of Dane County voting Republican. Since then, Democrats here–like everywhere else–have been conditioned to vote for whoever is on the ballot no matter what.


  8. Madtownforsure says:

    And, someone please tell the right they will lose again and again if they push the anti abortion narrative. Stop it. It’s gonna happen. No one right or left if they have one oz of a brain want more un supported kids they cannot afford. Forcing the full term is insane. Yes, has to be a term limit for the super ignorant. They will lose if they get stupid again.


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