Maybe she needs the money

Is Shelia Stubbs a triple dipper?

By any standard, running Dane County’s sprawling Human Services Department is a full-time+ job. It would tax Tommy Thompson, the most workaholic executive we’ve ever known. Shelia Stubbs, the county executive’s nominee for Human Services, would hold that and two other jobs, simultaneously. Is that humanly possible?

Dane County Human Services is a huge operation: its $240 million annual budget claims one-third of the total county government budget. Its 794 workers feed the elderly, accommodate the disabled, place foster children, house the poor, and succor the indigent. It’s a meat-grinder of a job and pays accordingly: $181,500 a year. (For frame of reference, the governor of Wisconsin is paid $152,756; County Executive Joe Parisi, who nominated Ms. Stubbs, $142,420.

Her profile fits our overly Woke political regime: female, racial minority, progressive, politically active. From 2008 to 2012, she chaired the county board committee overseeing the the Human Services Department she would now administer — if confirmed by the 37-member County Board of Supervisors.

The race card

Although she relinquished her county board seat last year, Shelia Stubbs remains a state legislator, to which she was first elected  in 2018. Annual salary: $57,408. She left the county board only last year, when the salary was $11,227.

We asked Rep. Stubbs (BTW: her first name is “She-LI-a,” not “SHEI-la”) if she would keep both jobs — State Assembly and county Human Services. She did not respond.

But the legislator told her congregation that she would, indeed, do the double dip. That’s according to the Wisconsin State Journal, which accessed a since-deleted video of that affirmation. On the video, she told church goers that county board members calling for her to resign the Assembly seat need to be “shooken up.”

“God gave me that job. All I need God’s people to do is pray, fast and believe with me, and I believe we’ll take it by force.” 

Ms. Stubbs played the race card:

“No one else had to go through the scrutiny that I am going through: The difference is I’m black.”

It is not the first time the Rev. Stubbs has played the race card. While campaigning five years ago in a high-crime area, a homeowner called police, as he was instructed to do, after noticing a car parked outside a suspected drug house with people waiting inside the vehicle. Those two people turned out to be her family members. Rep. Stubbs blamed racism.

We don’t know her salary as pastor of the End Times Ministries International church, which she co-founded with her husband, Godfrey, who is bishop of the church. But add that third salary to the mix. She’s a triple dipper.

Wages garnished

Like we said, Shelia Stubbs needs the paycheck. Creditors have been in court these past 11 years trying to get her and her husband to pay back $35,000 debt they incurred. Court records show her wages have been garnished since July 2021, when the Stubbs still owed $30,261. The case (#22-188614) was in court Tuesday 04-25-23 for a scheduling conference. 

Apparently, none of the 794 employees at DHS are qualified to take the reins. The position has been open since Shawn Tessman quit last July. Claimed the politicians reflexively took the side of organized labor over managers like her.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Back in the day, county managers were career professionals, not political. In fairness, Shelia Stubbs has compiled an impressive list of public involvement in human services issues. She may well be qualified to take her new job. But she cannot help but shortchange our most at-risk county neighbors and/or her constituents in the 77th Assembly District, which covers the west side of Madison, from Camp Randall Stadium west  to Garner Park.

Her chronic financial difficulties are troubling. So are her greed, her threatening language, and her sense of racial grievance.

How troubled should YOUR county board member be?


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18 Responses to Maybe she needs the money

  1. Mark Lemberger says:

    She fasts?


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  3. Bob says:

    Don’t be so mean. She has to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. If she has to maybe she can get a job with the City to fill out her days.

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  4. One Eye says:

    Did Parisi vet her AT ALL? If she gets in he will live to regret it. Probably already is.

    Is he depending on the board to get him out of his mess?

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  5. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    While ([S]tubbs was) campaigning five years ago in a high-crime area” (bolds mine)

    Midvale Heights a”high crime area”? Blaska, please!

    Anywho, the incident occurred on 08/07/2018. Google search for: “shelia stubbs campaigning while black breaking story” yielded an “oldest” result from 09/19/2018, a full 36 days (over five [5] weeks) after the incident.

    When it hit the fan, it exploded…nationally; yet an unanswered question remains: As incendiary as it “appeared,” why did this story take so long to gain traction? Were its “possibilities” not immediately recognized? Were her handlers that monumentally STOOPID that they didn’t realize (for over five freakin’ weeks!) the potential of playing the RAYcist card?

    Then MPD Public Information Officer Joel Despain claimed (S)tubbs spoke to then MPD Chief Mike Koval at length before the incident was made public.

    (bolds/caps/italics mine throughout)


    The person who called the police offered an Unsolicited, Unequivocal Apology

    (S)tubbs response? F**K OFF!

    Per the Isthmus article, she called the caller “cowardly.” (S)tubbs: “Maybe they didn’t intend for this to happen but it did. And they caused it […] Where is their courage to face me and my family?”


    The Gotch

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Getting pretty deep in the weeds today ain’t ‘ya?


    • David Blaska says:

      Thanks for the further detail. Yes, story made national news. As did Alethea Bernstein. Never a follow up.

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      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        The Bernstein thing actually went international, with The Prince Formerly Known As Harry‘s wench Meghan slobbering inconsolably to her about how tough it is for multi-racial kids when they’re playing the SHORT CON.

        The Gotch

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        • Mordecai The Red says:

          Their recent documentary (I forget the title, but would rather not remember anyway) where they whine incessantly about all the “hardships” they’ve had made me want to puke. These people live fairy tale lifestyles that few can ever hope to have and should count their blessings. Our society has a serious problem with celebrity worship and it’s disgusting.

          No surprise they were duped by Althea Bernstein. The woke will believe any social justice sob story regardless of what real facts and intuition indicate. Plenty of media outlets ran her story as fact without question.

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        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          The Gotch

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  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Of course she plays the race card–it’s a guaranteed way of getting to the top of the heap in Madison/Dane County. And can you imagine the squeals of protest from local lefties if a Republican officeholder–white or black–announced that “God gave me that job”?


  7. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    County Board’s decision on (S)tubbs nomination?

    Heh! NO F***ING WAY!

    In the ON DECK CIRCLE?

    Laughable slobberings of virulent RAYcism, most foul!

    The Gotch


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