Can South Carolina restore the union?

We’re in a bad mood today.

Okay! You in the back! We heard that! You win! We’re in an unusually bad mood today. Snow and temps 50 degrees lower than two days ago will do that to even the most rascible (if that is the opposite of irascible) of bloggeurs. But the likely entry of U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina into the presidential sweepstakes injects a ray of sunshine into our winter-weary souls. 

What is it about South Carolina? If ever you get the chance, visit Charleston. We did during the annual home and garden tours a few beautiful months of March ago. Gracious city, grand old homes especially “South of Broad.” Historic churches; verdant fountain-splashed gardens; delicious seafood. History on every block. The old slave market, the spot where slaves commandeered a Confederate war ship and sailed it over to the Union Navy. Of course, Fort Sumter.  This place was important well before the Revolutionary War.

The College of Charleston in March!

We’ve already dispatched a small sack of doubloons to South Carolina’s favorite daughter, former governor Nikki Haley, daughter of immigrants from India. Will divert some of our monthly porn star payoffs toward Sen. Scott, descendant of black slaves. Both are happy warriors.

→ “Tim Scott goes positive and hopes his party will come along.”

Puts us in mind of the halcyon days of conservatism here in Dane County WI. In the 1990s, Dane County voted for Tommy Thompson for governor, elected Scott Klug to Congress, and voted a conservative majority on the county board. I know, because I worked for Tommy then, campaigned for Klug, and served on that county board majority. Brother Mike was county board chairman. Ronald Reagan gave his valedictory speech at the 1988 convention that nominated George Bush the Elder. I heard it firsthand in New Orleans. None dare call them RINOs!

The Iowa County contingent are loud and proud!

Try wearing those T-shirts in Madison!

Following the Great Republican Shakeout at the Dane County party in February, local Republican regime change continued apace Saturday 04-15-23 at the Second Congressional District Republican caucus held at Doubleday’s in rural Cottage Grove.

Billie Johnson, formerly vice chair of the Dane County party, ousted long-time chairman Kim Babler by a two to one vote. Johnson’s  running mate Marisa Voelkel supplanted vice chair John Fandrich by a similar margin. So too, Secretary Kimberly Smith over the Babler group’s Kay Gashette and Scott Frostman over Leo Janus for treasurer. 

The winners were backed by the new Dane County regime of Brandon Maly and Chrissy Illgren. Billie concerns me. He’s a hardliner but also a hard worker. But so were Babler and Fandrich (who continues to chair the Green County GOP.) They deserved better but defeat is an orphan.

The cake is far from baked

Politico analyzes the two South Carolinians this way:

… by selling primary voters on a sunnier vision for the country than Trump’s “retribution” tour or DeSantis’ war on liberalism. Tim Scott won’t have to worry about money — he’s one of the Senate GOP’s strongest fundraisers and has connections to well-heeled conservatives like Oracle’s Larry Ellison and the Koch network. And showing strength in South Carolina could vault him into contention elsewhere.

Nikki Haley is the most politically accomplished woman — as a twice-elected governor and cabinet member — to enter a Republican presidential primary field. … women make up nearly half of the GOP primary electorate.


Blaska’s Bottom Line: Have there been happier warriors than Ronald Reagan and Tommy Thompson? A sunnier, more reasonable Republican than Scott Klug? All of whom won over undecided voters in the middle to form a majority. A particular failing of our Grand Old Party today. But the entry of Haley and likely Scott promise happy days may be here again.

Are YOU positive the party will come along?


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4 Responses to Can South Carolina restore the union?

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  2. Mark Lemberger says:

    I have dual citizenship; 30 years in Wisconsin and thirty years in South Carolina.
    I was a Republican down here in 1981 when it was barely legal then came Ronald Reagan and Carroll Campbell.
    Nikki Haley was good on the local stage and, like Tim Scott, a fine human being. Both of them, however, will be eaten alive by the Washington Party.


  3. westsidesue says:

    Blaska, I hear your pain about the weather. I remember those late spring snowstorms bringing me to the depths of despair. I like your take on Haley and Scott, and hope it bears fruit. They are both admirable. But as Mark (above) says, Washington might not agree with us. Here’s to friendly global WARMING up there, and perhaps some eye-openers that make some of those critters in DC wake the hell up.


  4. One Eye says:

    Haley is a cure for insomnia. Never heard of Scott.



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