Violence in Madison Schools largely ignored

`Terrifying situation brought on by an overly permissive environment.

MacIver Institute

Surveys revealed a terrifying situation throughout Madison’s school district brought on by an overly permissive environment. Students complained of “too many fights,” and feeling “unsafe in hallways, common areas, bathrooms and buses.” Bullying has become a major problem. It was mentioned 450 times in the survey responses. Students attribute these problems to an environment with “no consequences.”

Some female students reported that they won’t use the bathrooms at school because “they are not safe, drugs are done in there, and destruction, and even sex.” Teachers were well aware of these problems.

“This month I’ve seen a lot of students pushing, shoving, and verbally harassing each other during passing time,” one anonymous respondent wrote.

“I am concerned about the amount of alcohol and drug use happening inside the school building,” another wrote.

Parents were also allowed to provide feedback and they didn’t hold back.

“I want to send my children to our neighborhood school, but not when disruptive, swearing, sexually harassing students are sent right back to class without consequence,” one parent wrote.

Have you about given up, too?


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19 Responses to Violence in Madison Schools largely ignored

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Survey is dismissed asRAYcist in 5….4….3……..

    Why? ‘Cause that’s all Lefty’s got!

    The Gotch


  2. tom raschke says:

    You get what you reward. From Channel 3000 last year: Madison principal named 2022 Secondary Principal of the Year. Dr. Ebbe has served as principal at Cherokee Middle School for the past two years. During that time, she has focused on viewing diversity as a strength, implementing equitable disciplinary practices, and incorporating anti-racist practices into the school.


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  4. Bob says:

    The investigating committee wants to be full time and MMSD doesn’t respond to open records requests(WMTV15). Go figure.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      MMSD knows that it’s a little fiefdom all to itself. It can do what it wants without consequences because a) most parents will never complain for fear of being labeled racist, b) the local media will never report on their failure to provide a “safe” environment for all students even though the education establishment is forever bleating about the need for “safe spaces” for marginalized groups–i.e., those worth protecting (non-whites).


  5. Bill Cleary says:

    Way, way back in the time machine when I went to jr. high and high school back in the 1970’s teachers had a great deal of latitude when it came to discipline in the schools.

    I still remember the parent teacher conference I had with my father and the teachers when I was in the 9th grade. My father told the teachers that if I lipped off, to smack me a good one, then to call him so that he could smack me when I got home.

    As I had moved up here from the Chicago area, I looked at my dad in a somewhat state of disbelief. My father told me that when in Rome, one had to obey the rules of Rome.

    I did see some students that got roughed up a bit by the teachers when they stepped out of line. Mostly, discipline was in the form of 6 and 40’s or wind sprits till you puked, in the practice field next to the school.

    You found out real fast who was the boss in school.

    I only remember the police coming to school once in the time I was in jr. high or high school.

    One of our coaches was a former Marine. He was the one who dispensed discipline in high school. You did not mess with that dude. He was someone that you did not mess with. When you got taken behind the school by him, the rest of the staff had the attitude that shit happens when you mess up so don’t mess up again.

    We were also raised with the respect for authority. It was Sir, Yes Sir. Mam, Yes Mam. Father so and so or Preacher so and so had a great amount of authority over your behavior. I spent many an hour on my knee’s asking God to forgive me for my sins. I still do. Maybe that is why I don’t try to do bad but to do good. My favorite prayer is as follows: “Oh My Jesus forgive us our sins, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy.”

    I am in most need of His mercy.

    The world it seems, is also in most need of His mercy.


    • Normwegian says:

      yup, back in the day, we had Coach Boomer Harris at Madison Central. If the teacher couldn’t handle a student’s antics, all they had to do is give Boomer a call. Oh, in my house, there as also “double jeopardy.”


  6. Montgomery Scott says:

    And yet, these same parents of the children affected by the crimes and soon to be voters, the students, will still be voting for the type of people who currently make up the Madison school board, probably out of habit. The parents only recourse is to move out of Dane County and then put their children into a decent charter school or private school. And when I see the Madison school district referred to by its acronym, MMSD, it brings to mind a government agency to the east of Madison, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District. Appropriate, it seems.



    • Mike says:

      Sad part is that those same parents who move out will bring their same voting habits to a new locale, thus assisting in the eroding of what they seek in a better district. Some folks just refuse to learn from their mistakes.


      • Montgomery Scott says:

        Sadly, I believe you are correct. Liberals are like the Covid virus when they move to another local and “infect” the local with their “values”.



        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          Liberals are like the Covid virus when they move to another local and ‘infect’ the local with their ‘values’.”

          More like Genital Herpes; to wit:

          People Are Fleeing The Self-Harm LEFTIES INFLICTED On Their Own Cities

          The Gotch


  7. fritzderkat says:

    An apocryphal story about Bob “Boomer” Harris is that while teaching at West, he gave a kid a D for gym class. A parent, a resident of Shorewood, complained and told Harris he wanted his son to get the grade he deserved. So Harris flunked him. That may have had something to do with why he was transferred to Central, where he finished his storied career.

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    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      Robert BOOMER Harris finished his storied career at James Madison Memorial (1970-75), where as the OL coach, he oversaw the (arguably) talented efforts of The Gotch (Class of ’73!) @Left Tackle in ’71 & ’72.

      They Tore Down the school Boomer attended in order to erect the Old School.

      Bus drivers who transported his teams claimed they were not only the best-behaved, but their buses were the cleanest after they disembarked.

      Will always remember the slow, measured, deliberate sound of his metal-heeled wing tips hitting tile floors and reverberating down empty halls; got your attention even if you weren’t doing anything wrong!

      The man was a Classic in the truest sense of the word!

      The Gotch


      • Bob says:

        I had him for gym class at JMM. If he couldn’t pronounce your last name you became a “Smith”. I was Smith number 2. Smith number 1 was next to me.

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        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          Now that you mention it, The Gotch did as well; what year did you graduate, Bob?

          At his funeral ~ 30 years ago (Madison Christian Community/corner of Old Sauk and Westfield) the parking lot was packed to the everLUVin’ gills with cars on both sides of Westfield and Old Sauk for blocks, as well.

          The Gotch


  8. Michael Leger says:

    Like others here, my schooling was also highly disciplined. The nuns had carte-blanche to mete out whatever punishments they saw fit. 2nd grade – a friend getting slapped silly in the hallway by a very old nun. 4th grade – Sister Rosemunda (built like her name) drop-kicking the class clown out of his chair with her nun boots. 5th grade – Sister Aloysius with her 5 sizes of paddles behind her desk…

    So, that was the ‘solution’ then. I don’t see it as the solution now. However, the pendulum has swung way too far – ‘no consequences’ sums that up – in the other direction. I wonder how it’s going with Jeffery Copeland and Sennett.

    Metal-cleated wing tips? Damn, that is definitely old old school.

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  9. Jon Burack says:

    Having escaped Madison, after fifty years there (and later Stoughton), I find myself in the same damn situation here in East Lansing, home of Michigan State U. A college town with a woke school board and “reparative justice” up the wazoo. Lately (since a gun was found in a student’s possession at a school basketball game, and then the killings at MSU), the inevitable eruption of parental and student discontent has caught the school board off guard. They are dodging and pretending to care, and a long battle is still ahead, but at least the battle has been joined.

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