For draft picks and the game: Who is Aaron Rodgers?

Packers play Sudden Jeopardy!

Pet peeve #246 at the Policy Werkes is the major sports coach who says this or that is “a distraction.” Usually involving firearms, women, and a night club. Dammit, coach, your sport is a distraction! SPORTS is a distraction! That’s why we spend hours watching, analyzing, bitching, exalting, cheering, and shelling out $12 for a stadium beer. For The Distraction!

Is there a more wondrous distraction from bank failures, Woke brainwashing, and killer Chinese balloons than Aaron Rodgers? When will Ron DeSantis take a stand on A-Rod’s wish to be traded to the New York Jets? Along with his good buddies, even more past their sell-by date? Where are Fox & Friends on compensation? Why is Joe Biden … strangely silent?

→ Retired Packers kicker Chris Jacke says Jets also looking to sign “Jake” from State Farm insurance.

Forget that guy with the beard who drinks Dos Equis. Aaron Rodgers is the most interesting man in the world. Not only does he (for the moment) quarterback the Green Bay Packers, he owns the Chicago Bears and serves as general manager of the New York Jets. All that’s left is to replace Tony Romo in the booth, describing his own plays. Of course, the TV booth would be pitch black. The only thing Aaron Rodgers has not done is arm wrestle Fidel Castro. (Probably pinned Packer president Mark Murphy.)

Who else is “immunized” against conformity? Doesn’t get along with his family? Changes girl friends as often as his coach’s plays at the line of scrimmage? Has a famous chip on his shoulder for dropping down to 24th in the 2005 draft? Behind Alex Smith!

Sounds like a Quora question: What future Hall of Fame quarterback emceed the game show Jeopardy? Who managed to source an hallucinogenic out of Peru unknown even to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration? 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We can’t even pronounce “ayahuasca” — much less find any! 

What should Packers get in compensation?


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8 Responses to For draft picks and the game: Who is Aaron Rodgers?

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    This draft’s #1, and a 2024 conditional pick tied to both Rodgers’ and the Jets 2023 season performance.

    And to anyone who’ll pay $12 U.S. for a warm beer, The Gotch says, in his best Gordon Gekko voice:

    A Fool And His Money Are Lucky Enough To Get Together In The First Place!

    The Gotch


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  3. old baldy says:

    Green Bay should settle for a ham sandwich and this years 7th round pick and be rid of the drama queen from hell.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      hankdog/old baldy wants the 13 Time World Champion Green Bay Packers to just bend over and take it…er…you know where?


      The Gotch is left to ponder why the…um…unbelievable NFL personnel acumen he displays hasn’t been been noticed by league, yet.

      Though it would appear the laughably lamentable chicago Bi-Polar bares follow a similar, comically inept approach.

      The Gotch


      • old baldy says:

        No, gootchie, I don’t. But that is what 12 is trying to do to them. I would like to see GB move on from this gridiron diva and on to the start of the next QB legacy. I don’t profess to have ” unbelievable NFL personnel acumen”, but I don’t put my ignorance on display at every opportunity like you do. As the smart GM’s ( and me) say, “better to get rid of them a year too soon than a year too late. We are already a year too late.


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          I don’t put my ignorance on display at every opportunity

          Actually, you do; you’re just too stoopid to realize it.

          The Gotch


  4. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Apparently Broadway Joe‘s not standing in the way.

    Joe Namath Says The Jets CAN UNRETIRE HIS #12 To Land Aaron Rodgers

    Think Shailene Woodley wants a mulligan?

    Word on the street was she wanted Bigger/Better/Brighter and didn’t think TitleTown was the right place for her…um…talents to thrive.

    The Gotch


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