Nothing to see here, folks

Pay no attention to that man in a clown suit!

Platinum+ subscriber status is hereby awarded to anyone who plowed through the three-part series on Republican in-fighting. (In lieu of refunds.) Turns out Dane County conservatives are not the only county waging internecine war. Sitting GOP chairman in four other counties are also being challenged (those being Waukesha, St. Croix, Ozaukee, and Brown). All four of those counties voted Republican, however, although perhaps not to the same degree as previous elections.

‘Please disperse. Nothing to see here, folks.’

We said in “Stop the Bloodbath #2” that Dane county’s bloodletting mirrors that for national chairman, which will be decided tomorrow, Friday 01-27-23. One of the two challenging incumbent Ronna McDaniel was thought to be a fringe candidate, he being the My Pillow goof, Mike Lindell. Now it transpires that the more mainstream challenger, Harmeet Dhillon, is teaming up with Mr. Pillow in a fusion campaign. Georgia-based conservative Erick Erickson:

“If you think Mike Lindell deserves a seat at the RNC table, you are not a serious person. Lest you forget, Lindell most recently claimed that Ron DeSantis and the Democrats had stolen Miami-Dade County for Ron DeSantis. Previously, Lindell pushed the most bizarre claims about the 2020 election that not even people who thought the election was stolen were willing to believe.

“I told you so.’

He fights!

Was how Abe Lincoln answered critics who wanted the President to cashier General U.S. Grant for alcoholism. We like a fighter. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy showed one need not disparage a woman’s appearance to fight back against the liberal (but we repeat ourselves) news media. The dishonest reporter was trying to score political points with a false equivalency: that George Santos getting a lesser committee assignment was somehow unfair when McCarthy would not reappoint Adam Schiff to the Intelligence Committee.

A reporter at a press conference interrupted the Speaker’s answer to her question. McCarthy, as even as a straight-edge ruler, responded:

“Let me be very clear and respectful to you. You asked me a question. When I answer it is the answer to your question. You don’t get to determine whether I answered your question or not. [Other reporters shout out their questions.] No, no, let’s answer her question.

“Because Adam Schiff used his position as chairman knowing he has information the rest of American does not and lied to the American public.” McCarthy explained how only Intelligence gets to hear the nation’s security secrets (but not drive Joe Biden’s Corvette). Schiff will get his assignment, just not on Intelligence.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: That’s called “setting boundaries.”

What are YOUR boundaries?

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  1. Misspelled word…

    “Because Adam Schiff used his position as chairman knowing he has information the rest of American does not and lied to the American public.”

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  2. tartanmarine says:

    I read all 3 and this one. Good columns.

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  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Seems tartanmarine secured the 1st Place Prize Platinum+ subscriber award.

    2nd Place a set of STEAK KNIVES…?

    The Gotch

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  4. Bill Cleary says:

    Gosh, golly, I wonder what would happen if a group like the Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce would give the same amount to conservative groups here in Madison to help with the next Presidential election?

    You would hear the city council, the mayor and her staff whining and crying. The howls of indignation, The screams of despair, the wailing and gnashing of the teeth would be Biblical! The cries for investigation would be heard from the far east side to the far west side, from the far north side to the far south side.

    I for one would pay money to see such a sight.

    So here is what I propose. Somebody with knowledge of how to do these things should set up a go fund me account to give to a group like the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty to spend on the upcoming Presidential election in Madison.

    I’m kind of broke right now as I am in the process of retirement and not working much or not at all, but would gladly give $5-10.00 to the effort.

    Let’s see the hypocrisy those on the left who run this town can display for one and all to observe.


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