Meet Scott Kerr

Some guy who is running for mayor of Madison.

It’s hard to screw up a city like Madison WI. Not that we don’t keep trying. 

Beautiful setting between two large lakes amidst fertile farmland. Hometown of state government and a research-oriented land grant state university that is spawning bio- and info tech industries. High wage and almost recession proof. It’s a community that can afford to dabble in pronouns and redistribution. 

Which is why, at this early juncture, we’re voting for a guy named Scott Kerr for mayor. (Who? Scott Kerr! Oh.) Got a hunch Mr. Kerr will survive the three-way race primary next month 02-21-23 against two much higher-profile candidates: incumbent mayor Satya Rhodes Conway and former school board president Gloria Reyes.

Meet Scott Kerr

A protest vote?

Satya and Gloria are crowding the same lane. Posing for the same progressive holy cards. Scott Kerr, on the other hand, is something of a blank slate at this point. Does seem to oppose Satya’s rapid bus transit system. Doesn’t everyone? Otherwise, appears the fellow does not carry a briefcase of policy proposals. Has not drunk anyone’s Kool Aid. Says he only thought about entering the race in the middle of December. Works for the city as a traffic engineer. 42-year municipal employee. A former alder tells the Werkes he is well thought of at city hall.

Got a kind face and relaxed demeanor with well-earned frosting in his gotta-be-me brush cut and well trimmed facial hair. Who does he resemble? William Shatner? George Gobel? Your HVAC contractor?

Interviewer from Channel 3000 asks: Who is supporting you for mayor?

Candidate answers: “Me, right now. When I was knocking on doors getting signatures, people were excited to get another name on the ballot.”

A free bird

Which means the local power structure — those being Democrats, Progressive Dane, the teachers union, the racial justice heavies, and the bicycle federation — don’t have their meat hooks in him. Yet. Kerr says he’s not accepting campaign donations. He told Channel 3000,

“Everyone says take the money out of politics. This is a job interview. The most I’ve spent for a job interview is new clothes. I might go for that.”

— Scott Kerr to WISC-TV’s ‘For the Record’

Blaska’s Bottom Line: So, yeah, Scott Kerr is a little naive. That just might be electable, although it may empower the alders. Our advice? Forget the dress suit. Keep the work shirt. Take the cannoli.

Could Scott Kerr be Madison’s Meet John Doe?


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16 Responses to Meet Scott Kerr

  1. He certainly doesn’t seem like de’d be worse than Satya Rhodes Conway or Gloria Reyes so that’s a huge plus in his column!

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  2. pANTIFArts says:

    As I look at the familiar face in your “Happy New Year” banner above, (is that Stone Toad Steve Austin?), I am struck by the fact that, irregardless, even IT would be better than your current mayor.

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  3. Bob says:

    Well at least I will have someone to vote for for mayor. Most the time I leave that position blank because I can’t stomach the candidates running. Now I will have to check out the people running for alderman in my district (15). Maybe there is a choice better than super left and super duper left.

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  4. Special K says:

    I worked with Scott Kerr when before I retired three years ago from the City of Madison. He is not a traffic engineer, but does work in the Traffic Engineering department (I think his title is engineering technician?) We were in different city departments but enjoyed working with him. Straight shooter, assertive, responsive, and was a great help when I needed assistance. If I lived in Madison, I’d vote for him over the other two candidates.

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  5. One Eye says:

    I need to know if he is imagining, reimagining, or just seeing reality before I can give him my vote.


  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The Gotch’s mantra is ABC:


    The Gotch

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  7. Michael Leger says:

    Go Scott Go!


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Sounds way too sane and decent to be mayor–or hold any other office–in Madison.

    A bit off-topic but … Be sure to read the article “Identity Crisis’ in this week’s Cap Times. It’s only two pages long but must have taken me a good half-hour to read, interrupted as I was by bouts of hysterical laughter–none of it intended by the reporter. Yet another example of how it’s impossible to parody Madison’s progressives, especially those obsessed by race/ethnicity, which come to think of it includes all of them. They always get there first and do a better job than anyone else possibly could.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      The Gotch almost feels empathy for the varied-n-many box-checking Native Americans who got hoodwinked by this Ethnicity Thief.


      Anywho, there should be a federal law against Hate Ethnicity Fraud/Theft.

      Call it the LeClaire Law, and nibiiwakamigkwe would be the 1st one indicted.

      And wouldn’t Le Claire returning those items make…um…them an Indian Giver…?

      The Gotch


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