Twenty three for ’23

Blaska’s policy agenda for the new year!

Jonathan Swift would call these modest proposals. Progressives will claim to be triggered and demand reparations. Totally disregarding popular demand, once again The Werkes proposes uncommon sense proposals for a prosperous new year in Madison WI:

1) Amend the Wisconsin Constitution to place the Department of Public Instruction in the governor’s appointive cabinet rather than as an elected office. Education should sit at the same table with the governor as transportation, natural resources, prisons, public health, and revenue.

2) Revise the criminal code to automatically charge custodial parents or guardians with a crime equivalent to the offense for which their minor child is being adjudicated.

3) Ease legal requirements for the state to seize chronic juvenile delinquents (remember that term?) and commit them to a secure residential educational facility. Build out the old Oscar Mayer plant on Madison’s NE side for that purpose. Include agriculture, food preparation, and the trades with access to nearby MATC.

4) Abolish the Police Civilian Oversight Board and furlough its overpaid director.

5) Deep six the Madison “food market.”

6) Enforce the prohibition of panhandling on street intersections.

7) Deny bail for any defendant previously convicted or presently charged with jumping bail.

8) Stop collecting data by racial categorystarting with the U.S. Census

9) Create a local, moderate political party that would coordinate candidate recruitment for Madison Common Council, school board and county supervisor. Could share messaging and raise unlimited campaign funds. To counter far-Left Progressive Dane.

10) Return the Chamberlin Rock to its rightful place on the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus and restore the good name of alumnus Fredric March.

11) Shut down university grievance studies

12) Elect Madison school board members at large from one pool of candidates, rather than by — uniquely in the state — numbered seats.

13) Return school resource police officers to Madison’s public high schools and add middle schools.

14) Statewide, universal school choice regardless of income!

15 Rescind the requirement that school district superintendents hold a doctorate in educational administration.

16) Body cameras for Madison police!

17) Allow school personnel to carry weapons on school grounds if licensed for CCW and live ammo training, to be registered with and indemnified by the district.

18) Commit to next-generation nuclear energy.

19) Build a knock-your-eyes out, landmark Catholic diocesan cathedral.

20) Prohibit political demonstrations in residentially zoned areas. Their purpose is intimidation, not sharing ideas.

21)  Hold establishments that prohibit firearms without active screening financially liable for resulting casualties. 

22) Erect a monorail from the Alliant Energy campus forking west to Camp Randall stadium and the Kohl Center and east to Monona Terrace and the State Capitol. Takes advantage of parking at Alliant and encourages multi-venue events. Its own tourist attraction with great views across Lake Monona.

23) Build the damn ☠️💣!! 🤪✖︎ jail!

What are YOUR New Year’s prescriptions?


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18 Responses to Twenty three for ’23

  1. Steve Bernd says:

    Amen Brother!

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  2. One Eye says:

    Once again, no to monorail, yes to hiring Elon Musk’s Boring company to build underground tunnels. T shirt sales featuring the phrase “Madison: we go down” will pay for it all.

    Another suggestion: build affordable housing based on concentration of BLM and “In this house” yard signs. Thank you in advance Monroe St. neighborhoods for stepping up.


  3. One Eye says:

    Also I disagree with restricting panhandling at intersections. At least these people have some skin in the game for their grift. They are out there in all kinds of weather and I’ve never seen any of them being aggressive. Rickert could start a “know your panhandler” feature.

    If anything, cite them for animal cruelty if they have dog out in harsh weather.


  4. tartanmarine says:

    No to charging parents with the kids crimes. Parents have no enforcement ability. They can’t hit the kid, lock him up, deny him food, or throw him out of the house without the government stepping in to punish them.


  5. Scott Varney says:

    It’s the CITY/PUBLIC MARKET. Yes, Oscars is a place in need to a need like this.


  6. Bob says:

    Interesting. Putting DPI in the governors cabinet instead of elected office. Do you think we could get someone to lead it that isn’t hand picked by the teachers union? Maybe get some honest numbers not like the ones we get now that say Milwaukee Public Schools are doing a good job.


  7. RMX says:

    Deny bail based upon previous bail-jumping conviction is an affront to the presumption of “innocent until proven guilty” laid out 800 years ago in Magna Carta.

    Denying bail prevents the defendant from building a proper defense. How does one find and interview witnesses from behind bars?

    Balaska against the presumption of innocence and fair trial? Who’d a thought!

    Here’s an idea for you. Remove all immunity from government employees. You do the crime, you do the time. Enough of government abuse of authority. Agents who violate a citizens rights should face their own consequences.

    Here’s another: Any judge or prosecutor who intentionally lies or withholds information from a trial resulting in an unjust verdict, MUST receive the same punishment as the falsely prosecuted if convicted of dishonest acts.

    Here’s another: Any police officer who commits a crime MUST receive a HARSHER penalty than a regular citizen.

    Finally, the USA has been systematically destroyed by the Boomer generation. Deindustrialization along with hapless debt accumulation has doomed the youngest among us to a future of poverty. Boomers we’re given every advantage. They single-handedly destroyed the family structure, resulting in millions of damaged youth (1981 being the most recorded divorces).

    Boomers must be forced to pay for what they have done to our posterity and a monument built to remind future generations of how destructive selfishness is to a family, community and country.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      How many piercings/tats do you have, which are your preferred pronouns, and which Bitterness du Jour degree did you WILLINGLY borrow for in order to complete?

      Asking for a friend, who’d also like to know if the rent went up for your lower-level-below-grade maternally owned/operated living accommodations…?

      The Gotch


    • Mordecai The Red says:

      Imposing stiffer penalties and sentences on those who have shown a propensity for crime is nothing new. Denying bail to those who have abused it in the past is a rightful extension of this. I seriously doubt anyone would argue against imposing it on major business criminals like Sam Bankman-Fried or Elizabeth Holmes, and neither would I.


  8. Bob says:

    I like the monorail idea. This could compliment Madison Metro, BRT, rail expansion to Milwaukee and Minneapolis, and maybe we could bring back the trolley and light rail. After all this is built Madison can ban cars from the Isthmus. Don’t worry about money to pay for this because the Treasury will just keep on printing.


  9. Nice list David. I don’t have any real opposition to anything on your list with the exception of #2 which I believe would be unconstitutional.


  10. One Eye says:

    “Build a knock-your-eyes out, landmark Catholic diocesan cathedral.”

    No. Build a gold rabbit, 10 stories tall in the middle of Lake Monona. I estimate the economic windfall to Madison will be $10,000,000 per year.


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