Merry Christmas from the Werkes!

May the jolly fat man take a liking to you!

The Head Groundskeeper, the Lovely Lisa, and Number #1 Son join the faceless gray lab coats at the Policy Werkes, the indentured servants in the Stately Manor, and the unlettered field hands on the Experimental Work Farm (and Penal Colony) to wish a merry, musical, and magic Christmas to all! And continued visits to this blogge — the gift that (like Clark Griswold’s Jelly of the Month Club) keeps on giving!

Stately Blaska Manor

Two Marys

As many times as we’ve watched It’s a Wonderful Life we see it with new eyes after the centrality of another Mary is argued on this Christmas eve: George Bailey’s wife as played by Donna Reed. This remarkable piece in The Bulwark is an eye-opener:

To be chosen and known and loved by such a woman is not a small thing. It is seeing Mary without him that breaks George enough to make him ask for life, as it is her just anger at him that sends him into the most desperate phase of his downward spiral. When he chases the alternate Mary through the streets, his desperate cry is not “Mary! What have they done to you?” but “Don’t you know me? What’s happened to us?” If Mary does not know him, if Mary does not see who he really is, he must not exist, indeed.

Will leave you with this passage from “When Mary met the angel” in today’s Wall Street Journal:

When Mary met the angel, she was a no-name girl from a disempowered people in a seemingly inconsequential place. Today, if you worry that you might be insignificant — unknown, unloved and unimportant in this world — perhaps this Christmas you will hear her message with fresh ears. If she was right about her son, then you are worth the birth and life and death and resurrection of the Son of God.

And that is Blaska’s Bottom Line!

What did YOU get for Christmas?


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9 Responses to Merry Christmas from the Werkes!

  1. westsidesue says:

    Hope you and Lisa, and your family have a lovely Christmas. Remember, Santa is watching, and he knows on which list your name goes. Jes’ sayin’


  2. Bill Cleary says:


    Thank you for that wonderful message. I carry my Grandfathers Rosary Beads in my pocket at all times.

    Other than the Fatima prayer, the Hail Mary is one of my favorite prayers to say at any time.

    To you and yours, have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.


  3. William M. Cleary says:


    I love that one!

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  4. Bill Cleary says:

    I’m sending you these comments because I believe that these comments sum up what Christmas is.

    Or these comments:

    God does indeed play a part of our lives. Many of you do not believe in that concept but I do.

    Make a friend in Jesus and you will find eternal peace, as you will know His Mother and his Father as well.



  5. Mordecai The Red says:

    Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones, David. Thanks for providing me and others this forum in a time when there is increasing eagerness to silence dissent. It has provided me a much-needed outlet and given me hope that there is still sanity out there,

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  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The 13 Time World Champion Green Bay Packers held serve…ON_THE_ROAD…on Christmas Day…at an uncharacteristically (factoring in the Global Warming That’s Here And Worse Than The Models Predicted) chilly Miami.

    It gets better…(HEH!)…FAR better!

    The laughably inept chicago Bi-Polar bares got their oversized, pitiably pathetic @$$e$ handed to ’em…AT_HOME….on Christmas Eve.

    And better yet.

    That added to an EIGHT_GAME_LOSING_STREAK

    Sheesh…there’s only one team worse…Houston…and the Texans only by ONE_MEASLY_GAME!

    Two (2) burning questions?
    *Which Top Two Overall draft pick will the midgets_of_the_midway f**k up this time, and
    *When will the Black-N-Blue Division trade up for a more competitive team…like some DIII JUCO?

    One more thing.

    After Further Review, The bares Still Suck!


    The Gotch


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