Brian Schimming new WI GOP chairman!

Wisconsin Republicans are going to rock!

Brian Schimming has just been elected chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin!

Wisconsin Republicans have never had a state chairman like Brian Schimming. No one has his combination of gregariousness, strategic thinking, issue messaging, organizational skill, bonhomie, and speaking ability. Brian lights up a microphone!

He’s got a resumé from God; top aide to Governors Thompson, McCallum, and Walker. He backs up Mark Belling on WISN radio in Milwaukee and Vicki McKenna in Madison. Frequent guest on Meg Elleson’s Wausau radio show, as well. Former head of the Assembly Republican Caucus under majority leader David Prosser. Headed up WHEDA. Blaska first met him when he was a kid just out of UW-Whitewater working on Lyman Anderson’s Assembly re-election campaign.

Brian Schimming knows every government official in Wisconsin, it seems. Every chamber member, and county Republican activists. Has hosted more Lincoln-Reagan Day dinners than anyone in last 10 years. Rode the Ron Johnson bus to victory. Chaired the Republican state convention this spring in Middleton. 

Brian Schimming is the happy warrior Republicans have been looking for.
Brian Schimming on the Ron Johnson victory bus with U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil.
Brian Schimming (right) with the late Bishop Robert Morlino and radio’s Vicki McKenna.

Effortlessly funny! He can have the room rocking with laughter one minute, bits in their mouths the next to pull the Republican campaign wagon to victory. A soothing balm over the open sores of Republicans riven by past disappointments. Impeccable, deeply felt conservative values. Volunteers with Salvation Army. Works on Fitchburg WI economic development. He has helped many a county board and city council campaign, including my own.

“Nobody knows the people of this state and the political landscape better.” 

— U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson

Schimming succeeds Paul Farrow, county executive of Waukesha County. “We couldn’t have a better leader at this important time.” Other RPW leaders elected at Saturday’s Executive Committee meeting are First Vice-Chairman Gerard Randall, Second Vice-Chairwoman Kathy Kiernan, Secretary Tyler August, Treasurer Brian Westrate, and Member At-Large Will Martin.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We are genuinely excited for the state Republican party.

Do you know Brian?


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8 Responses to Brian Schimming new WI GOP chairman!

  1. Dave Mays says:

    Perfect job for Brian. He is going to be outstanding in this role.

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  2. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Hope he not only rides the victory bus, but drives it to victory.

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  3. Bill Rock says:

    Blaska’s wordsmith talent shown at its best ! Thanks Dave and Congratulations to Brian

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  4. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Righty hasn’t had a good Ground Game in America’s Dairyland in a while, looks like they do now; kudos!

    The Gotch


  5. Don Jacobson says:

    One excellent choice!

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  6. Fraley says:

    So happy for Schimming. He can bring folks together to row in the same direction. Exciting times!


  7. Mark Pettis says:

    Brian is great choice!


  8. Jane Marie Shureb says:

    The Republican Party is broken. Ron Johnson has been an embarrassment. Being on his train is nothing to brag about. We need new Republican leadership to return the party to the values that existed prior to the Trump administration.


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