This gun for buy back

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The poorly paid, non-union indentured servants here at Stately Blaska Manor are going to cash in next month. Pick up some major coin. A benjamin or two.

They’re headed unlocked and unloaded for the Alliant Energy Center Saturday 08-13-22 to take advantage of Sheriff Kalvin Barrett’s “Gift Cards for Guns” program.

They are peddling a 12-gauge Coast to Coast Master Mag of uncertain provenance. They’re made by Mossberg, a respected manufacturer. The sheriff specifies that the guns must be in working condition. Probably does shoot but we don’t intend to find out. The rusty barrel is cautionary. Besides, no room left in the walk-in gun safe here at the Manor.

The sheriff is paying $100 for handguns, rifles, and shotguns; $50 for revolvers, $10 to $25 for BB, pellet, and facsimile guns, and $250 for “assault rifles.” O.K., not cash but gift cards in those amounts for food and fuel. More details here.

The Dane County Board of Supervisors on Thursday 07-22-22 authorized $50,000 in tax dollars for the buyback. Sheriff Barrett says the gun buyback might “possibly prevent a tragedy.” “Possibly” being the operative word. Would like to believe that Madison’s fentanyl merchants are disarming. Would like to believe Hillary will confess her crimes and that Davante Adams will return to the Packers.

‘It’s good theater’

Down in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is trying to raise a million dollars for what she calls a “bold new initiative” she says will get “guns out of the hands of dangerous people.” As if criminals would sell their danger for a C-note. It’s not bold or new, either. CNN reports:

Chicago officials annually take in hundreds of guns through buyback programs. But decades of research shows such programs don’t reduce gun violence, in large part because they don’t result in guns being taken from people who aren’t supposed to have them. One recent study found “no evidence that (gun buyback programs) reduce suicides or homicides where a firearm was involved.”

“It’s good theater. But it’s not helping deal with gangs and drug dealers and everyone else using the guns,” said Joseph Giacalone, retired NYPD sergeant and current professor at John Jay College.

“These things are dog-and-pony shows … Look, a million dollars to do all this stuff, it’s not going to help violence in Chicago or anywhere else one iota. It’s feel-good, it’s to make it look like politicians are going to do something, but it means absolutely nothing.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Can’t agree that it means absolutely nothing. That $100 gift card sure will feel good at the gas pump. In all seriousness, how does one dispose of an unwanted firearm? If there’s a line of assault rifles being turned in, the servants will return home without the gift card. And be very surprised.

How many “asssault rifles” do YOU think
get bought back?

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20 Responses to This gun for buy back

  1. Mike says:

    Maybe they should try the same scheme for illegal street drugs. Can always count on Liberals to continuously provide material made for sarcasm or jokes.

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  2. Bob says:

    I wonder how many assault rifles will be turned in? How many “ghost” guns will be turn in with no questions asked? This is as ridiculous as the Mayor lowering the speed limits on certain streets for public safety when the police don’t have anyone to enforce it because they’re all out investigating stolen cars and shootings.


  3. fritzderkat says:

    What, a “revolver” is worth only 50 bucks whereas a “handgun” is $100? I have an H&R topbreak in .38 cal., stainless steel with pearl handles. It was manufactured late in the 19th Century. What’ll they gimme for that?


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Yet another round of useless (and expensive) virtue-signaling by Madison/Dane County liberals. Expecting criminals to turn in their guns is like expecting MMSD teachers to turn in their union cards.


  5. John Popanz says:

    If you take it to a gun store or Cabelas you could get 2 to 3 times that amount , though there’d be a background check


  6. Bill Cleary says:


    For those of you in city government let me ask the following:
    1. How many illegal firearms are you presently confiscating?
    2. How many “Shots Fired” incidents happen in Madison in a calendar year?
    3. How many people are wounded by gunfire in Madison in a calendar year?
    4. How many people die from gunfire in Madison in a calendar year? To include murders and suicides.

    Go ahead with your gun buy back program but let’s take the time next year starting this August 13th to August 13, 2023.

    If like Chicago, I doubt that this gun buyback program will do very little to reduce the number of illegal firearms confiscated, the number of shots fired incidents, the number of people wounded by gunfire and the number of people who die by gunfire.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Are you seriously suggesting that Madison officials do anything to assess the efficacy of their harebrained schemes?

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  7. Bill Cleary says:

    I should clarify one part of my statement when I stated: “Go ahead with your gun buy back program but let’s take the time next year starting this August 13th to August 13, 2023.”

    What that should have stated is: “Go ahead with your gun buy back program but let’s take the time next year starting this August 13th to August 13, 2023 to study just how much the incidents of gunfire has gone down, stayed the same or gone up.


    Brain freeze.

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  8. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Just like <i<No-Mow-May, merely another despicable Lefty ploy designed to do nothing quantifiable other than goose Lefty’s terminally flagging Gosh I’m Nice/Look At Me/I’m Dialed In endorphins.

    Clueless morons!

    The Gotch

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  9. Sir Shoots-a-lot says:

    Probably NO “assault rifles” (aka semi-automatic rifles), since you can get A LOT more in cash selling it on the market

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  10. When you have elected officials in the irrational we have to DO SOMETHING mode this is the kind of crap they come up with to pacify the wackos on the extreme left.


  11. Mordecai The Red says:

    If getting weapons out of the hands of dangerous criminals were the intent, they’d offer to buy back bricks, rocks, gasoline, and baseball bats. Those seem to be the preferred tools of communication for the BLM shock troops.


    • richard lesiak says:

      The same “tools” that were used in DC on 1/6?


      • One eye says:

        Ahem, the “mostly peaceful” 1/6.


      • Mordecai The Red says:

        I don’t support riots regardless of who participates in them. But there are few commonalities between one that occurred in one place, on one day, with few injuries, was put down in an afternoon, and is now under Congressional scrutiny and others that spanned a summer, injured and killed dozens, caused billions in damage, destroyed untold businesses and local economies, and were pooh-poohed by many of those same members of Congress.

        Give me your average business owner over your average member of Congress any day of the week. Amazing how many of them didn’t care about riots until one came to their doorstep.


  12. brynstane says:

    Don’t miss the fact that the Clownty Board allocated $12,500. to administer the peeing away of the $50,000.


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