School safety committee has no safety experts

Hoodies up; smartphones on!

Nearly two years after Madison expelled school resource police officers from its public high schools and during a school year roiled by student brawls and beatdowns, the school board is exploring how to keep students safe. Except that they are not. 

One remains mandatory and the other acceptable at Madison’s public schools.

The Ad Hoc Student Safety and Wellness Committee will keep students neither safe nor well. It is all about virtue signaling that the school district remains true to critical race theory, which holds that America is institutionally racist and that police target brown and black students because of their race.

It will not abandon Jennifer Cheatham’s Behavior Education Plan. It will not examine “restorative justice” to determine if it is working. It will not restore culturally sensitive law enforcement. Hell, this is a school district that won’t ban smart phones in the classroom. Did you catch the substitute teacher’s lament in Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal?

The 14-year-old middle school student walks into class with his hood up and is looking at his cellphone watching a video of how to be better at the video game “Call of Duty.” …

When I ask that all cellphones be put away, most students comply with the exception of this one student. … By Madison School District policy, I am not allowed to ask him to take his hood down. … He finally begrudgingly complies. All good right?

After the lesson … I walk to his seat I notice AirPods in his ear. He had completely ignored the entire lesson and was listening to his cellphone.

When fights break out, teachers call central office, as they are instructed, rather than break up the fight. If they make the wrong move against the wrong kid, they are forced to resign, as was Mr. Rob at Whitehorse middle school.

Speak out!

Tell the Safety and Wellness committee (via this on-lline form) you want:

  • School resource police officers returned.
  • Abolish the Behavior Education Plan.
  • Put teachers back in control of their classrooms and principals back in control of their schools.
  • A report on what exactly is “restorative justice” and is it working or not?

The next meeting of the Safety and Wellness committee is 5:15 p.m. Thursday 05-12-22. Should be live-streamed here.

After reading the committee’s meeting summary, a liberal acquaintance tells the Werkes the committee does not intend to address student disruption. “Instead they are only embarking on one extended gab fest, seeking comments from a very carefully curated list of like-minded stakeholders in order ‘to collectively create a shared vision and shared values for students’ safety.’”

Examine the “safety and wellness” committee roster: Six of the 13 members are kids! Two more are or were school board members (Ananda Mirilli, who promotes CRT in her day job at WI DPI, and Maia Pearson), 2 are MMSD staff. One is Deputy Mayor Ruben Sanon. Another is the county “youth justice” manager. (“Disproportionate minority contact has been an issue that our society has been struggling with for many decades,” his website bleats.) The 13th is the president of the incredibly Woke teachers union.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWhere is the expert in public safety? A police officer? (You’re kidding, right?!) An emergency government manager? A safety coordinator? A parent?

What kind of fools do they take us for?
(Don’t answer that!)

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10 Responses to School safety committee has no safety experts

  1. Lon Foree says:

    (Tongue in cheek) Perhaps the Student Safety Committee wants to ensure that the students are safe from Safety. Otherwise, it does not make sense.

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  2. Mark+Lemberger says:

    Flat out child abuse.

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  3. Landon Perkins says:

    Putting the black youth recalcitrant attitude on center stage will fail to call change. The current black malcontents have no idea why they need to study nor why they are in school. They are an anchor on the student body as a whole and are passed into higher grades in order for the school to meet percentages passed to receive funding and guarantee teacher merits. Ridiculous Madison on all levels keep protecting these dregs to promote racial equality. A classroom thug in a hoodie and ear buds should be removed from any learning experience.

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    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      “A classroom thug in a hoodie and ear buds should be removed from any learning experience.”

      Just “removed” from the classroom would suffice LP; generationally instilled cultural and behavioral pathologies have already applied an iron-clad tourniquet to any “learning experience.”

      And THAT’S a damned shame!

      The Gotch


      • Landon Perkins says:

        Blaming past history is a lame excuse for present performance. There is no tourniquet nor noose around these punks necks, they are playing a shell game to glide through responsibility and expect society to focus on their every whim.

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        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          “Blaming past history is a lame excuse for present performance.”

          Fine, rather than “excuse,” let’s say contributing factor/s; hoodied/ear-budded/disengaged kids don’t just pop out of the womb prepackaged that way.

          There was $#!tty/absentee parenting (~70% of black children grow up fatherless), no (or worse, wrong) role models, hearing too few “spoken words” during early years, poverty, no-to-less-than-no emphasis on education, and other building blocks of success.

          And don’t discount enabling public education’s obsession with CRT, EVIL Whitey, the culture of victimhood/oppressors, and the bigotry of low expectations.

          Even were Russell Wilson not the superb athlete (and human being!) that he is, he’d have succeeded in any other walk of life. Why? Amongst other things he was raised in a two parent family who had expectations and knew the generational value of education; sheesh, his Grandfather (Grandfather!) was the President of Norfolk State!

          Like The Gotch’s Dear departed Father always said: “If Yer Dog’s Stupid, It’s Not The Dog’s Fault.”

          The Gotch

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    • One eye says:

      How long will it take Kaleem Caire to turn around a kid like that? Won’t take much I bet.

      He has not, and will not ever, give up on these kids like MMSD has.

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      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        They (LE/gang intervention/psychologists/mentors) claim that you have to reach a kid before the age of twelve (12); after that…?

        The Gotch

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        • One eye says:

          They being “the experts” are wrong. Look at all the young adults that Jordan Peterson has reached. The only limitation is reach them before they do something irrevocable.

          No doubt most within MMSD have given up.

          Caire is going to obliterate MMSD like Amazon did to brick and mortar.

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