San Francisco was not part of the Woke lesson plan

The Werkes brings out your worst! 

It’s taken a few days but Progressives have found their voice. After San Francisco voters took its cancel culture school board to the woodshed 02-15-22, the yappers of the Left were afflicted by an unusual malady: stunned silence. The Woke Folk are back in full throat blaming, as did the Hildabeast in 2016, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy!

The Right is exploiting people’s fears with surgical precision,” The Nation magazine warns. “By pushing buttons around education and crime, highly organized conservative groups are bringing out the worst in American voters.”

You’re most welcome! There’d be no buttons to push were it not for Progressive nitwits sleuthing for the next grievance. Renaming Abraham Lincoln school because of insufficient social consciousness, that’s a button the size of a trampoline.

Gloria Ladson Billlings CRT

Presented by the WI Department of Public Instruction to K-12 educators. Register here!

Denial is not just a river …

Critical race theory denialists trot out the same university professors who promote CRT to confirm that mom and dad are unwitting pawns of the Republican Borg (as the WI State Journal did.) It’s like asking Putin what day he plans to invade. CNN asked a Columbia University professor to put San Francisco voters under the microscope.

The results in San Francisco may resist simple analysis,” the professor concludes, whose academic speciality is Barack Obama. The learned educator then lapses into simple analysis:

“In San Francisco, deep-pocketed, right-leaning donors shoveled money into the recall, while activists and media outlets began using language that lashed together the disparate dissatisfactions into a coherent message.”

What were the disparate dissatisfactions? (Surely the weaseliest of wordings!) Prof. Hemmer helps by listing them:

  1. Extended pandemic school closures
  2. a ham-handed effort to rename schools commemorating Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, among other figures, in the name of social justice
  3. an attempt to move away from testing and GPA requirements for admission into high-ranking public schools
  4. a growing achievement gap
  5. an enormous budget deficit and, in the case of one school board member,
  6. the use of a racial slur in an anti-Asian rant.

What have we learned, class?

All that makes trying to sum up the lessons of the recall a tall order,” Ms. Hemmer concludes. Really? Any one of the six malfeasances would merit defenestration from office. In short order, the essential Peggy Noonan sums up the lessons of Dissatisfaction #3 — the SF board’s elimination of merit from its talented and gifted schools in the name of disparate impact:

Parents who were up nights helping their children with homework, seeing that schoolwork was done and discipline learned, felt their effort was being discounted and their children abandoned to abstract notions of equity. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right. Kids have to be taught to earn their way through effort. Lotteries don’t teach them that; lotteries teach them it’s all luck.

→ “Recalled San Francisco school board president claims ‘white supremacists’ are to blame for her loss.” — Read & weep.

Blaska’s Bottom Line yields to the Divine Ms. Noonan: “Democrats dismiss these issues as ‘culture-war distractions.’ They are not; they are about life at its most real, concrete and immediate. That easy dismissal reveals the party’s distance from the lives of its own constituents.”

Anyone else think CRT is bigger than Ukraine?

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1 Response to San Francisco was not part of the Woke lesson plan

  1. Bill Cleary says:

    I for one am getting real tired of the same old progressive schtick. The progressives see 3 progressives tossed off the school board in a very liberal city, San Fransisco, and they want to blame conservatives and those of us who are white. Gosh, that’s like blaming all black people for the increase in crime in this city.

    You might as well have Adolf Hitler blaming Jewish people for all the problems in Germany.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

    CRT = KKK

    It’s that simple.


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