Quick! Call the mental health response team!

In broad daylight

A home security app recorded this episode in the 6700 block of Hammersley Road on the west side of Madison WI 09-11-21. While a client was dropping off their dogs, their vehicle was almost jacked (stolen) it’s toward the end of the video. 

You cannot be too careful.

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6 Responses to Quick! Call the mental health response team!

  1. When are people going to stop ignorantly setting themselves up for crimes of opportunity.




    Use your doors and locks for the purpose they were designed for.


    • One eye says:

      Totally agree. We need a low IQ response team.

      People get it through your thick skulls – MADISON IS A SHITHOLE. We don’t have the luxury of having “bad areas”; the whole thing is rotten.

      Victim blaming? No. Idiot blaming.

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  2. Bill says:

    As I have said before, there seems to be a propensity in the Dane County Court House for the court commissioners to exonerate people who are accused of serious crimes before they even go to trial.

    Now, without having access to all the evidence that the court commissioners and the attorneys for the prosecution and the defense have, I am left to ponder the following question:

    If I had more than 200 grams of cocaine and more than 200 grams of THC, (At 28 grams to an ounce that is more than just a couple of ounces.) And if I had assaulted a police officer, and if I had on my person a concealed weapon, would I be writing this from my kitchen table?

    I think not.

    Even if I was doing this for the person who actually committed those crimes; would I be looking at charges of aiding and abetting a criminal in the commission of crimes?

    I think so.

    See my comments on the Blaska’s Blog post: “Things happen and another black kid gets whacked.”

    Therefore I must speculate on why our court commissioners can essentially do the same?

    Again, I do not have access to all the evidence, the circumstances, the events leading up to the accusation of crimes committed by persons who where exonerated of accusations before they even went to trial. I am also not an attorney nor do I play one on T.V.

    Therefore I not accusing anyone of anything, to include the court commissioners I mentioned in that post. I’m just asking why?

    Is there a legal beagle out there who can speculate as to why?


    • redleg12 says:

      It’s not a legal issue. It is a mistaken notion that expecting a particular part of society to follow the laws of that society will be harmful to them.


  3. Kevin S Wymore says:

    David, your video footage of the daylight attempted carjacking on Hammersley Road is about 2 blocks from my (former) home. NOTE: the neighborhood on the far side of the street used to be Parade of Homes material.


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