Kid reading her book? The little racist!

Starting class on time? That’s so White! 

“Everything you thought you knew about education is being redefined as racist in Madison Schools. During this workshop last week (03-2021), Madison schools teamed up with UW-Madison to root out anything they consider to be “white, western thought” and talk about how they’re replacing it.” From the MacIver Institute:

Madison school district ‘lost their minds’

Which is why Kaleem Caire’s One City Schools is thriving while Madison’s public schools are dying on the vine. Thanks to a $12 million grant from Pleasant Rowland, One City is buying a four-story building on the campus of WPS Insurance to teach K through 4. One City teaches primarily minority disadvantaged students. Mr. Caire told the Wisconsin State Journal: the building and charter expansion to operate a full-fledged 4K-12 school feels like “vindication” nearly a decade after a bitter battle to open a charter school failed.

Kaleem Caire

In December 2011, the Madison School Board rejected chartering his proposed Madison Preparatory Academy, which the State Journal described as a “geared to low-income minority students in response to slow progress on closing Madison’s longstanding, yawning racial achievement gap.” Fortunately, Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans gave reformers like Caire a work-around to authorize charters independently of local school boards. The teachers union, Progressive Dane, and The Capital Times still oppose the measure.

“Just because it was a charter school, people just lost their minds,” Caire said of the Madison Prep debate. “To see where the community is now, we’ve gotten a lot more support.”

The University of Wisconsin System’s Office of Educational Opportunity has authorized One City to start teaching middle- and high-schoolers in the fall of 2022. The One City School day is 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. — over an hour longer than public school. (More here.)

⇒ And One City has been open for in-classroom teaching since SEPTEMBER!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: One school system is condemning its students to victimhood and the other is teaching victors.

Can you tell which is which?

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  1. AdamC says:

    Lowest. Common. Denominator.


  2. Tom PITA says:

    I’m sure this source will be considered racist, but the dictionary defines scholar as an erudite or learned person.

    As a teacher, if you resist or don’t participate in the indoctrination you could be laid off or fired? Heil PD.


  3. Scott F says:

    A single ray of hope shining up out of Madison’s educational swamp. Kudos to both Caire and Rowland and another homerun for capitalism…..


    • AdamC says:

      Knowing Mr. Caire, I hope and trust that he and his colleagues will ensure that OneCity is run with discipline, order, accountability, and high expectations for the scholars that attend his middle and high school academy.

      No excuses or pointing to “the system” to account for bad behavior, violence, or disrespect.

      I wish OneCare all the very best as they expand all the way to high school, and that they will provide a quality learning environment for all scholar-students, pushing them to be the best.

      No more excuses!! Individual responsibility and performance excellence must be demanded of each scholar-student.

      I hope charter schools begin to sprout all over Madison and Dane County. Put MMSD and their radical “leaders” and the Lazy Teachers Union out of business or at least hit them hard in the wallet.

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  4. pANTIFArts says:

    –For many years now the Woke have been “pushing out” theories, “floating” ideas, and using imagined racism to “wipe” away criticism. Now the handle has been pushed, and “Progressive Education” is circling the bowl, on it’s way to it’s rightful place.

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  5. Batman says:

    Blaska’s Bottom Line: One school system is condemning its students to victimhood and the other is teaching victors.
    Can you tell which is which?

    >count the shell casings<

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  6. sentient7 says:

    In as much as Dave uses the photo of an ARM, I deduced it it wise for to arm for battle of ideas by reading quality works that oppose the growing WOKE orthodoxy. Couple of links for fellow trench-mates: and published yesterday,

    which contains this excellent passage:
    In 1987, a rich donor in Philadelphia “adopted” 112 black sixth graders, few of whom had grown up with fathers in their home. He guaranteed them a fully-funded education through college as long as they did not do drugs, have children before getting married, or commit crimes. He also gave them tutors, workshops, after-school programs, kept them busy in summer programs, and provided them with counselors for when they had any kind of problem.

    45 never made it through high school. Of the 67 boys, 19 became felons. Twelve years later, the 45 girls had had 63 children, and more than half had become mothers before the age of 18.

    So what exactly was the “racism” that held these poor kids back that could have been erased at the time and created a different result for these children? The answer is none. Social history is too complex to yield to the either-or gestures of KenDiAngelonian propositions. What held those poor kids back was that they had been raised amidst a different sense of what is normal than white kids in the ‘burbs. ——-break——
    The Philly story was not a fluke. Kansas City, same era: twelve new schools were built to replace crummy ones black students had been mired in for decades. The effort cost 1.4 billion dollars. The new schools included broadcast studios, planetariums, big swimming pools, and fencing lessons. Per-pupil spending was doubled, while class size was halved to about 25 students per class. Elementary school students all got their own computers, and there were now 53 counselors for them when before there had been none.

    Fade out, fade in: dropout rates doubled, the achievement gap between white and black students sat frozen, and the schools ended up needing security guards to combat theft and violence. The reason for this was nothing pathological about the kids, but it wasn’t a “racism” that anyone could simply “eliminate” either. The racism in question had been threaded subtly throughout the endless currents and eddies of decades of social history leading to that moment.

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  7. The people in that video are brainwashed puppets.

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  8. georgessson says:

    On the youtube McIver site, someone from the MDSN community posted: “Wow… Just Wow… As lifelong members of the Madison WI community, we have seen reading skills, attendance and (any & all) accomplishments decline -year after year, decade after decade. This (video) goes a long way in explaining “Why”. Oddly, crime by juveniles of school age has topped the charts. And crimes committed by former MMSD students are at a critical level, too. So sad; so scary…

    And as mentioned here many times, and by many folks, “It’s likely gonna get worse B4 it gets better”. Yup, U-Huh, ‘Fraid So…

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  9. pANTIFArts says:

    WARNING -May Contain Satire!!! (just watched the video, “Wow…Just Wow…”)
    Teacher (she, her, hearse): “This semester we can begin to scratch the surface of 4,000 years of accumulated human knowledge, ———- OR NOT, you all will decide. Today we can discuss the pythagoreantheorem, or RACISM !!! –Your choice!!
    Students/scholars/savants/geniuses (they): “MORE RACISM !!!”
    Teacher (blah blah…) “Excellent ! Now, I can remain here in the classroom to guide your thoughts and protect you from WrongThink, —OR I can retire to the White Privileged teacher’s “lounge of shame” –Again, your choice!! Tomorrow’s choices are possiblefaultsofSocialism, or THE MICROAGGRESSIONS OF HAVING TO ATTEND SCHOOL!!!” (with the second you get Kool-aid, –lots and lots of Kool-aid)

    Re: “Tracy Warnecke”(no preferred pronouns)—
    When a “Woke Progressive” tells you that they are a racist, don’t doubt it for a moment, just believe them, for they speak the truth.—-(How did she injure her wrist? Patting herself on the back???)

    And as to the “hearse” in the teachers pronouns, she is hauling away the dying dreams of a future for her “scholars”.

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    • georgessson says:

      Pfar: “(How did she injure her wrist? Patting herself on the back???)”. Nope, it was a “Woman needs a Man like a Fish…” branded 24-volt sex-toy. Dang, they oughtta warn about the torque on them thangs….

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    • sentient7 says:

      an alternative….

      They’re fellow trench-mates for the long haul.

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      • Silent_in_CG says:

        My husband and I just joined. I was going to post a link, as well. Finally, some hope for those not on the crazy train! Sat through a Zoom intro meeting last night and it’s a very thoughtful group. Non-political and all are welcome. They are standing up against CRT and the continual creation of the victim mentality.


  10. Balboa says:

    So all of these people attended some sort of college to earn a degree to give them chance to be hired as a teacher, administrator, etc. Were there hard time limits and hard due dates to complete their courses for degrees. Was that negotiable at those universities? This is going to lead to horrible consequences later on in life for these students or I am sorry I mean to say scholars or should I say future blithering idiots. I want these people as far from my child as possible. Yes it is a problem if a child is reading a book when they are supposed to be participating in class but it is a far less of a problem and kids that are disrespectful, rude and obnoxious. Also what kids read books anymore cutting trees down for paper is bad.

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  11. Tom PITA says:

    Looks like One City will go to 6th grade for the 21-22 school year with plans for higher grades:
    They accept donations.


  12. Tom PITA says:

    Pleasant Rowland just donated an additional $14 million, on top of her previous $5, to help One City purchase a building that will provide the necessary space for the new grades:

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  13. jimydandy says:

    Will One City institute Madistan School District’s 40% “quota” on wokeness if you want to retain your job? It’s past circling the drain. It’s now at the cesspool.


  14. georgessson says:

    MMSD seems to ambitiously want parity w/ other cities, strivin’ even to surpass much larger municipalities like Baltimore…. They seem right on track.

    “City student passes 3 classes in four years, ranks near top half of class with 0.13 GPA”. YES, that’s correct: “”City student passes 3 classes in four years, ranks near top half of class with 0.13 GPA”.

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    • Scott F says:

      Notice that neither the school, nor the mother nor the kid assume any responsibility for this shit show. Plenty of 🐊 crocodile 🐊 tears to go around though…. Also, 🦗 Crickets 🦗 on the other 50% of the students that do even worse…. (What the hell is, “Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts”?)

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  15. White Hills says:

    I can’t tell if that’s real or a parody.


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