Paul Soglin endorses Ald. Skidmore

A ray of hope for Madison!

What a strange trip this has been! Havana Paul is now the voice of reason! We have to think that a majority of Madison wishes they had voted Paul Soglin in 2019, not Satya. This campaign lit piece hit mailboxes this week as an independent expenditure from Madison Area Builders Assn.

Madison’s longest serving mayor (now ex) has endorsed Paul Skidmore in Madison’s 9th District, bordering Middleton.

collection plate

We believe Madison still can be saved. Please donate a few quid to the following candidates:

Ald. Paul Skidmore, District 9 (against Nikki Conklin, Progressive Dane)

Mara Eisch, District 10 (against Yannette Figueroa Cole, Progressive Dane)

Ald. Sheri Carter, District 14 (against Brandi Grayson, the bullhorn bully)

Charles Myadze, District 18 (against Ald. Rebecca Kemble, the anarcho-syndicalist)

What are YOU doing to save Madison?

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4 Responses to Paul Soglin endorses Ald. Skidmore

  1. Ian says:

    Hizzoner, uber left or not so much, has been about common sense.


  2. I’ve gotta think that there are a fair amount of Madison’s intelligent Liberals that have buyers remorse these days.

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  3. Ed says:

    Compared to the current Mayor, Paul is practically Goldwater.

    I warned people that Conway was a poor and dangerous choice. That Paul, while not perfect, was by far the best option.

    Just glad I live in Middleton.


  4. Marginal says:

    I read a statement from Paul Skidmore’s opponent that said his district is not safer after Paul’s term of 20years. Paul is not to blame for that ; it is the crazy Common Council who is to blame. Paul has lobbied tirelessly for safety in his district . He is thwarted at every turn by Progressive Dane. He is the only sensible choice in his race!

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