You’re not likable enough, Andrew

Today is the Ides of March


“History will not treat you kindly. I know. I intended to write that history.”
— Winston Churchill to an adversary.

When the Left turns on someone, it drives the knife deep and twists! Somehow, Andrew Cuomo survived 10 years as governor of a media-saturated state. Now the man can’t cut the ribbon on a Covid nursing home without getting the Bronx cheer. Never mind Julius Caesar! Gov. McFeely is bleeding political capital like Agatha Christie’s victim on the Orient Express. Take a number.

Babylon Bee “reports” that Cuomo is asking all his sexual assault victims to congregate in one of his Covid nursing homes. The guy had the chutzpah to write a “How I did It” book during the middle of the pandemic. That degree of narcissism would embarrass Trump.


Blaska should waste his small packet of empathy on worthier candidates but he still feels for the guy. Cuomo says wait for the investigation but since when do Democrats wait for the facts? Not with Brett Kavanaugh, that’s for certain. To which the Wall Street Journal advises: 

Can we stop equating Cuomo with Kavanaugh? Cuomo has been accused by multiple women who worked for him … including in the last year. The accusation against Justice Kavanaugh concerned behavior in high school and had no corroborating evidence. Nada. His record toward women in the workplace is by all accounts exemplary. 

In any event, how does any investigation prove anything aside from he said, she said? Any more than the Palace’s investigation into Meghan’s bundled panties. (We hear the Queen is preparing new quarters for the Sussexes in a certain historic Tower in East London.)

And the horse you rode in on

It is an adage of politics that friends come and go; enemies accumulate. One gets the impression that a growing list of enemies has been sharpening their knives for years waiting for the New York Times to aggregate them in “The imperious rise and accelerating fall of Andrew Cuomo.” It is the most excoriating litany of damnations we recall reading of any political figure.

•   “The problem with Cuomo is no one has ever liked him. He’s not a nice person and he doesn’t have any real friends.” 

•   “I have not met a person yet in New York politics who has a good relationship with Andrew Cuomo. I’m not saying ‘close relationship.” I’m saying ‘good relationship.

•   “Bullying, yelling, putting people down. He was like: the path was muddy so he took your coat so he wouldn’t get his boots dirty.”

Those are all, BTW, Democrats! Pieces are now being written about “we should have seen it coming.” The New York-based media was too busy hating on Trump to expose the bully in their own backyard. Trump’s stewardship of the coronavirus is looking Churchillian compared to Cuomo. As for nookie, at least Trump paid for his. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: This episode reinforces the Werkes law of Politics #21: It is better to be liked than to be good. Obama was wrong about Hillary — she was not likable enough. The Wisconsin pol in our memory who was similarly unliked, on a personal basis, was Jim Doyle. Hard guy to warm up to, we’re told. Second place: Scott Walker. Admired but not loved.

Who have YOU alienated today?

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21 Responses to You’re not likable enough, Andrew

  1. Liberty says:

    “The New York-based media was too busy hating on Trump to expose the bully in their own backyard. ”

    Not just the media. The MeToo pontificators and women’s groups have also largely been silent. Their double standards are just as nauseating.

    That the media focused so deeply on Trump while ignoring Cuomo’s incompetence in managing COVID and his dalliances, is appalling. How embarrassing for them that they tripped over themselves to prop him up as some sort of deity.

    “The guy had the chutzpah to write a “How I did It” book during the middle of the pandemic. That degree of narcissism would embarrass Trump.”

    Indeed, but he was able to do it because a portion of the public is gullible and believe whatever is put in front of them.

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  2. pANTIFArts says:

    If Chris is “Fredo”, then Andrew is definitely “Sonny” Cuomo-leone.

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

      Pantifarts, I heard he was al;so a raging, out-of-the-closet Cuomo-sexual.

      While we’re all preoccupied with what Meghan/Harry/Oprqh and the Queen are doing and with what the Left hand is doing, and rightly so, with the geront-ocide committed by the Angel of Death Cuomo as well as the other four dictatorial Democrat governors, plus the persecution of peaceful law-abiding citizens who did nothing but show up at the Capitol to protest the stolen election, and the silencing of all voices of dissent to the official stories coming out of the Junta on those and other issues, the far Left hand is getting ready to commit no-less horrendous acts of necrophilia on the moldering corpse of the nation formerly known as the United States of America. (H/T: JJ.)

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    Governor? Al Franken on line one.

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  4. AdamC says:

    Feel for the guy? He killed thousands of elderly and got an Emmy for it.

    So did Michigan Gov. Nurse Ratchet.

    They and their involved advisors should face prison terms for killing thousands of elderly.

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    • Liberty says:

      “Feel for the guy? He killed thousands of elderly and got an Emmy for it.”

      My thoughts exactly. There are some good people in bad spots who deserve our empathy. Cuomo isn’t one of them in my book.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Remember that scene in the movie where Jack Nicholson–driven to madness by the senseless rules and regulations of the nuthouse enforced by the sadistic Nurse Ratched– starts to strangle her? That’s where we are now in American politics. The justified assault on the Capitol on Jan 6th is the perfect analogy. Who didn’t cheer for Jack as his fingers sank into the soft flesh of that bitch’s neck? The patriots who stormed the nuthouse of the Capitol on Jan. 6th deserve an even greater cheer.

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      • Madison1218 says:

        Which do you think deserves a greater cheer? Planting pipe bombs, calling for the execution of the Vice President, or beating and killing police officers? Oh, that’s right, I remember now. You’re also the person who thought it was funny that a woman got killed that day. Despicable.

        Ask not for whom the bell tolls…….


        • georgessson says:

          M1218… Unsurprisingly, yer still kinda stuck on the scurrilous (unsupported by real media facts) and the superficial, (as in ONE vs. many -Nay, hundreds of Woke riots) and actual events. Prepare ! The Bell Justifiably Tolls… -fer naive ovines like you…

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        • Liberty says:


          “Oh, that’s right, I remember now. You’re also the person who thought it was funny that a woman got killed that day. Despicable.”

          What?! I don’t remember anyone on here cheering a woman’s death. If that’s what you read into it, then that’s on YOU.

          You know what despicable is?

          Ambushes, attacks, and maiming of police officers, burning down of police stations & federal buildings, torching of squad cars, physically attacking conservatives, and destroying small businesses. This happened last summer, CONTINUOUSLY.

          I recall leftists remaining silent, justifying it, tolerating it, and even cheering it on all summer. Conservatives disavowed 1/6 REPEATEDLY, though it paled it comparison to the deviance of last summer.

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        • AdamC says:

          BLM and Antifa rioted this past weekend in LA, Seattle and Portland, including attacking federal buildings. Where is the 24/7 rending of garments and howling about INSURRECTION now??? They engaged in violent riots on Inauguration Day including attacking the Oregon State Democratic Party HQ. AGAIN — WHERE was any outrage about political terrorism then, or last fall, or all last summer???

          People went into screeching hysteria about the 3-hour beer putsch, but look the other way when Antifa AND BLM do worse and do it for months on end.

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        • AdamC says:

          Those pipe bombs were planted outside the national GOP HQ as well as Dem HQ. John Sullivan a BLM activist from Utah was one of the first inside the Capitol and filmed the unarmed Ashli Babbitt’s shooting death at the hand of a police officer.

          Meanwhile CNN and MSNBC paid him $70,000 for his video and he got released.

          The FBI still has not caught the erson or people who planted the pipe bomb which nearly 10 weeks later is really strange. The only video footage shows what appears to be a 20-something skinny person, possibly female, at the scene. The feds also have released no cause of death for the police officer except to smash the false story that he was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher which the crap NYT had to retract.

          I won’t be surprised if we learn months or years from now that the pipe bombs were planted by some Antifa girl-Friday. Who knows…. we may never know the truth.

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        • Madison1218 says:

          Liberty: Check the records. Go back and read for yourself. Gary was cracking jokes about her being killed within days of it happening. And he did it right here. There’s simply no excuse for this in my opinion.

          Adam C: I agree with you. You will not find anything from me on the topic of the riots last summer other than complete contempt and condemnation.

          What I don’t understand is why it is so hard for people to condemn these behaviors without qualifying or falling into the common loop of ‘whataboutism’.

          Attacking police is wrong. Attacking your fellow American is wrong. Destruction of property is wrong. Violence is wrong. And it’s as wrong on the Capitol steps as it is on State Street.

          We’re 9 months removed from the riots but people are trying to change the record and justify them as peaceful protests. Hell, we’re only 9 weeks from the Capital riot and already people are spouting their revisionist history of the event (happening right here).

          I think it’s disgusting to beat a police officer. I think it’s disgusting to destroy someone else’s property. But it’s even worse to excuse or justify these acts because of who committed them.

          If the pipe bombs were planted by Antifa instead of MAGA, would they put less people at risk? This is all nonsense that good people need to call out from both sides! I have to believe there are still common sense, patriotic people in this country who have the stones to tell both sides of this argument that they’re wrong and they’re hurting our country.

          Ask not for whom the bell tolls.


  5. sentient7 says:

    Hate to take away your subject matter, but there is nothing to discuss if they are Democrats. All of them in Congress voted to ACTUALIZE the dreams of the Communist Internationale with the Covid Bill. True, they did not use the accurate label, but the process of bringing all of the world’s poor to the US so that we can educate, feed, and house them is world Communism. In the past, the White man’s burden meant taking our way of life to the pooh. Now, the same goals, but the process is to bring the world’s pooh here, where we will educate, feed, house them, and pay their medical bills.

    There is no substantive difference between Freedom Inc, Urban Triage and Pelosi-Biden-AOC-Obama. They’re all nascent Stalinists who want to preserve their stature and prevent Maygun Markle from becoming President. They all follow Commie precepts.

    End of column; end of chapter. BUT at least Biden WON !

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  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    After they take down Andrew, they need to set their sights on an even more egregiously hypocritical narcissist, Gavin Newsom.


  7. No Body says:

    Let’s consider a wider view of the facts.

    * Andrew Cuomo has been touted as Presidential material.
    * Gavin Newsome has also been pushed for Prexy. He also apparently killed grannies like Andy.
    * The governors of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan also pushed COVID patients into old folks homes, and some into residences for the impaired.

    Add these up and what do you get? The Dems had a kind of a messy time in 2020 making sure that Creepy Joe got the nomination; we even saw some funny business with the Iowa caucus count. It’s much easier on whoever the 2024 nominee will be (cough-President Harris-cough) if there isn’t real competition. Purely by coincidence a recall petition in California has now passed the 2,000,000 mark and more are signing on, while at the same time someone in the NY Dems decided to take the lid off of these complaints by Dem staffers in Albany. Voila, two credible Dem Presidential candidates will be rendered nonviable.

    As a bonus, the whole MeTooing of Andy takes some light away from his murderous Covid policy, and oh, by the way, it also pushes the same policies by three OTHER Dem governors right out of the sunshine and into the dark.

    The timing of all these events is definitely not a coincidence. Not. Coincidence.

    So who is really running the White House? I think it is Obama via his cats paw Susan Rice.

    Who do YOU think is really running the ‘Biden’ administration?

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  8. Gaye Stantis says:

    WHERE are you, Gotch? Did you move to a red state? Or were you kidnapped and are now being held for ransom by the Mad Progressives? I’ll take up a collection. I miss your perfect mix of common sense and humor.


  9. Justice Too says:

    WHERE are you, Gotch? Did you move to a red state? Or were you kidnapped and are now being held for ransom by the Mad Progressives? I’ll take up a collection. I miss your perfect mix of common sense and humor.


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