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You’re not likable enough, Andrew

Today is the Ides of March 03-15-21 “History will not treat you kindly. I know. I intended to write that history.” — Winston Churchill to an adversary. When the Left turns on someone, it drives the knife deep and twists! … Continue reading

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Sen. Feinstein plays Joe McCarthy

Another high-tech lynching [ This UPDATE from National Review: “Every Supreme Court nomination brings some antics and political stunts, but the Democrats have really turned it up to eleven with Kavanaugh. The constant interrupting protesters throughout the confirmation hearing, Cory … Continue reading

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Scott Walker tore up Doyle’s fast-train deal but Wisconsin’s economy didn’t crash and burn

Remember when Scott Walker tore up Jim Doyle’s fast-train deal and spurned $810 million in Obama stimulus money? Remember how that was going to wreck Wisconsin’s economy? As Madison’s own Chris Farley used to say, “That was awesome!” Seven years … Continue reading

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