GoFund Gov. Evers’ trip to Disney World

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Give Tony Evers begrudging credit. Wisconsin’s Democrat(ic) governor can throw long. His budget would:

    • Increase total state spending by 9.5% to $91 Billion!
    • Suck dry the rainy day fund! Empowering the City of Madison to levy sales tax of 5 cents on the dollar ($1,500 on a typical new car)! (On top of the county and state sales taxes!)
    • Pay in-state tuition for illegal aliens!!!
    • Stuff “equity” re-education officers into every state agency. Throw another $50 million at private employer equity czars.
    • Force unwilling workers to join a union.
    • Increase the minimum wage to $10.15.
    • Reduce juvenile detention for “minor” offenses. 

Tony Evers: how about OPENING them?

What would liberal Christmas be without rescinding Act 10! Not going to happen, which is why it cost nothing for Jah Tony to submit that request to the Make A Wish Foundation. The only thing Tony forgot to ask for was A BRAND NEW CAR and a Trip to Disney World!

Makes legalizing weed almost mainstream. Sell it, tax it, and fund the rehab centers with the tax revenue.

Blaska Werkes does endorse one Evers initiative: replace Lincoln Hills juvenile prison with smaller, county-run hoosegows. Price tag: $18 million. We still say, convert a portion of the Oscar Mayer plant into an industrial arts/ farm/ pre-college center for juvenile delinquents. (When is the last time you heard that term?) See “Work and learn at Anisa Scott Prep.”

Anyone watch the Biden lovefest?

At Milwaukee’s beautiful Pabst theater last night 02-16-21 on CNN? Bill Richardson comments: 

A careful invitation-only controlled “ town hall” with President Biden in Milwaukee. Keystone pipeline,  frozen windmills blackouts, immigration changes that will explode illegal entries, the “ science” dictating opening the schools? None of these topics came up. Huh? Why would that be so?

Babylon Bee replies: “Adorable picture of Biden picking up his dog’s poop is just what America needs right now.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: What was missing from Tony’s State of the State? HINT: How about REOPEN THE X*!!♠∑¤!! SCHOOLS!

What is YOUR least favorite Tony proposal?

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6 Responses to GoFund Gov. Evers’ trip to Disney World

  1. fjaeckle says:

    Budget is typical spend and tax. Old Democratic strategy. Payback for donors. Feel good funding. Virtue Signaling. On another front, does anybody know who is picking up the legal tab for the civil lawsuit filed by a democratic congressperson against Trump? Is he paying it or the party, or the taxpayers?

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    • Crute says:

      The civil lawsuit against Trump is a Congressman filing in his private role as citizen, at his own expense, subsidized by NAACP lawyers. The taxpayers of WI pay every time Robin Vos sues Gov Evers. See the $200,000 a month retainer We pay for the new GOP gerrymander attorneys…


  2. madisonexpat says:

    There is no limit to the hunger for taxes for big government.
    Somehow Wisconsin elected the governor for Illinois.

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  3. Bill says:

    I love Wisconsin and Madison in particular, but it is fast getting to the point where the whole point of living here is pointless. Governor Evers is just making it easier for me to find another place in the country to go where the crime, the graft, the corruption and the accompanying taxes are not so high, and getting higher by the day.

    I mean, talk about pay back for all those who got you elected.

    What I find hysterical is that Tony the Taxman has learned nothing from that idiot Governor of California, Gavin Newsom has and is doing to the State of California. Newsom is currently driving out everyone who can get out of California by doing what Evers is proposing to do to the State of Wisconsin now.

    I predict that if Tony starts playing the same game Newsom is playing in California, you will see Tony get the same results Newsom is getting from his game.

    Only I won’t be around to see it. NOPE! There are still places in this country where the rule of law stands and the people, not the government, govern. Where common sense replaces emotion in deciding how to govern.

    That’s where I’ll go. Haven’t figured out where that is yet, but working on it.

    Suggestions anyone?


  4. Zgore80 says:

    All of the above!


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