We never thought it was such a bad little tree

“… It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.”  Linus.

But you can tell it was decorated by guys. Plain as a processed cheese and butter sandwich. But what a statement! 

Hooray for State Reps. Paul Tittle and Shae Sortwell — good Wisconsin Republicans — for putting up a Christmas tree in the rotunda of the State Capitol!

Three Christmas cheers for violating the dictat of Gov. Tony (the Grinch) Evers; against the lockdown mentality of Madison’s hall monitors who wear face diapers to bed at night. 

Charlie Brown Xmas‘Blatant disregard’ about covers it

Which has got one Capital Times (Progressive Dane) reader indignant as a sociology professor at a shooting range:

You have exempted the worst of our Republican legislature in your blatant disregard for Ever’s decision not to place a Christmas tree in the Capitol rotunda this year … You didn’t submit your request 72 hours ahead of time (as required), and you were pretty sneaky about calling it a display … Then you put up the tree before you even received the decision from the DOA, showing your contempt for due process.

Don’t recall the Solidarity Singers ever applying for a permit? Or the hordes who occupied the Capitol building protesting Act 10. 

What the Reps’ tree needs are some lights, some baubles, tinsel, and presents under the tree! (“Real estate!”) And a manger with the Baby Jesus and mom and dad. Three Wise Men approaching from the East. And sheep. Preferably live. And Christmas caroling, top of the lungs! Bells ringing. Sugar cookies shaped like snowmen for the little chil-dren!

⇒ There is no reason the rotunda could not have been opened for Christmas with just a little masking and social distancing. Some colored lights, faith and hope is what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

More free stuff

Satya Rhodes Conway (Progressive Dane) is on board for giving people a guaranteed income, no strings attached. Which means, no work. We would call it “free money” except someone works to pay for those who do not work.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is giving $15 million to a a coalition of 29 mayors Mayors for a Basic Income, one of whom is the mayor of Madison WI. A guaranteed basic income will alleviate poverty and “systemic racism” (snotty quotes).

“I believe that a national guaranteed income program would help solve many of the challenges that our community here in Madison faces,” Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said Tuesday 12-08-20. 

Yeah, the woman is that stupid.

Backlash against 4 cop finalists

Sharon Kilfoy-Flores is vice chairman of Police Civilian Oversight Board. You may remember that, with Sharon Irwin, she brought charges to the PFC against Chief Mike Koval a few years back. She’s one of the principals in the so-called Community Response Team along with Amelia Royko-Maurer and Greg Gelembiuk. 

Chairman of the anti-cop oversight board is one Keetra Burnette, United Way’s staff liaison to the law enforcement and leaders of color collaboration. 

Speaking of the Community Response Team, its Greg Gelembiuk promises hell to pay if the PFC picks Portland police deputy chief Christopher Davis as Madison’s next top cop. (The four finalists.)

“If they think Madison has seen some pretty intense protests this year, let’s see what happens if they hire Davis. … If that happens, Madison will have seen nothing yet!”

Maybe a guaranteed wage would solve some of Greg’s “challenges.”Speaking of the Police Oversight Board, its Maia E. Pearson is running for Madison school board to succeed Gloria Reyes. Savion Castro is running for re-election in the other seat. Those are the only two who have filed so far.

Texas sues Wisconsin

… and Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan over “unconstitutional irregularities” in the election process, saying the states used the coronavirus pandemic to justify “ignoring state laws” with regard to absentee and mail-in voting.

Blaska’s Bottom LineThis lawsuit is going nowhere if only for the reason that Texas lacks standing, cannot show how it was harmed. We confirm this University of Washington law professor:

  • “This lawsuit seeks to invalidate the votes of a wide swath of people: here, some 20 million — 20 million — Americans across four states.”
  • “Texas does not have standing in federal court to vindicate the voting rights of other states’ voters — much less standing to undercut the rights of those voters.”
  • Could have brought much earlier in the process.
  • Demands a “particularly inappropriate remedy: that the Supreme Court tell other state legislatures what to do.” Tenth Amendment, anyone?

Blaska’s Bonus, Platinum Subscribers Bottom Line: The Constitutional illiterates calling for martial law (only many of them spell it “marshall law”) to install Donald Trump can kiss my grits.

What are YOU giving Gov. Evers for Christmas?

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  1. Gg Mo says:

    This is directed at the comments of those “critical” thinkers (who have NO CONCEPT of trajectory re. “Martial Law”, and talk about others being “easily manipulated” *which had milk flying out of my nose at the absurb projection.) https://www.bitchute.com/video/FXN4ceOah3Q9/


  2. No Body says:

    What are YOU giving Gov. Evers for Christmas?

    Well, some people might be tempted in this direction:


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      After much soul-searching, The Gotch believes he has decided on just the right THING to accurately convey his sentiment toward Ichabod Evers!

      The Gotch

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