New police budget reduction would be ‘crushing!’

Progressive Dane strikes again!

If enough city employees don’t voluntarily take unpaid furloughs, the money will be forcibly taken out of the police department’s new-recruit academy. That’s an amendment being proposed by four Progressive Dane alders. It will be considered tonight 11-10-20 by the Madison Common Council. Meeting starts at 5:30 p.m.

The Finance committee has already recommended reducing the police academy budget by $250,000 to $1.85 million. That translates to training 6 fewer recruits than the standard 39. The last-minute amendment is sponsored by alders Rummel, Evers, Foster, and Kemble. That and other amendments are detailed here.

Ald. Paul Skidmore passes along this comment from Chief Vic Wahl:

“Not to state the obvious, but the impact of the furlough amendment on MPD would be crushing…we already are losing $250,000 from the pre-service academy, and I will have to find $1 million in additional savings (through furloughs for commissioned personnel or shrinking the academy size).  Adding additional cuts (up to $1.2 million) will result in drastic problems in early 2022.

The alders’ action comes in response to the police officers labor union refusing to give back any of its contract gains negotiated under former mayor Paul Soglin. Chief Wahl noted, “When the current MPPOA contract came before council it was approved on the consent agenda, including 11 current council members.”

If Mayor Satya (Progressive Dane) doesn’t get $1 million in contract reductions from the rank and file, she will “eliminate positions as they become vacant through the first quarter in 2021.”

Want to save money, Madison city hall? Defund the entire police civilian oversight apparatus. Its only power is to harass police. It cannot hire, fire, promote, or penalize. It will not fulfill its stated aim of buying credibility for the police from the professional protestors at Freedom Inc. They want nothing short of abolishing the police altogether. Savings: $450,000.

⇒ TAKE ACTION! Demand more police at tonight’s (11-10-20) Common Council budget meeting. Here’s how to make your voice heard. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Maybe, perhaps if Mayor Satya (Progressive Dane) and the bulk of alders hadn’t been so antagonist to the police, hadn’t vilified them, had not listened to the crazies who accuse police of “burglarizing our communities and killing Black and Brown bodies” — maybe the police officers might, maybe could’ve been more accommodating.

What are YOU doing to make a safer Madison?


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6 Responses to New police budget reduction would be ‘crushing!’

  1. Robski says:

    Gathering video evidence of reckless drivers going my intersection. Going to try to get Blooming Grove to put speed bumps/traffic circle on Webb/Memphis Ave. Because throwing beer bottles at speeding two bit ghetto ratchets is frowned upon.


  2. Alberticus says:

    DEFUND?! YES, It is time to DEFUND ……………….. Public “Schools”
    SUE the schools, unions & teachers for FRAUD and taking money under false pretences.
    We are getting a full on display of the Liberal Educator concept of “DIVERSITY, INCLUSION, and TOLERANCE” Burning cities are their vision of the future.
    For decades the Nation’s teachers have been infusing false concepts of entitlement, oppression, as we see in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland today. Teachers have been attacking the self-image, self-esteem of their White pupils with the Racist Hate message of mythical “White privilege”. Teachers have rabidly attacked the foundations of the Nation to sooth their “Daddy issues”.
    Gov. Gretchen Whitless has agreed to a settlement in a case, which sought a historic court order ruling students have a constitutional right to literacy. You do NOT have a “right” to literacy. That is S-T-U-P-I-D. You have to LEARN to read and write ….. you RETARDS.
    Well these teacher’s unions have been quietly stuffing their pockets with overly LIBERAL pensions and benefits at the expense of the oppressed People of Color. The Teachers were supposed to be guiding P.O.C. to economic stability and security. Instead they fed the P.O.C. garbage as Teachers stuffed THEIR pockets. Therefore in the spirit of Equality and Reparations which the teachers have LIBERALLY preached for so long it is only proper that 75% of those FAT union pensions be LIBERALLY distributed to the Elderly People of Color who were denied the opportunities the privileged teachers milked for all they could.
    The Teachers want SOCIALISM? SOCIALIZE their pensions & perks.
    The “Graduates” of American education should be suing their teachers and school administrators for fraud and MISeducation.
    As Charlotte Iserbyt claims in her book, ‘The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America’, our educational disaster is by design. ‘They’ do not want critical thinkers.

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    • Bill says:


      You are absolutely correct in everything you said!

      Yes, sue the teachers unions. Nothing can add more to misery, sorrow, despair and eventually to crime which adds its own misery, sorrow and despair than not to have a good education and a great work ethic.

      To me the primary things any societies are made from are the following:
      1. People
      2. Religion
      3. Education
      4. Commerce

      To me, take anyone of those four things away and you no longer have a society.

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      • Gg Mo says:

        I would add at the top, Families at the core . The natural hierarchy that gets stripped by false religion (funded “science”, “history”etc.) peddled by public “ed”/pop culture which seek to replace parents , and family with poison carrots of attention/$, this appears sucessful in general., and is at the heart of the matter.When bankers can print “money” (debt) out of thin air , if that foundation of Family can be bought/brought to ruin from their bottomless pockets, from boiling frog. generationally ill prepared children/”adults”… that is the beginning of the end for a healthy society.


  3. Ed says:

    Is the Mayor, City Council, and all the city departments going to take their lumps as well? How about the MMSD?

    The late Amon Carter, who was the publisher of the Ft Worth Star Telegram and has a beautiful (free) museum named after him, whenever he went to Dallas for a meeting and such, he brought his own food as not to spend anything in Dallas and give them tax money. Maybe those of us who live in the suburbs should so that as well.

    Help with the City’s pain. Spend it in law respecting suburbs.

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