‘Twas the night before All Saints Day

And all through the Manor, not a creature was voting

Stately Blaska Manor (Madison location only) is closed for Halloween due to Covid-19. Trespassers will be given Trump/Pence bumper stickers soaked in Remdesivir.

Trump pumkin

Speaking of the little hooligans, notice how many arrested kids have a backlog of multiple counts of bail jumping? Can we tap into the spinning courthouse door to generate some Green New Deal electricity?

James D. Cook, 17, arrested Friday 10-30-20 on for driving a stolen vehicle and five — count them — 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … counts of felony bail jumping,  which come from open court cases for burglary, operating a vehicle without consent, and other charges. … The stolen vehicle is believed to have been used in several other property crimes throughout the county. 

Showing on the Manor’s b&w Philco: What killed Michael Brown (of Ferguson MO)? “When truth becomes a lie and a lie becomes truth.”

The Werkes Ignorant Thought of the Day:

“You can’t commodify every single aspect of living and then not understand looting as a legitimate form of protest. Looting is the ultimate strike against a system that deems mass-produced objects to be far more precious than life itself.” — Hampton Institute.

So’s you know — The Left is recruiting “Election Defenders” to guard against “the nationalist right emboldened by conspiracy theorists.”

It ain’t over even after it’s over. Wednesday, November 4, “The Peoples’ Rally” is scheduled at noon on Madison’s Capitol Square.

Surprised to learn that Wisconsin is only the 28th most heavily armed state in the union. Guns in 45.3% of Wisconsin homes. Just behind Texas at #27 (surprising in itself). CBS News reports that No. #1 is Montana, where 66.3% households are armed. Wyoming doesn’t seem especially violent, unlike New York, which (just saying) is the least heavily armed at 3.3%. 

Blaska’s Bottom LineAre you scared yet?

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15 Responses to ‘Twas the night before All Saints Day

  1. Gary Kriewald says:

    Regarding the Ignorant Thought for the Day, ever notice how, according to deranged lefties, any form of deviant behavior is excusable as long as it’s directed against “the system”? And guess who gets to define the system.

    Want to guess what the Capitol Square will look like after the People’s Rally on Nov. 4th? It’s a shadow of its former self now; after the 4th it’ll look like a shanty-town on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

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    • Gg Mo says:

      The funded provacatuers always have to provoke , they have no sensible arguements, and do not want to try Adulthood, and would rather LARP their FICTION HOLLYWOOD movies, and “storytellers” . This “peoples rally” is their HANDLERS attempt to do just that, along with racking up higher premiums from insurers, costing tax-payers more DEBT to the counterfeiters for clean-up/repairs. If the Police stand-down again, after Trump is elected (he will be), we will know what is at work , and what has become of our country. Boxers have a face-to-face (do not go to meet these children at their stage-setting) at weigh-in , I suggest a vast , deep, impassive, Silence in the face of provocations. (a Fedor/Usyk), just PURE justifiable defense. Remember THEIR media is watching.

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    • No, I never noticed that, because it’s not true.


  2. Bill says:

    And the stupid libs in Madison and Dane County wonder why guns are being sold at record rates. Another day in Madison and another shooting. And on this day another murder with two others in the hospital.

    Here on the west side of Madison I was out raking leaves in my lawn around 1:30 this afternoon when I heard pop….pop, pop,pop,pop of semi-auto pistol going off not far from my house. I then witnessed a number of Madison’s finest flying up the road to go to the scene of the shooting.

    What I am not hearing is the sound of silence. What I am hearing is the sounds of gun shots.

    Lots of gun shots.

    Mayor, would you like to explain how your cut in the budget of the Madison Police Department is keeping anyone safe?

    I would love to hear your response. I would bet most Madisonian’s would as well. Not just the few cop haters that you seem to listen to.

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  3. Bill says:



    Gammon and Old Sauk Road to be more precise.

    This shooting was less than a mile from my house.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Have a sib on Pebble Beach Drive & used to hunt pheasants where Wexford Ridge now stands.

      The Gotch


      • Bill says:

        Yup. Pebble Beach Drive is nice. It is amazing how much stuff has changed in Madison. I remember driving out here from the east side back in the 80’s and there was almost nothing past Old Sauk Rd. till you got to the First Lutheran church up on Pleasant View Road. After that, it was just farm fields.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          JMM was built in 1965-66 (The Gotch/Class of ’73/GO SNATRAPS!), not the end of the world, but you could see it from there; the church you reference was built 100 years earlier.

          There was a stop sign both Mineral Point Road and Old Sauk (two lanes, each) @Hwy 12.

          West Towne was still ~ five (5) years out; once that went in, the city followed.

          Time flies like the wind…Fruit Flies like bananas…

          The Gotch

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        • Scott F says:

          Ours was one of the three first homes built in the Hill Farms. Madison’s favorite, morning DJ, Jim Mader, and our family were neighbors on Marathon Dr. Segoe Rd was still gravel. Anything West was still beautiful farmland. Although the Hill Farms built up rapidly, West Towne was still 16 years away. A much, much different Madison back then…..


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          The Gotch’s parents built on N. Rock Road (then Glen Highway) in 1955, then on N. Kenosha Drive in 1964.

          We were 1st year attendees of Glenn Stephens and charter members of the Hill Farm Swim Club.

          Sampsons lived on Marathon and sponsored our 1967 BB team (Sampson Builders) which played its games at Van Hise.

          Attended JMM with the Mader daughters after they moved to Driftwood Avenue. WISM 1480 was the am channel of choice, and Stoney Wallace & Clyde Coffee the DJs, in the Gotchberg house.

          The Gotch

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