Madison alders to cue up political show trial Tuesday

Who will be Progressive Dane’s Adam Schiff?

It is Madison WI’s version of last year’s presidential impeachment hearings. The Common Council is going to try to remove Ald. Paul Skidmore for … for … what?

For uttering the “C-word” on a Zoom meeting 09-01-2020 of the Council except that his “Hollywood Square” did not light up when he supposedly said it, except that the soft-spoken alder denies it, and that the utterance is a mighty low bar for “malfeasance.” State statute permits the removal of a sitting alder for “inefficiency, neglect of duty, official misconduct, or malfeasance in office.”

If anyone should be removed, it should be Ald. Max Prestigiacomo (Progressive Dane) for encouraging rioters to “F-bomb S*** up” over his own name, on his own social media page.

This quasi trial would be scheduled for 5:30 p.m. 10-22-2020 if the Common Council approves enabling legislation at Tuesday’s (10-06-20) Council meeting. Which (it says here) they will, needing only a bare majority to proceed.

Ald. Skidmore contends the whole thing should be dropped because that the 14 alders who peremptorily judged him by issuing a press release before any citizen even complained violated the Open Meetings Law. (More here.)

Voted wrong — supported police

Who brings this complaint? Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores, the alleged “victim” who has been placed in judgment of the police as a duly appointed member of the Police Civilian Oversight Board — her reward for bashing the police all these years. (She brought up then-PD Chief Mike Koval to the PFC.) In her latest complaint, the lady plays the race card, noting her status as “a Chicana-Indigenous woman.” (America is dying of too many hyphens.)

Paul Skidmore, if you have not been paying attention, is a staunch defender of Madison’s socially responsible police department. Which is why Progressive Dane has targeted him with this bogus charge. Not by chance was it his challenger who pointed a finger at Skidmore. They can’t beat him on the issues, they’ll try him on an extraneous issue.

The real gravamen of the hyphenated lady’s complaint is that the alder “has a history of speaking and voting in a manner that I believe could be fairly characterized as sexist and racist.” In other words, the alder votes wrong. That’s his real crime.

Skidmore, her theory goes, “had just lost a fight to those who have fought tooth and nail to see a city where all people feel safe.” (Tell that to State Sen. Tim Carpenter, Dr. Potter, Mr. Carre, Anthony Chung, and Anisa Scott.)

It will take 15 votes out of 19 (due to a resignation) to remove Ald. Skidmore, which (says here) Progressive Dane does not have. But the party of Defund the Police and Derail the Jail will have dirtied him up. In politics, it is the accusation that counts.

Also on Tuesday’s Council agenda:

•   Brenda Konkel is off the Public Safety Review Board and is placed on the Housing Strategy Committee. Former Alder Brian Benford, a person of color (POC), replaces her on Public Safety. No idea why.

•   Prohibiting police from using tear gas, mace, bean bags, sponges and other non-lethal persuaders. (The proposed ordinance here.)

•   Appointing the last two members of the Police Civilian Oversight Committee: Isadore Knox Jr. — very much a moderate, if not conservative. He was nominated by the NAACP. And Anthony B. Cooper Sr., CEO of Focused Interruption. (The other 11 here.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The enabling resolution for the Skidmore show trial lifts the $1,000 bond that state statute allows to be levied on the complainant, presumably to preclude frivolous complaints like Kilfoy-Flores’. Now isn’t that nice of Progressive Dane!

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22 Responses to Madison alders to cue up political show trial Tuesday

  1. I think what Shandayra Kilfoy-Flores is trying to do to Alderman Skidmore is wrong on multiple levels. My opinion of Shandayra Kilfoy-Flores demands are based on raw emotions of a loud mouthed self-serving emotional snowflake and innuendo with absolutely no evidence to support her accusation. She’s after a political lynching in the court of public opinion for an offensive word, free speech, spoken in the heat of political confrontation. She can’t prove who said it but she’s demanding censure and also demanding for the resignation of someone that’s only been accused. She accuses Alderman Skidmore of stating an offensive word but in her public demand statement she wrote “who appears to be Alder Skidmore” with this statement she is fully admitting that she cannot prove who said the offensive word. With Shandayra Kilfoy-Flores notarized public complaint statement, she should be held to the standard of having to prove her written accusation in a court of law, right now she’s literally written a libelous public statement that I believe she cannot prove and damage to Alderman Skidmore’s reputation has been done.

    It’s my opinion that Shandayra Kilfoy-Flores would be laughed out of defamation court if she presented the same nonsense correlation equals causation innuendo she presented to Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway to get this complaint advanced to a hearing. There’s absolutely nothing in the complaint to prove that Alderman Skidmore is the one that said the offensive word. Shandayra Kilfoy-Flores is using the money from the City of Madison coffer to pay for her political hit job against Alderman Skidmore. On top of all of that, Shandayra Kilfoy-Flores is literally trying to use the City of Madison government to punish someone for exercising their right to free speech – don’t we have a Constitution that prohibits this kind of abuse of government power?

    How much of the City of Madison’s money and time should be wasted supporting an intentional political hit job from an irrational loud mouthed self-serving emotional snowflake that can’t prove her character assignation accusations. This is an official character assignation witch hunt and now it’s going to be paid for by the City of Madison – your tax dollars at work.

    I wonder if these “progressive” (that was an oxymoron) attack dogs are going to tie some big rocks around Alderman Skidmore and see if he floats or sinks in Lake Mendota? If he floats he’s guilty, if he sinks he’s innocent but dead, oh well; either way they get rid of one more of their Conservative opposition.

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    • Liberty says:

      Well said, Steve!

      And “progressive” is most definitely an oxymoron.

      They have no shame. What a toxic group of people.


  2. Howitzer says:

    Well stated Steve. I actually hope the communists, err liberal council pursue this and Paul & Company eviscerate the city. I think the city attorney is also a communist, errr liberal slime bag and I hope he gets embarrassed with the rest of the mob.

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    If the shoe fits Shadyra…….

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  4. Gordy Sussman says:

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that Ald. Skidmore’s constituents voted him into office to represent them on the City Council and the Prog/Daners are attempting to disenfranchise them by refusing them their chosen representation. Fascistic coercion in action

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  5. Bob Dorn says:

    I see somebody (Clark) finally got charged with the fire bombing – and, go figure, he’s already in jail.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “go figure, he’s already in jail.”

      Cheap, and likely RAYcist, Shot, Bob.

      Mayor SRC simply hasn’t gotten around to requesting, nay demanding, that his preliminary hearing get fast-tracked so a JUST Society may invoke the time-tested panacea known as Restorative Justice.

      Same as she did for the talented Black Activist/Liberationist Devonere Johnson, unfairly incarcerated for threats to injure, disorderly conduct, disorderly conduct while armed, resisting or obstructing an officer, escape, AND federal extortion charges.

      Quoth she: “I have asked for Devonere Johnson, also known as Yeshua Musa’s, initial appearance before a judge to be expedited so he can be released on bail. I recognize that we need better options to de-escalate situations and offer restorative justice in our community.”

      Oh yeah! Clark needs to make bail so he can continue his peculiar…um…brand of civic duty.

      Despicable Lefties!!!

      The Gotch


  6. georgessson says:

    Skidmore farrago: All parties, including news sources, leave out the important on-screen chyron B4 the utterance. It’s announcing that ALL members are “now voice-enabled”… NOT just the LAST person to speak… ALL members. This argy-bargy stupefies anyone w/ a cerebrum.


    • georgessson wrote, “All parties, including news sources, leave out the important on-screen chyron B4 the utterance. It’s announcing that ALL members are “now voice-enabled”… NOT just the LAST person to speak… ALL members. This argy-bargy stupefies anyone w/ a cerebrum.”

      Georgessson, that’s spin and false spin at that. Your statement “It’s announcing that ALL members are “now voice-enabled”… NOT just the LAST person to speak… ALL members.” is actually completely false. In fact the chyron B4 the utterance is a statement “The host would like you to unmute.” and it gave the user the option to Unmute or Stay Muted; it did not announce that all members were not copive enabled. Below is a screenshot directly from the video of that “on-screen chyron B4 the utterance”.

      You’re welcome to your own opinion but not your own facts.


      • Now that’s a weird typo that I can’t figure out how it happened…

        “it did not announce that all members were not copive enabled.”

        …should be…

        “it did not announce that all members were now voice enabled.”


      • georgessson says:

        Steve, Exactly what’s yer point? MY POINT is that they’re all OK to “unmute” and thus allowed to comment in no particular order. Thus the BAD-WORD comment coulda been from anyone. Geez, Stevie, I usually enjoy your stuff; tho it may be wordy, it’s well-intentioned. Might I suggest the next trip fer groceries, ya leave off the 25 year old aged cheddar? Seems to result in some crankiness -And retentiveness of a certain type….

        BTW, Gosh, guess I hit the bigtime, never been accused of “Spin” or “False Spin”. Guess I don’t take myself seriously enuff, like you seem to.

        Peace. Love. Out.


        • georgessson worte, “Exactly what’s yer point?”

          My point was self evident.

          georgessson worte, “MY POINT is that they’re all OK to “unmute” and thus allowed to comment in no particular order.”

          That’s not what you wrote; I addressed what you actually wrote not what you think you wrote.

          georgessson worte, “Thus the BAD-WORD comment coulda been from anyone.”

          I don’t disagree.

          georgessson worte, “Geez, Stevie, I usually enjoy your stuff; tho it may be wordy, it’s well-intentioned. Might I suggest the next trip fer groceries, ya leave off the 25 year old aged cheddar? Seems to result in some crankiness -And retentiveness of a certain type….”

          Oh give it a break. So I disagreed with something you wrote, big fat hairy deal. What you wrote was literally false and I proved it was false with actual facts; just get over it.

          georgessson worte, “BTW, Gosh, guess I hit the bigtime, never been accused of “Spin” or “False Spin”.”

          Here’s an honest question; did you just repeat something you had heard or read somewhere else where without actually checking if it was true or false? If so, what you wrote was still spin but maybe you weren’t the source.

          georgessson worte, “Guess I don’t take myself seriously enuff, like you seem to.”

          I’m not sure where you’re going with this line of thought but all I have are the words that you yourself write and post, was I supposed to think you weren’t serious about what you wrote, because it sure seemed like you were serious, or was I supposed to think you weren’t serious and just joking? That was a rhetorical question.


  7. Almosmostarepublican says:

    As a woman, I can see why this is causing such a stir. The woman feels victimized and wants some kind of justice. Unfortunately, she can not prove who said the word. So, I’m not sure that much can be done about it. I do think that the alder that posted to Facebook about encouraging riots should have been disciplined. I don’t think that anything happened there.


  8. Robski says:

    Usually cop-haters have their reasons for hating cops. It usually stems from having frequent contact with them if you know what I mean. The alleged “victim” needs to not be taken seriously, no career “activist” who has never had a real job and a history of ratchet tendencies and an affinity for drama should ever be listened to. The woman also likes to dish it out, but she certainly cannot take it. Her best days are behind and her 15 minutes have long been expired. The Shady lady needs legal action taken against her for her feeble and trifling attempts to ruin the Alders solid reputation for having impeccable decorum.


  9. Bill says:

    This brings me back to an interview with Malcolm Muggeridge on his “Reflections on Stalin’s Soviet Regime and the Holodomor” found here:

    As I recall he said something to the effect that: A fellow reporter had asked one of the soviet secret police why they arrested innocent people. Which the police man laughed at the reporter and said something to the effect of: We don’t arrest people who do this or that, as that will cause people to stop doing this or that. It is far better to bring charges against a person who has done nothing as that puts fear in the rest of the population as they can never be free from the idea that they might be next.

    What is happening to Alder Skidmore is exactly what the soviet secret police did only at this point, without the use of the gulags and the labor camps. The progressive socialists in Madison bring charges against an innocent man who has been cleared by one, Steve Witherspoon who used voice analysis to determine that is was not Alder Skidmore who uttered what he is accused of uttering.

    So might I ask: What proof does the socialists in Madison have of Alder Skidmore’s guilt? Would that proof cause a district attorney to bring charges against him. Would that proof be admissible in a court of law? Would that proof hold up in a court of law? Would a jury of 12 people come to the conclusion that Alder Skidmore did utter such things?

    If they cannot prove it, then what they are doing is no different then what the soviets did in accusing innocent people of committing crimes they did not commit.

    The really sad thing is if they can do this to Paul, they can do it to you or I.

    Something to think about!


    • Gg Mo says:

      Agreed. “Tactics” , Alinsky , Cheka, ADL etc


    • Batman says:

      Something else to think about Bill is all the tax money Madisonians pay to support these policies and people and yet one cannot leave a car in the driveway with the keys for more than five minutes without being ripped-off and usually crashed as well. If unable to beat them at the ballot box then a tax revolt is in order along with lawsuits for breach of contract but no one is listening or willing to play hardball and the players know this.


  10. Bill says:


    As I have stated before, I came to the Madison area in 1973. In the town, not far from Madison, I went to High School in, no one locked their doors. People would leave the doors to their cars and houses unlocked all the time. In the winter, a guy would go out and start the car to warm it up, go back into the house leaving the car unlocked with the keys in the ignition, so that his family would be warm when they got in it. Guys would come to school with guns in the gun rack behind the seat of the pick up they were driving, leave the doors unlocked with the keys under the seat or over the visor.

    No one worried about having their stuff ripped off as no one would even consider doing such a thing. It wasn’t like everyone was super religious, it was just that it seemed that everyone knew that in that society it was simply unacceptable to do such a thing.

    Fast forward almost 50 years later in Madison, we have shots fired incidents on an almost daily basis with murders occurring far more frequently than ever before. You cannot even for a second leave any door to your car or house open or unlocked in fear of being ripped off or having some thug(s) stick a gun in your face or beat you up just for the hell of it. State street and the Capitol Square look like Beirut Lebanon with the windows all boarded up. Even the Dane County Sheriff has told people not to go downtown after 4pm as it is just to dangerous.

    And yet the all the good socialists on the city council want to get rid of a man simply because he has a difference of opinion from their lock step to the sounds and the lyrics to the “International” and dares to disagree with their socialist/communist outlook on life.

    Again, would or more importantly SHOULD an accusation of someone using the C-word in reference to a female member of the city council be enough to get that person removed from said council? Especially when that person did not openly state such a thing and it was only THOUGHT, NOT PROVEN or OBSERVED that the person actually did such a thing?

    Are you guilty of stealing a car just because I say that “I thought it was you who stole the car”?


    • Gg Mo says:

      “C” word > 11 Homicides as of today, up from 4 total last year. I say to my young adult children (home culture ? love and personal accountability) , when I see what State St. resembles , ” Willy Wonka, Idiocracy, for the toddler generation.” It’s stunning, the lack of reflection on such an obvious display of toddler indulgence. Slapping lipstick on such swinish behavior. Like most modern (not so “modern” after slow-drip of several decades) self expressions , it is just vapid narcissism, promoted by the “expert$$$$”, like the booming, blasting car radio pulling up next to you at the lights. Like the personal “Virtue” as boot on face of neighbor, the mask thing too benefits those “expert$$$” . But I digress… “C” WORD !! “C” WORD !! C-WORD !!” Oh , the humanity !! : )


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