The cult of victimhood claims 2 lives

While progressives take aim at the police!

Madison WI is suffering another tragedy thanks to the identity politics played by the ruling progressive political class. Two young lives essentially ended on Thursday 09-17-2020 on the city’s fashionable west side. 

Mr. Chung

Anthony Chung, Memorial high school photo

Anthony M. Chung, age 22, a National Merit Scholar, Georgetown University student, and former student rep on the Madison school board was killed on the streets of Madison by another failed experiment in restorative justice.

Turning left from Mineral Point Road onto Grand Canyon Drive, Anthony’s vehicle was T-boned on the passenger’s side by a Jeep hurtling at 91 mph. The vehicle (possibly stolen) was driven by one Maurice M. Chandler, age 18. Maurice’s life is, essentially, over as well for — at long last — he will spend many years (if there is any justice) locked up and kept away from civilized society. His passenger, a young honors student at Madison Memorial and honors graduate of Miami University.

Not that Mr. Chandler hadn’t been given many chances. How is it that this clear and present danger was free to menace the streets of Madison? Eight times he had jumped bail! Ridiculously low, hundred dollar bail! At the time of the accident Chandler (according to the excellent report from Chris Rickert of the WI State Journal) had  seven open felony and misdemeanor cases against him, including stealing cars. And that’s just the adult court stuff we know about.

Chandler alleges he was renting the fatal vehicle — for a week! Was he also renting the “submachine-gun-style firearm” found in the vehicle?

Reverend Alexander Gee, do you mind if we express our own justified anger?

Mr. Chung

Maurice Chandler, jail booking photo

Thing of it is, Maurice Chandler had opportunities, too. He, also, had been a student in Madison’s public schools. Was he denied a National Merit scholarship because of his race or was he too often truant? Did the presence of a police officer in the hallways made him go bad? Did Madison’s supposed systemic racism curdle his soul? Not given enough second-, third- and fourth chances? Was the Derail the Jail movement too late to save him? Could defunding the cops prevent future Maurice Chandlers? 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Enough snark. Why did Anthony Chung — also a racial minority — succeed while Maurice Chandler failed? Could it be that woke progressivism told Chandler he was a victim while Chung — no excuses! — was expected to succeed?

Police Captain Mike Hanson says the system is not working.
When will Madison listen?


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  3. sad sack says:

    how can these judges sleep at night, letting this guy out after all these charges? and a beautiful Asian-American life destroyed…………awful, awful.


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