Brenda Konkel: Police are the ‘Wild West’ — not the rioters!

David Blaska is mostly peaceful.

Rust never sleeps. Black teenagers are shooting each other and Progressive Dane keeps attacking the police. Mayor Satya (Progressive Dane) slapped Madison police rudely across the face when she appointed PD co-chair Brenda Konkel to chair the Public Safety Review Committee. Chairman Brenda (formerly known as Madame Brenda) has been badgering police ever since.

While elected city leaders are hamstringing our police with Civilian Review Boards and proposed bans on non-lethal crowd control methods, Chairman Brenda — a favorite at The Capital Times — worries that police from outside agencies suffer no such Progressive Dane oversight.

It’s the wild west with no accountability,” she says today. The Wild West! High-speed shoot-outs on the streets of Laredo Madison is the Wild West. Chairman Brenda’s outrage is more selective than the secret service.

“This is hugely concerning. Based on questions asked during the Public Safety Review Committee subcommittee on protest policies, we learned that [Madison Police] have no control over which departments are sent. … No requirements for what gear they use; no requirements uniform identification (which department, which officer) to be visible to the public;” no discipline history with these officers,” et cetera.

⇒ Then again, the people of Madison have no control over the “mostly peaceful” rioters BLM sends our way.

33 police agencies helped quell Madison riots

Indeed, the list of “outside agencies” responding to Madison rioting from May 30 through June 2 is, itself, astounding in its length.

  • Columbia County Sheriff
  • Cottage Grove Police 
  • Dane County Sheriff
  • Deforest Police 
  • Fitchburg Police 
  • Fort Atkinson Police 
  • Grant County Sheriff
  • Green Lake County Sheriff
  • Hudson Police 
  • Jefferson County Sheriff
  • Jefferson Police 
  • LaCrosse County Sheriff
  • Maple Bluff Police 
  • Marathon County Sheriff
  • McFarland Police 
  • Middleton Police 
  • Monona Police 
  • Mount Horeb Police 
  • Oneida County Sheriff
  • Oregon Police 
  • Rock County Sheriff
  • Sauk County Sheriff
  • Sauk Prairie Police 
  • Shorewood Hills Police 
  • St. Croix Sheriff 
  • Stoughton Police 
  • Sun Prairie Police 
  • Town of Madison Police 
  • Verona Police 
  • Waunakee Police 
  • Watertown Police 
  • Wisconsin State Patrol

As Chairman Konkel notes, “This list doesn’t include the National Guard.” The Policy Werkes can only wonder, where were all these police? What is not stated it how many officers each jurisdiction sent. We’re guessing one or two, in most instances.

Chairman Brenda frets: “I think this is hugely problematic for so many reasons, but the ‘anti-Madison liberal’ sentiment from around the state is of great concern.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Take a bow, Chairman Brenda. You and your allies in BLM are creating that anti-Madison liberal sentiment. Downtown Madison remains boarded up. This is what progressivism looks like.

What do YOU think?


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9 Responses to Brenda Konkel: Police are the ‘Wild West’ — not the rioters!

  1. Gary Kriewald says:

    Two thoughts: 1) If all those outside police departments came to help “quell” the BLM riots, why does Madison’s downtown and State Street look like the aftermath of a hurricane? Not much quelling took place as far as I can see. 2) If Chairman Brenda is upset by “anti-Madison liberal sentiment from around the state” now, wait till she sees the results of this sentiment on Nov. 3rd

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    • Liberty says:

      Some rags are questioning how “Trump will react when he loses.”


      I’m worried about how the domestic terrorist thugs will react when Trump wins by a wide margin.

      “If Chairman Brenda is upset by “anti-Madison liberal sentiment from around the state” now, wait till she sees the results of this sentiment on Nov. 3rd.”

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  2. pANTIFArts says:

    Has she done any modeling lately? (asking for “inquiring minds”)

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    I consider Brenda and everyone on the Defund the Police train to be non paid Trump organizers. Still waiting for Senator Tammy’s leadership.

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  4. Liberty says:

    Armchair psychology here:

    I see Brenda and those just like her as very unhappy people who have to justify their existence by feeding their hatred for cops & anything that symbolizes traditional American values (military, Christianity, etc.)

    I suspect they were mistreated or bullied at an early age, and this is their subconscious way of reclaiming control.

    Most people who were mistreated grow out of it or seek help. Unfortunately for some, including the Antifa losers, rejecting authority, rioting and terrorizing is their way of coping.

    There is no ability to reason with people who have gotten to this point.

    Just my thoughts, not claiming to be an expert.

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  5. Liberty says:

    I see what you did there with those side-to-sides.


  6. georgessson says:

    Really ? Thirty-three different Police Departments? Most times, apropos Satya’s riot/protest policy, Madison was lucky to see 33 M-P-D personnel anywhere close to the action… P’raps Bren-Duh meant those departments that sent free Dunkin vouchers —to chairman Bren-Duh !

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  7. Alfred E. Newman says:

    Isn’t it the wild west when the President* calls for extrajudicial justice?


  8. Bill says:

    So what is her plan? I’d like to know if she has one and what it is. It is great to be able to sit back and arm chair quarterback the Police Department in your own community but EXACTLY how does she want Police Departments of other communities to act, what specific rules does she want them to follow when they come to Madison to help our Police Department when there is a riot?

    Specifics Brenda, specifics!

    I have a feeling that when the Police Departments of other communities find out specifically how she wants them to act when they are in Madison to help our Police Department, they won’t come to Madison.

    And she knows it!

    Oh, she’ll wine and cry about the lack of support of outside agencies when there is a riot but we have all seen how she and other elected officials will not support our own Police Department let alone other Police Agencies once the riots begin.

    If I were a Police Chief from another community asked to help Madison with a riot my response would be “Good luck, you’re going to need it!”


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