Progressive Dane’s war on cops continues

Please help BLM/Antifa/Bernie’s battalions dox the cops

Brenda Konkel, panjandrum of the far-Left Progressive Dane political party, is up to her old tricks. She is doing her part, from the bureaucratic side, to help the rioters get away with looting and smashing. She wants to doxx police officers who use non-lethal methods of crowd control.  

After Monday night’s reprise of riots in Madison, the Werkes thanks God Almighty for pepper spray.

Konkel chairs the Public Safety Review Committee, appointed by her fellow Prog Dane comrade, Recall Mayor Satya 2020. In that role, Madame Brenda formally requested the names of Madison police who wore helmets and riot gear on May 30, May 31 and June 1.

“When I was an alder, I sponsored a resolution requiring numbers on the front and back of the helmet and other gear, so the officers could be readily identified. The police should be able to tell us who was in the riot gear and using force against them.”

A thousand paper cuts

MPD responded that no such records exist. Nor should they. Instead, the Department provided a lengthy list of officers on duty those nights in that “all hands on deck” emergency. Here’s Brenda in full snark:

So, if you were pepper sprayed or tear gassed by an officer . . . or shot with a foam bullet . . .or they used their baton against you in the last round of tear gassing, it was one of these officers.

⇒ Hey Brenda, if you were pepper sprayed or shot with a foam bullet, maybe you should surrender to the authorities and quit trashing Madison WI.

Blaska’s Bottom LineDemand Brenda Konkel resign from the Public Safety Review Committee. Contact the Mayor’s Office now! And Recall Satya 2020!

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6 Responses to Progressive Dane’s war on cops continues

  1. Liberty says:

    As mentioned in a previous post, I don’t think these people are well. I see people with poor reasoning skills, lack of empathy for anyone other than themselves, deep seated rage, and possibly some mental and/or emotional issues.

    You have to wonder how they got like this.

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  2. justme says:

    She also published the names of the civilians who work for MPD.

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  3. Liberty says:

    If you’re angry, write to the mayor. Then vote to recall Satya.

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  4. Mark 78 says:

    Drive ANY neighborhood in Madison and count the BLM signs. Why get outraged at the rebellious children when the owners of million dollar houses are telling them this is real revolution and you kids are real revolutionaries?

    So here is an ethical question. Is it doxxing if the people self indentify their property?
    Is it wrong to check the Assessor’s website and identify those of our fellow citizens who are giving demonstrable support to the mayhem and criminal actions in our city?


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  5. georgessson says:

    Brenda wants badly to be significant. Thus her 1/2 crazy proposals, which apparently resonate w/ the 1/2 crazy folks who follow her drivel. On the plus side (no pun intended), her devotees number in the 1/2… dozens.


  6. Gary Kriewald says:

    On a bright note, I’ve been startled to see “Recall Satya” signs blossoming on the yards in the Atwood (!) neighborhood. One might be a fluke, but a dozen or more?

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