Madison WI’s State Street, a BLM dead zone

The damage done

A video by Tim Stanek.

State Street from May 30 to mid-July 2020. Protests, Riots, Looting and Vandalism. Net result: a sharp uptick of violent crimes in July and August. State Street was once a vital and vibrant section of Madison. Tourists, students and citizens enjoyed its beauty and diverse shops and stores. Some did not survive the upheaval and many more are waiting for restoration of storefronts and clientele.

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5 Responses to Madison WI’s State Street, a BLM dead zone

  1. Gordy Sussman says:

    Wondering if immigrant owned businesses on State Street were trashed by anti immigrant white folks rather than social justice warriors if the local outrage and national news attention would be different.


  2. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    The Madison police need to arrest the DA, mayor and city council for allowing, encouraging, this DESTRUCTION AND TERRORISM by their dereliction of duty to the public peace and safety. If they don’t do it, someone else is going to do so or else the City of Madison is finished.

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  3. pANTIFArts says:

    The reluctance of some of the owners to Condemn the mob, and in some cases, willingness to Defend it is bizarre. What could possibly cause that? (other than fear of bodily injury, more destruction, arson, “cancel culture” boycotts, etc.) Were they “That Woke”, or did they just feel so alone, so powerless, so unsupported by citizens and government alike, that they couldn’t speak out? Experts say to never run from a wild animal, it only makes them chase you. Progressives have this city in their grip, an IRON GRIP, and it will only get tighter – until you have had enough and stop it. Every day do something, anything, so they know you’re out there.

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    • madisongrrl says:

      I know one of the stores where Mr. Bullhorn came and and scared a 23 year old female employee to the point where she was seriously shaken. This did not make the news because it’s a prominent business in the community. They have not said anything because they don’t want any more bullshit in the store. This business was also endured a targeted attack in the initial riots.This business was perceived as “harboring cops”. The attack was mobilized on social media and initiated because they saw a cop go in the store and ordered food.


  4. georgessson says:

    Speaking of Bullhorns, the photo of the fella electronically shouting into car driven by a petite woman, tells the national story behind folks driving erratically “into” (? -or AWAY from) protesters. Just like the night “protesters” were on University avenue w-a-y past midnight, and up to no social good.

    And, I suspect many State Street biz owners are reluctant to offend their uber-Lib past and future patrons.

    Quite the city we have here now. Incompetent Mayor, crime blind alderpeople, wary cops, “catch-n-release” Judges, a reluctant police chief and a useless DA. Ozzane knows what politics drive the city. Hey, whatta about that School Board that allows upcoming ruffians to run their classrooms? A new “graduatin’ class o’ thugs” soon to be in their prime as 20 sumthins’….


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