Selling stupid in the better parts of town

‘Something of a backlash may be developing’

Is anyone picking up on this? Dane County public health is gunning for Helbach’s coffee (“cofveve?) shop in Middleton for not enforcing the  Covid-19 face mask edict. May yank their food and beverage license.

But police kept their distance from the “celebration of life” at Madison’s Garner Park Tuesday night (08-04-2020) even though very few of the 300 people gathered there were covering their faces. The gendarmes moved in only when the “community” started shooting each other. 

⇒ Amelia Jones at NBC 15 has video the moment of the shootings (we see one face mask).


Maybe police aren’t the problem, after all?

You want a public health risk?

Dane County has officially declared racism to be a public health risk. Someday soon, one hopes, Dane County will declare gunfire as  another public health risk. At least, no one is accusing the police of racism so far, reverse or otherwise. But give the Progressives time.

“I don’t think it would be a wise decision to force some sort of conflict over a public health order, to be honest with you.” That is Madison Police Chief Vic Wahl. Hard to blame him after Mayor Satya and Ald. Tag Evers criticized police for scooping up Devonere A. Johnson (“the Black Jesus”) for shaking down Downtown Madison eateries. The Progs actually blamed police for the riots that night (June 23-24, 2020). 

Even after the Battle of Garner Park, “there was a fair amount of hostility and lack of cooperation from the group,” the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

Spreading the pain around town

After Maurice R. Bowman Jr. got whacked 07-25-2020 (and a companion shot and injured), police sources predicted retaliation, which explains why Chief Wahl’s forces were standing watch Tuesday night. That and noise complaints from neighbors. It is safe to say there will be an Episode #3. 

Speaking of neighbors, Garner Park sits at the SW corner of the Hill Farms neighborhood, single family homes assessed at a respectable $380,000. One prominent resident, an attorney, told the head groundskeeper of the Werkes, “Now that the Hill Farms neighborhood has been hit with the shooting, people may be willing to take a look at some of these police issues from a different perspective. I sense that something of a backlash may be developing.”

The neighborhood association is meeting with their alder, Arvina Martin, on Saturday. Will they tell Ald. Martin to quit hectoring the police? Will they endorse Recall Mayor Satya 2020 who has told police to stand down during the riots? Today (08-06-2020) she is calling for “common sense gun control” and blames Republicans in the State Legislature for not passing more laws that only law-abiding citizens would obey, anyway. 

Mayor Satya should RECALL that one of the two arrests (so far) from the Battle of Garner Park was for illegal possession of a firearm by a felon? (The answer is: Yes.)

If the police can’t protect us …

Speaking of which, “Americans saw police forces across the country unable to protect their cities against rioting mobs. One result is that gun sales have shot through the roof, with an estimated 40% of purchases this year going to first-time buyers,” the Wall Street Journal reports. Sales in July were up 122% over July 2019. 

“These record sales are best understood as a referendum on the riots, and the growing lack of confidence many Americans have that police will protect them.”

⇒ Last night (08-05-2020) Multiple shots fired in the 1700 block of Park Heights, car screeching away at warp speed.

Blaska’s Bottom Line #1: Good luck selling gun control to the growing population of gun owners. When will we try criminal control, instead?

Blaska’s Bottom Line #2: It is indeed a miracle that only three persons got shot at Garner Park despite 65 spent shell casings. More accuracy and we would be observing many more “celebrations of life.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line #3: If you were any good on public safety, Mayor Satya, then why did the police union vote No Confidence in you?

What are YOU celebrating today?

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9 Responses to Selling stupid in the better parts of town

  1. jimydandy says:

    I see Ozone is the only one on the ballot for Dane County D.A. There’s your problem.

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    • David Blaska says:

      Yep. Tried to convince Mike Koval to do it but he’s suffered enough slings and arrows.

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      • John Popanz says:

        So the shootings came to a neighborhood that satya can no longer ignore, things are getting interesting..

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “So the shootings came to a neighborhood that satya can no longer ignore”

          Actually John, Mayor SRC WILL continue to ignore Hill Farms….juuuuuust like the City Assessors Office has.

          To wit:

          Capital Times Editor Paulie Fanlund: ” ‘Why (do) many rich people keep a Faustian bargain with the GOP.’ ”

          Paulie has some REAL nerve railing about the well-heeled, him being a Man Of The Common People & all!

          Get This: His posh, yet grossly undervalued by the City, digs on Bayfield Terrace were assessed at over $600 large in 2019.

          Get This 2.0: His assessment didn’t go up ONE_THIN_DIME from 2018 to 2019; can anyone out there say the same?

          Get This 3.0: The ~ 4600 sf shack FMV is WELL OVER 25 % higher.

          Did The Gotch forget to mention the 800 sf in ground pool? Doesn’t matter.

          GET_EFFIN’_THIS 4.0: This year’s assessment went up LESS than 2 %!!!

          Is something rotten in Hill Farms? The Gotch thinks so, and can hardly wait to challenge his 2020 assessment and bring this up as an example.

          The Gotch


      • jimydandy says:

        Well it’s just like Russia in Dane County. Vote Comrade Soyta or vote for Siberia train ride.

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  2. Lee Remus says:

    Guess Sayta hasn’t heard of the second amendment. I completely agree with you on gun control. Only the law abiding citizens will obey it. The bad guys will not obey the law, that is why they are called bad guys. Must be great to live in a progressive world.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “The bad guys will not obey the law, that is why they are called bad guys.”

      So long as you don’t refer to them as what they are…THUGS…you’ll be safe…from the guilt inundated neighborsnextdoor White Lefty Gendarmerie that audit Blaska’s blogge.

      The Humble Squire and other well-meaning neighbor’s attempts to accurately label these miscreants as THUGS were met with Social Justice, both swift and lethal; immediately and at once tarred-n-feathered/drawn-n-quartered as virulent RAYcists using LOADED terms.

      The Gotch


  3. SouthofReality says:

    Sure is a lot of intense peace breaking out ’round here

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  4. Bill says:

    I got an idea. How about if we put up big signs on street lamp posts in certain areas of our community that are prone to gun violence to read as follows:

    You are now Entering into a High Speed Lead Zone

    Our Mayor, the City Council and the District Attorney
    Don’t really give a crap about your personal safety.

    Please Proceed with Caution!

    After all, I’m just a poor man’s artist and these signs would just be a reflection of the cultural zeitgeist we are now experiencing in this community.

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