Marx/Lenin inspired America’s race wars

“The captive mind and America’s re-segregation.”

An excerpt from the Wall Street Journal essay written by Andrew A. Michta, dean at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.  

Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, nationwide protests, which quickly turned to riots, have been hijacked by the neo-Marxist Left, morphing into an all-out assault on American cities and institutions. This assault is underpinned by an audacious attempt to rewrite history that turns specific past events into weapons not only to overpower political opponents but also to recast all of American history as a litany of racial transgressions.

LaughingLenin SMALL‘The current radical trends carry the seeds of violence unseen in the U.S. since the Civil War.’

The radicals have turned race into a lens through which to view the country’s history, and not simply because they are obsessed with race. They have done so because it allows them to identify and separate those groups that deserve affirmation, in their view, and those that do not. What is taking place is the resegregation of America, the endpoint of which will be the rejection of everything the civil-rights movement stood for. …

‘Narratives of oppression’

The ill-named progressivism that has inspired shrill demands to dismantle police forces and destroy statues is only a small manifestation of a massive project aimed at the re-education of the American population. The goal of this project is to negate the story of the American republic and replace it with a tale anchored exclusively in race categories and narratives of oppression. The nature of this exercise, with its sledgehammer rhetoric that obliterates complexities in favor of one-dimensional “correct” interpretations, is as close to Marxist agitprop as one can get.  …

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The progressive Left and their allies in the Resistance media would have you believe the Orange Ogre is the racist. Their poison did not just happen; it is taught at the other end of State Street.

What do YOU think?


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10 Responses to Marx/Lenin inspired America’s race wars

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Righty didn’t cause Lefty’s crippling hatred, it merely exposed it!

    The Gotch

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  2. Bill says:

    David, I think you are right. It is on the U.W. end of State Street that this is taught. To me, the funny thing about it is the very Professors who teach this marxist dirge will eventually find themselves subject to the same lens which they judge others by now.

    The professors who proudly teach these marxist principles must think of themselves as iconoclastic individuals who are heralding in a new world order. But sadly for them, marxism teaches that there are no individuals. Join the Borg Identity or be destroyed. Assimilate or Die!

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    • Liberty says:

      Yes, they are helping to create an environment that they too, will have to inhabit.

      “To me, the funny thing about it is the very Professors who teach this marxist dirge will eventually find themselves subject to the same lens which they judge others by now.may be right.”


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      UW-Madison has a long and sordid history of harboring professors who brainwash students with neo-Marxist bilge while enjoying all the benefits of capitalism, including exorbitant salaries and lifetime job security. It’s time to end the tradition of so-called “academic freedom” since it’s clear that those entrusted with this privilege have manipulated and abused it. A good start would be to abolish tenure for anyone in the humanities and social sciences (not those in STEM fields, who actually contribute something meaningful to society).

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    Madison as a microcosm is very instructive. Progressive terrorism mere Liberals most terrified.


  4. sentient7 says:

    You and the WSJ are close, but it does not matter. All is lost. No politician will mount a crusade to cleanse higher education of Marxism, even if an entire department’s members were objective members of the Communist Party. Heck, no legislator will even demand an audit of WPR and WPTV to assess absence of ideological diversity (an easy task).

    Tommy won’t do anything and he’s in control. Diversity and Inclusion have no practical meaning. If folks have children and grandchildren, just assume they will become mindless commie clones. Libtards will demand ideological and cultural hegemony. The proles will continue to oblige them.


  5. Alberticus says:

    Are your cities set ablaze by Illiterate barbarians? THANK A TEACHER.
    DEFUND?! YES, It is time to DEFUND ……………….. Public “Schools”
    SUE the schools, unions & teachers for FRAUD and taking money under false pretences.
    We are getting a full on display of the Liberal Educator concept of “DIVERSITY, INCLUSION, and TOLERANCE” Burning cities are their vision of the future.
    For decades the Nation’s teachers have been infusing false concepts of entitlement, oppression, as we see in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland today. Teachers have been attacking the self-image, self-esteem of their White pupils with the Racist Hate message of mythical White privilege”. Teachers have rabidly attacked the foundations of the Nation to sooth their “Daddy issues”.
    Gov. Gretchen Whitless has agreed to a settlement in a case, which sought a historic court order ruling students have a constitutional right to literacy. You do NOT have a “right” to literacy. That is S-T-U-P-I-D. You have to LEARN to read and write ….. you RETARDS.
    Well these teacher’s unions have been quietly stuffing their pockets with overly LIBERAL pensions and benefits at the expense of the oppressed People of Color. Therefore in the spirit of Equality and Reparations which the teachers haveLIBERALLY preached for so long it is only proper that 75% of those FAT pensions be LIBERALLY distributed to the Elderly People of Color who were denied the opportunities the privileged teachers milked for all they could.
    Stop the RACISM? Equalize the retirements.
    The “Graduates” of American education should be suing their teachers and school administrators for fraud and MISeducation.
    They DEMAND raises for their FINE work:
    Amazing— they choose Communist RED as their color — A wave of red-clad teachers …
    The end result of their Great Teaching was on parade this weekend across America . ….. Monuments torn down and cities aflame as EXTREMIST VIOLENCE is everywhere.
    They Really deserve raises — ‘I was a teacher for 17 years, but I couldn’t read or write’ and the teachers just “moved him on”
    Teacher pay raises HELL! Give the Taxpayers a REFUND. The little idiots cannot read or write, and have NO concept of the Constitution, Law, History. ………..The Teacher Unions should be paying DAMAGES to the Kids and America —- A Third Of Millennials Aren’t Sure The Earth Is Round, Survey Finds…-flat-earth-survey/
    take their HUGE pensions and use it to actually educate the kids.
    The same “teachers” who taught nothing about economics taught nothing about history or the Constitution …. what they DO teach is “Be PROUD of being stupid and knowing squat …… history is BOOOORING” So the Kids learn nothing about the Bolshevik Holodomor and 66 Million dead Christians.

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  6. Alberticus says:

    Your money is being used to destroy You.
    These schools promote “socialism” so make them LIVE Socialism.
    Take their Trusts, Endowments, Foundations, and SOCIALIZE all the tuitions.
    Stop funding Schools that attack you.
    U of M has 12 BILLION$ in Endowments,Foundations, Trusts ….
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, boasts an endowment of $3 billion
    Why should it get YOUR taxes to use against YOU? Same with all these BARNEY BABY “schools”. STOP their tax dollars.
    Yale, American Thinker – The combined endowment of the Ivy Leagues totaled $135 billion at the end 2018. They are hedge funds masquerading as universities. If only they were so benign. Virtue-signaling is too kind an expression for Yale’s direction. The watchword of climate change is “sustainability,” a concept grounded in the notion of inheritance. Yale, too, is an inheritance, one of excellence, that in recent years has been brazenly despoiled. Yale and the rest of the Ivy League will forfeit their dominance. The irony of progressive elite institutions is that they advocate for the end of elite institutions. Let them have their wish.
    the POOR, POOR starving schools
    This following is a list of U.S. institutions of higher education with endowments greater than one billion dollars according to the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).[1]
    When they are this RICH why are they getting YOUR tax dollars?!

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  7. jimydandy says:

    Didn’t they purge and snuff out the “educated? in Cambodia? How did that turn out? Even Russia turned on it’s Marxists during Stalin’s purge. Don’t these comrades understand history?

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