Mayor Satya commissions ‘art’ depicting police as a pig

Mayor Satya’s campaign poster?

Pig CopUPDATED: George Silverwood, retired Madison police officer, writes:
Dear Mayor:
I have attached a picture of one of the murals that is on the  Henry Street side of the Madison Museum of Contemporary  Art. It is one of the murals created with a process under the direction of city arts administrator Karin Wolf.
I am also attaching a June 15th release that describes the process. A member of the BID [Business Improvement District] committee indicated to me that they had not approved this process. In any event, it was clearly done with city staff direction and taxpayer funding.
Ms. Wolf indicates that “much of the work is challenging and raw, inducing the deep thinking necessary to create the fundamental changes we need to see right now.” She has not returned my phone call from yesterday so I am depending on the 6/15 release.
I am having difficulty comprehending  how a stereotypical obese male officer with a ’60’s vintage pig patch and a number of police batons for additional decoration promotes deep thinking. Perhaps this artist should be excused since he is, apparently, from Milwaukee. He probably doesn’t realize that MPD has over 140 commissioned women employees and 50 men and women officers of color.
I served as a member of the City of Madison Police Department for 32 years. Once upon a time, there was an understanding on the part of your office, Common Council, and other city staff of the commitment of city employees. While there may have been differences of opinion on policy, there was a realization that city employees were also a constituency to be respected. Now we are at a point where tax dollars can be used to belittle and denigrate them. Ms Wolf gushes that “the artists were given open canvasses without fear of censorship or reprisal.” Perhaps some oversight might have been appropriate.
Now the question is, do you have the courage to remove it in keeping with  that basic standard of respect.? Officers and the public should not have to walk or drive by this divisive and hurtful characterization. I would like a response. Thank you.

A letter another retired MPD officer, Linda Kosovac, says this:

“I’d like to know what actual truth is being told in this public display of disrespectful ‘art.’ I have written to you before and will continue to do so. I am a retired Madison Police Officer who served the City of Madison with pride and respect for 25 years. I do not, nor have I ever looked like this ‘artistic’ creation.

“I am a woman. I am tall and thin. I never had a pig for a badge. I never carried a baton like the one in the picture. I never wore a hat like the picture. I did not wear a uniform like the picture. This is not me or did I ever serve with an officer who looked like this piece of ‘art.’

What city leader in their right mind fosters such negative public posts whether they are about a citizen, a group of persons or one of their city departments. I continue to question why, as a leader, you continually condone dividing rather than uniting.”

What is YOUR response?

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13 Responses to Mayor Satya commissions ‘art’ depicting police as a pig

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    While The Gotch has refrained from making unsolicited comments about our Mayor’s appearance, he now feels compelled to speak up:

    She must own mirrors, or have them at her disposal, am I right?


    I hope my deck-LUVin’ pal Batman is right about her having her minions audit Blaska’s site; if they do/are, please relay this to her disgustingly Sloppy Fatness:


    The Gotch

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    Doesn’t matter where the “artist” is from only that he/she is the right color. Also, let someone paint “All Lives Matter” and see what happens.

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  3. Iam Pistoff says:

    The “Oh SO woke” voters of MDSN got exactly what they clamor for & elected; the intellectual firepower of those “in charge” rivals that of what one periodically must scrape from ones Birkenstocks.


  4. Amy says:

    Of all of her incompetenties, asking the taxpayers to fund a racist, anti police cartoon at the Overture Center might just take the cake.

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  5. SouthofReality says:

    Well, that replaces “Nails Tales” as the worst piece of art ever commissioned by the city.

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  6. DLS says:

    please relay this to her disgustingly Sloppy Fatness:


    The Gotch
    Another prime example of the Gotch “ADDING” something to the conversation.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      go and tell her in person fool. you can add all kinds of bs to a conversation, but ACTION is what’s needed. Not a lot of yapping from a lazyboy in front of a PC using a fake name. Get out in the streets boy or STFU.


  7. lmays says:

    A pig comissioning a pig.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  8. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Lefties: “Pigs in a blanket, … fry them like bacon.
    What do we want? Dead cops. Now!”

    Yeah. Peace and love, dawg. (sarc off)


  9. Batman says:

    Chief ? Wahl has been Satya’s obedient lapdog so far; quietly took a knee while Madison burned/looted, our beautiful beloved Capital defaced, traffic blocked causing injury/mayhem, streets painted yellow with Marxist BLM garbage, and gang violence car thefts shootings out of control.
    Wahl has not upheld his oath of office nor publicly challenged Satya with his available bully pulpit.
    Perhaps he is afraid of losing his precious job because he is carrying a big mortgage, kids at University, or maybe he’s just a liberal milquetoast and is not really all that offended by the big boss.

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  10. Bill says:

    Hmmmm….. Being that Police Officers are a group of City employee’s, once we get rid of the Police, which is what the marxist left wants; there are some questions that need to be answered.

    1. What effect will this have on all other forms of government?
    You see as the Police are members of the city government, the Police are only a symbol of the power and authority of that form of government. Removing the Police will only serve to remove the power and authority of the whole city government. Which will in turn remove the power and authority of all forms of government to include the county, the U.W. which is it’s own governmental body, the state and the federal governments.

    2. What form of government will replace the current forms of government?

    3. How will the new government enforce the power and authority of their form of government?

    4. In the new form of government will you be seen as an individual or as a member of a group?

    5. Will your group be hated and despised or will your group be exalted?

    If I were a member of the City of Madison, Dane County, a staff member of the U.W. or a member of the State of Wisconsin government, I’d be rather worried that I might be the next group of government employee’s on the chopping block. After all this movement isn’t about just about getting rid of the City of Madison Police! It is about radically changing ALL forms of government! Which will most probably mean that if you work for a City, a County, the U.W. or the State, you might loose your job as well.

    If you work for a governmental body here in this state, keep this in mind during the next election cycle. Vote, but vote wisely. For how you vote may determine whether YOU keep your job or not!

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  11. Fritzderkat says:

    To the best of my knowledge, George Silverwood’s reputation during his long police service in Madison was exemplary. He, like Mike Koval, knows of what he speaks. The pity is that because of the city’s current leadership, it doesn’t deserve them any more.

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  12. georgessson says:

    That these disgusting pieces of “art” were made in the 1st place is bad community relations. That anyone painting them over is labeled as racist and violent is worse yet. But worst is the fact that someone who stops to criticize is euphemistically tarred-and-feathered. Don’t 1st amendment rights matter anymore? And why should the State Street biz’ be required to let these obscenities remain, rather than paint over with a solid neutral color; what citizen or tourist would feel comfortable viewing this colorful DRECK?? Perhaps if cooler, saner minds prevail eventually, State Street MAY recover by 2021 (or so…).


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