Madison police south precinct station blockaded

30 to 50 block police from leaving station

Between 30 and 50 “protesters” prevented Madison police from leaving the South Madison precinct police station for calls Sunday night (07-26-2020) at around 7 p.m.

For almost two hours, protesters blocked the driveway with vehicles and refused to let officers leave the property at the end of their shift. Other officers trying to get in to work were not allowed in.

Captain Mike Hanson told the Werkes command staff made sure police were out of the station and staged elsewhere. “We were able to respond to 911 calls.”

An officer was sent out to parlay with the crowd “but the rest of the crowd shouted him down, wouldn’t let a normal conversation happen.

“It was a lot of yelling and screaming and vulgarities.” 

Remarkably, there were no arrests! Captain Hanson said his crew allowed freedom of speech and arrests would have exacerbated tensions.

The south precinct station is located at Hughes Place, just off Badger Road between Park Street and Fish Hatchery Roads.

The action appears to have occurred almost simultaneously with protesters descended on District Attorney Ismael Ozanne’s home. (More here.)

The We Support Madison Police website comments:

The notion that protesters can block access to a public police department is ridiculous. 

Last word goes to We Support“This type of behavior cannot continue to be tolerated in our community.”

How much more can YOU tolerate?


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12 Responses to Madison police south precinct station blockaded

  1. sahmpaw says:

    I can’t believe the mayor thinks this is okay.

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  2. All of the protesters outside the DA’s home should be charged with intimidating a participant in a legal process, which is a felony! Throw their arse in jail!

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    • I’m sure there are felony obstruction charges of some kind that can be thrown at the individuals that blocked the police from responding to emergency calls in their district.

      Throw there arse in jail!

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  3. Kevin S Wymore says:

    How about slapping the cuffs on a few of them? They’re right at the police station. Isn’t that justice?

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  4. dad29 says:

    Are there no Cat D-7’s available in Madistan? Surely there’s a friendly contractor who could clear a path easily.


  5. dad29 says:

    Offhand, I’d guess that “Captain Hanson” is actively campaigning for the Chief slot.


  6. I fear we’re in the “empty words” zone on much of this. The DA has his house occupied, essentially, for two days. Nothing’s done. Too many TV cameras. Don’t want headlines, viral vids, etc. Scared ****less, in other words, to act. Where does all that end? We’re going to let the mob (is it more than 50-75 losers?) rule? And now this? The cops won’t even protect themselves, for all the of the same “reasons”? Country Road, take me home . . .


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      Well said. Mob rule is bad enough but mob rule that has managed to paralyze the forces of law and order (not just the cops but city officials and private citizens) by intimidation and a PR campaign that has succeeded in stifling any dissent by conflating it with racism is seemingly unstoppable. it helps that this ind of behavior has been tolerated–indeed cultivated–by Madison’s civic “leaders” for years (e.g., their inability to so much as conduct a decorous school board meeting). Now the chickens have come home to roost with a vengeance.

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  9. Liberty says:

    Expect better from my police department. No excuses.

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  10. Char Char Binks says:

    It’s time to open fire.


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