Official city panel encourages donations to Freedom Inc.

…and to “Free the 350”
to bail out suspected murderers

Your business is boarded up and looted. Authorities cannot protect Capitol Square or the City County Building. The sheriff says it is not safe to go downtown after 4:30 in the afternoon. (Too many beatings.) What can be done?

Free the 350 bail fund

On their site: “This is the webpage for the Free the 350 Bail Fund, which aims to directly undermine modern day slavery disguised as the so-called justice system. Please donate if you can and together we can FREE THEM ALL!”

Pay protection money to Black Lives Matter! Donate to Freedom Inc. (c/o M Adams), Brandi Grayson’s Urban Triage, and to Free the 350 — a group that is bailing out jail inmates (Blacks only). (Like Devonere A. Johnson — alias: Jeshua Musa — they take Venmo!)

That is the advice of a committee appointed by Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway (Progressive Dane) and confirmed by the Common Council.

Sustainable Madison Committee statement of solidarity with Black Lives Matter posted on the City of Madison official website devoted to COVID-19:

Sustainable Madison Committee joins with those
who seek to dismantle white supremacy 

“The criminal injustice system is bad for public and planetary health.

[Planetary health!]

Baseball bat protest

‘Sustainable Madison’ fund raisers; Yeshua with the baseball bat.

“Due to structural racism, which is a persistent form of environmental violence and a societal plague, Black people bear disproportionate health impacts from environmental and climate injustices, such as exposure to industrial pollution, heat waves, and flooding – putting people at higher risk for other health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, Black people are significantly more concerned about the climate crisis and other environmental health issues than White people.

[Stupid white people!]

“While it is crucial to speak out against racism, mass incarceration, and police violence, it is not enough. We must continue to listen to, learn from, fund, and amplify Black people and organizations. To start with, if you are in a financial position to lift up organizations doing the work, please donate to Freedom Inc., Urban Triage, and Free the 350 Bail Fund.”  Members of the 2020 Sustainable Madison Committee.

Which includes Ald. Tag Evers (Progressive Dane)!

Crowd-source bail frees three

A local group focused on freeing inmates from the Dane County Jail recently bailed out three individuals responsible for crimes involving gun violence in Dane County, according to the Dane County Sheriff.  The group “Free the 350” was able to raise well over $133,000 to post bail for these suspects:

Three gun violence

  • Kenyairra Gadson, age 23 of Madison. Her bail was set at $100,000.
  • Dorian Watkins, age 20 of Madison. His bail was set at $20,000.
  • Tywaun Reynolds, age 20 Madison. His bail was set at $13,500.

Their charges include first-degree intentional homicide, armed robbery, bail jumping, burglary, and felonious possession of a firearm. 

Madison365 is outraged! While silent on the beatings, glass breaking, and looting, editor Robert Chappell waxes indignant about the press release. A PR from any police agency announcing posting of bail IS unusual. But so is the source of that bail: it was crowd-sourced on line! Which means there is virtually no way to return the contributions should the three bailees ever show up in court — the on-line contributors do not expect to see that money again —because the idea is that the three can now skip out on the supposedly racist legal system  And that is Blaska’s Bottom Line!


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16 Responses to Official city panel encourages donations to Freedom Inc.

  1. jimydandy says:

    How much have they forked over?

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  2. Ed says:

    Due to the Mayor’s budget cut of 5%, I wonder if they will cut 5% off their tribute/shakedown/pay off?

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  3. Normwegian says:

    Sorry if I repeat myself…..BULLSHIT!

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  4. Robski says:

    Now the weather is implicitly biased, Mother Nature is structurally racist! Reading this dreck from FI reminded me of certain aspects of my privileged upbringing on the near East Side. I lived between Rayovac and Kipp Casting and turned out healthy. With other foundries around there was a bit of pollution, but it wasn’t oppressive. Even today, as I was chopping a tree down this morning, I wondered if I was the only Caucasian person struggling in this oppressive heat. Even more childish is their comparison that Black people care more about the environment than White people. The people down the street care SO much about the planet with their fast food bags being tossed from their cars with obnoxiously loud stereos! How ridiculous and ludicrous these social justice orgs. are. I say it’s your own damn fault if you can’t afford an air conditioner, Nature doesn’t discriminate and frankly I’m ashamed of nothing. I’m not proud either, I’m just me…

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    • Robski says:

      *Correction, I mean the dreck from SMC. I guess it doesn’t really matter which SJ org. it is. They all kind of meld together, spewing the same drivel.

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  5. georgessson says:

    Yepper, that “hip hop caucus” outfit is gonna get more o’ MY greenbacks. I love the serene sound of hip-hop and pistol shots lullin’ me to sleep these hot nights. And as stated, “Black people are significantly more concerned about the climate crisis and other environmental health issues than White people” so I’ll be sending a few extra bones fer all them Priuses they own. Aluminum ball bats were not mentioned but they last forever. But lest we forget, bullhorns need batteries, and only Duracell’s will be accepted!

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  6. Batman says:

    Batman had a dream last night, yes bats dream too, that the lady who owns Epic decided the stench of Madison was so overwhelming that even Verona was smelling the disgust and decided to relocate to a more business and sane human friendly red state but prior to leaving published a scorching indictment of Madison governance so the naïve misguided fools supporting Satya et al. clearly understood why she was leaving and shortly thereafter Satya was sacked but it was too late because property values plummeted and countless people lost big money as they scrambled to exit a sinking ship.

    In the end after being abandoned by her girlfriend Satya was regularly consuming Costco sized bags of Cheetos, countless packs of Little Debbies (her fav), and became nearly unrecognizable due to near Guinness Record weight gain.

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    • Badgers55 says:

      Thanks for the visual Batman! Some things you cannot un-see

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      • Batman says:

        You mean like *Fat Bastard* in the movie Goldmember?
        In my dream the characters kept interchanging and it was all very confusing.
        Sure am glad it was only a dream, or was it??


    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:


      Even after all her conspicuous consumption, Mayor Satya is one snack cracker short of a Happy Meal.




      • Batman says:

        The last time Satya knew happiness was when her entire belief system was merely theoretical. Those were the days.
        Reality has inconveniently interjected some serious cognitive dissonance into her thought patterns and happiness is now but a distant memory.


        • Gary L. Kriewald says:

          Sounds like Satya is channeling Marie Antoinette, tossing crumbs of cake to the very people that want to prod her and other upper-middle-class Madison liberals up the steps of the guillotine.


  7. Sheppy says:

    Law and order are civilized society’s baseline……..

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  8. One eye says:

    Primary contact: Jeanne Hoffman

    A blast from the past –

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  9. madisonexpat says:

    Post Modern Madison.


  10. I think that the city should not be promoting private business. Period.


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