Close encounters of a Madison Free Yeshua kind

Not heroes but not cowards either

Two days before Independence Day 2020

There are some defenders of the Madison police who believe they are not slave catchers. Or that the last 24 hours toll of dead Black men cannot be laid on the doorstep of MPD.

These iconoclasts appeared on the Capitol Square to cover over the hate graffiti inspired by the fire bombers, looters, and window smashers. Their target was the WI Veterans Museum on W. Mifflin Street, which had been vandalized by the Free Yeshua Musa/Mayor Satya anarchists.

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The message of this motley group ran counter to the anarchists who toppled the statues of Freedom Fighter Hans Christian Heg, who gave his life fighting slavery and secession, and of Miss Forward, exemplar of strong womanhood 20 years before female suffragism. Or the beatdown of State Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee. Or the fire bombing of the City County Building. None of which has yet been condemned by Freedom Inc., Brandi Grayson, Progressive Dane, or Madison’s Democratic legislative delegation.

Let’s just say the small gaggle of contrarians who posted signs declaring “We Support Our Madison Police” were confronted with F-bombers worthy of the Luftwaffe flying low over Coventry. As soon as the signs supporting police went up, many were torn down. So much for free expression in Madison WI. It is also worth noting that the contrarians picked up the litter created by the Woke graduates of the University of Wisconsin’s victimhood studies.

Two-fingered woman 07-02-2020

Spokesman for Mayor Satya (?) sign languages the dreaded double F-bomb

Irony Alert: the Free Yeshua window smashers called the police on the sign posters! Who monitored the siutation very closely.

We post these signs of the apocalypse of an early Thursday afternoon (07-02-2020) in downtown Madison WI, an area that the county sheriff has declared unsafe after 4:30 p.m., which is approximately 3 hours later than the unsafe conditions experienced by the police supporters.

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What goes up, must come down, according to the Free Yeshua Movement

A very Woke litterbug, possibly named Karen

That said, a surprising number of folks walked by to thank the contrarians for their efforts. Including this gentleman:

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The adage says that cowards die a thousand deaths, heroes but once yet they live forever. If you don’t fight back you have surrendered.

How are YOU fighting back?

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24 Responses to Close encounters of a Madison Free Yeshua kind

  1. Wish I could have been there.


  2. Mary E. Glynn says:

    Don’t break your arm patting yourselves on the back, “Heroes”. Will you be there tomorrow night? The night after? How about investing in bigger posters and paste that can be rolled with extended rollers like wallpaper hangers use? That would be more efficient; you could have covered more area in much less time with a ladder, rollers, paste and huge pre-printed posters… Also, better writing needed! What the heck does this even mean? “the last 24 hours toll of dead Black men cannot be laid on the doorstep of MPD.” Have you had a lot of dead black men in Madison in the past 24 hours? News to me… Finaly, peek at the dictionary definition of “iconoclast”. I think you misused the word. These people were SUPPORTING cherished institutions — the cops, veterans, free speech, etc. Unless… you are trying to “normalize” protesters in your town? I don’t get that characterization; why play into their hands? This appears to be more a performance art stunt, a one-time occurrence whose goal was to gain flip-offs, f-words, poster tear-downs and content to post here. If you really mean to support the police, adopt better tactics that will be more long-standing and permanent. Organize a rally, publicize it throughout the state and invite upstate folks.Guarantee you that WI alum were horrified at what happened to Heg and the Forward statue, AND all the destruction of cherished shops that are well remembered. Fight back more effectively. Be there longer. Its very late in the game — where were you the morning after? Who fished Heg out of the lake? Is it only “safe” now to come out, all these days later? Finally, don’t reinvent the wheel. You can purchase BlueLivesMatter flags, posters and decals on the Internet, pre-printed. Upgrade that with the Madison PD logo and go from there? I really think you need more numbers and to coordinate with out-of-Madison groups who think Madison is the Wisconsin people’s city, not just for you who live there. Others have ownership too, as it is the state’s capital. Finally, why not tie this into November’s vote, and make it political? Who is the party of Law and Order? Who wants the cops not to stand down? Who opposes removing the Lincoln statue from Bascom? Who controls your city leadership now? Spell out the differences that we fully understand upstate between Dems and Republicans. Otherwise, it’s kinda just settling for symbolism, like removing Aunt Jemima from the syrup label. Push for REAL change, and never ever ever surrender to the Madison minority, and think that those supporting Law and Order are in the minority. This article sure makes it seem like that… Sad!


    • Polarpooch says:

      And where were you today?

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    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      “Have you had a lot of dead black men in Madison in the past 24 hours? News to me…”

      Perhaps you should read the newspaper Mary. Some people think that 3 dead men in a 24 hour period is a lot.

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “Some people think that 3 dead men in a 24 hour period is a lot.”

        Not when you apply a sense of proportion, Patrick; that’s merely a slow coupla hours in Chi-town!

        The Gotch

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    • hodgeman1 says:

      Mary, it seems you are a little late to the party. For several years Paula Fitzsimmons was the driving force supporting MPD. She recruited others to help with that cause. (Both locally and statewide) Unfortunately, when it came to actually speaking out at Common Council meetings or writing letters to alders, it was the same few folks. (Maria, David, Paula, Steve, Norm and myself — sorry if I missed anyone.) My point is that we have tried for years to get the “silent majority” to do their part. It’s easy to say, “organize a rally, publicize it throughout the state and invite upstate folks.” You have a lot of great ideas. Execution of said ideas is more involved than you seem to grasp. As to the “safe” element that you mention — would you feel comfortable, in a city that supports the lawlessness of the rioters and looters (a.k.a. thugs), taking a group of MAYBE 10 people to counter-protest? Senator Carpenter is a liberal and was a supporter of these criminals, and we know how that worked out for him. The police are only allowed to engage if they (and presumably the public) are injured. The sheriff has stated that it’s not safe to be in downtown Madison after 4:30 pm. Think long and hard about how comfortable you would be in that situation, and don’t insinuate cowardice on the part of those who are willing to do what they can. Having said that, feel free to step up!


      • Batman says:

        “The police are only allowed to engage if they (and presumably the public) are injured.”

        Nope, totally false statement and you know it.


    • Mary E. Glynn,
      With all due respect, your comment comes across like an ad hominem, I’m not saying that was your intent just that it came across that way.

      Also, David’s use of “iconoclast” was appropriate and does follow the definition of the word which is simply, a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions; it is very clear that the protesters and rioters actually believe the things they are screaming. The use of “iconoclast” was completely reasonable.


  3. coolkevs says:

    I was there at 11:30. Was it 1:30 then? Oh well, would have had to shield my poor kid’s ears from the F-bombs, but what else is new?
    I kind-of agree with Mary – we need a bigger effort – the silent majority thing (if it exists) really isn’t working. Read Kurt Schlichter – this is a disinformation campaign of the highest proportions!


    • Batman says:

      A citation would be helpful coolkevs if you are going to reference the brilliant and always relevant Kurt Schlichter.


  4. The behaviors we’re seeing in our streets were predictable and maybe even preventable, but our apathy enabled it.

    “I support ‘the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances’ as it states in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution but the totality of what we’ve seen across the United States recently is different.”

    “It’s not one or two wackos yelling on the street corner in some far off place, it’s happening in your back yard. It’s time to stand up and stand against this nonsense.

    If you don’t want to live under rules created by stupid people then you need to set aside your apathy for society and politics, stand up for intelligent truths and do something about what’s happening!”

    Don’t rationalize what’s happening, call it what it is, Subversion and Sedition.

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  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Shouldn’t these halfwits be slobbering profusely about the four “classic Wisconsin Frat Boys’ ” racist-attempted-murder-hate-crime, or do they realize it’s unraveling like a cheap sweater, too?

    A couple of the comments HERE are pretty funny, (The Gotch doesn’t do FacePlant, otherwise he’d join the fun) but one’s rather illuminating.

    Jay Trock
    “Jim Loftus As Firemedic with many experiences with flameable liquid burns. Lighter fluid burns would have drip marks. Meaning smaller towards the bottom. Alsmost like a tear drop. Fluid runs down. Thanks to that crazy thing called gravity. Also here hair would have got singed. Look at how close the marks are to her hair. If it was fire. I am guessing it had something to those peaceful protesting happening that night where people were throwing Molotov Cocktails at police and buildings. There is a reason the media is not promoting this story much anymore. As for nurse at the hospital she supposely told her not to call the police because high on meds she was giving. Not one person in the Hospital would ever do that. They would open up themselves and hospital for liability.” (bolds/italics mine)

    There are a LOT of perpetually aggrieved/White Lefty Guilt inundated Lefties from Madison and beyond (especially over on neighborsnextdoor!) that have an enormous emotional investment in Althea Bernstein’s story being on the level.

    IF it doesn’t pan out, have some of <a href="THIS at the ready!

    The Gotch


    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      There are so many things wrong with her story that it just SCREAMS hoax. It sounds exactly like something an 18 year old girl would make up in order to explain why she was someplace she wasn’t supposed to be and how she got burned. The Boogaloo Bois was a nice touch don’t you think?

      The only question I have is how the FBI is going to blow this up. Are they going to simply ask her to confess to filing a false report, and force her to admit it publicly, or will she go the Jesse Smollett route and just stonewall it. (And why isn’t he in jail by the way?) When they fail to find any video that would corroborate ANY aspect of her ridiculous story, what will she say? And as Michael Flynn knows, lying to the FBI is a felony.

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “There are so many things wrong with her story that it just SCREAMS hoax.”

        Ya think…? But don’t think she came up with this on her own; she’s just not that bright.

        The FBI doesn’t f*ck around, and DOES NOT like having their chains jerked or their time wasted.

        They know how to crack hardened criminals; Bernstein’ll be a walk in the park!

        The Gotch

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  6. Lazlo Toth says:

    It is also time to get organized more. Get large enough people off in the middle of the crowd to take care of anyone who attacks but continue to engage the screaming freaks, make sure you film, and say “why don’t you go ahead and attack me? I very much want to sue you. You likely have no meaningful assets but I’m sure you have a car, a stereo, a Macbook Pro, and a job whose wages I can garnish.” I’d like more people to carry out the threat. If law enforcement can’t or won’t arrest anyone we can overwhelm them by becoming plaintiffs.


  7. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Brudder Blaska,

    Thanks for posting up strong in the painted graffiti “no-go zone”.

    During the past month American has undergone an almost near collapse of law and order that threatens our representative republican form of government that the Framers of the Constitution and our Founding Fathers created. Under the pretense of fighting for Civil Rights, #BLM, (Burn, Loot, Murder) thugbuggerist bullies have torn down and/or defaced monuments and statues. (even those who fought against slavery, such as Lincoln, Grant and Heg). These posing, preening, Pharisitical Proglobotic Pajama Boyz were given the de facto blessings of elected Democrat officials to carry out their violent wilding when they told the police to stand down.

    What these godless, gutless, usefool tool anarchists and PC Proglibocrat Party members want is to destroy America and all our traditions, … our shared American history, that all men are created equal and the promise of The American Dream, that we may become a more perfect union. Dystopian Democrats would like to replace it with a more Marxist type of government. There is only one reason for this, Lefties hate America. Our domestic enemies will do whatever it takes to make sure our Republic is annihilated, … by what ever means necessary.

    America is facing another Civil War. It was a Cold War, but it is heating up quickly. My only question is: ” Are Lefties so stupid as to want to fight another one, because they were so offended by the first?”

    It’s time to step up and defend the country we love. Man up.
    Arm yourselves with Truth, Justice, the American Way and things that go bang.


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    • Batman says:

      That is some seriously good $#!t DogMan.
      Since when has America been confused about how to deal with savages?

      There was a time when a Roman citizen was untouchable even on foreign soil because of the understood protection and unequivocal massive violence visited upon those who violated Rome as symbolized by any citizen. I miss those days.


  8. Bill says:

    What I cannot understand is just how stupid or naive liberals are. Black Lives Matter praises Fidel Castro who was a racist bigot as well as praising Che Guevara who was also a racist bigot and a misogynist. Read this from Townhall:

    After reading that I did some more research and found many examples of the kind of racists that both Castro and Guevara were.

    My only question is: Just why are the founders of BLM praising these scum who are both rotting in Hell?

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      IOW, Lefties are flaccidly enfeebled morons that are led glassy eyin’ lock-steppin’, & unquestionin’ in whichever direction their handlers choose, am I right?

      In related news:

      *Water is wet
      *Heavy objects tend to submit to gravity, and
      *Jeffy Epstein didn’t kill himself.

      The Gotch


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